Sunday, October 18, 2009

What A Lovely Surprise!

The Piggies were back for the weekend and Daddy told me on Saturday morning not to cook for lunch " Let's eat out" Whoa...I was thinking...for once I will be served ! He even asked me where I would like to have lunch and straight away I told him Sun Marpoh in Ipoh Garden. My mind was already thinking of some of their signature dishes that my Piggies would love to have and of course mine too. See, when one doesn't need to cook, one tends to order like a glutton :p I told Daddy I would love to try their out signature Roast Pork Knuckles...:)) and each of us get to order his or her's favourite dish. Piggy Boy ordered 2 of his favourite dishes, their signature tofu dish ( Kwai Fei Tofu) and Sweet And Sour Fried Chicken, Piggy Gal as usual ordered her favourite Veggie Prawns Curry and Dad ordered the Stir-fry Veggie With Salted Fish ( Choy Thum Chow Hum Yue ) and before the food arrived we took some family's been quite a while since we took pictures together.....and below are the food we ordered and enjoyed tremendously.... a wonderful simple lunch !

It is not my style to blog about what we eat out ,here on my blog , but for this once I have to blog about it coz it's special...not the food but the thought of some loving persons...haha I will come to it later....

This veggie tasted something like brussels sprout
with crunchy texture
it's called ' Choy Thum Chow Hum Yue' in Cantonese
Stir-Fry Choy Thum With Salted Fish...yummy

This dish is called 'Chi Loh Kon Chien Kai' in Cantonese
Deep Fried Chicken Coated With Sweet Sour Sauce

Piggy gal's favourite...Veggie Prawns Curry... I love this too!

Piggy Boy 's favourite.... ' Kwai Fei Tofu ' in Cantonese
the restaurant's signature dish...the homemade tofu
with smooth and silky texture...yumm yumm

Deep Fried Mantou supposed to be taken together with
the Roast Pork Knuckles and the starch like sauce

this is my favourite but I don't get to eat this often
becoz it is artery clogging...hmmm and for this occasion the Piggies
allowed me to order it...strange @@

look how crispy this is...crispy on the outside and
moist and juicy and tasty on the inside....well done

Before leaving for the restaurant to have our lunch and while waiting for Daddy to be ready,...we had some fun taking photos of ourselves...:) and we had lots of fun together. Yup, the sweet old lady is me, Elin , the super Momsie ! :))) and the sweet young lady is Piggy Gal, Jo and the handsome young sir is Piggy Boy, Josh.

haha , yup that's Elin and Piggy gal :)))
I am 25 ( forever ;p ) and she is 21 :p

the 3 to take pics together

He is 19 and I am 25 LOL!

and finally ,the other half shows his appearance :))
the 'young and handsome' Daddy ;p

Daddy told me that lunch was a treat from my Piggies…whoa.. what a lovely surprise! For my coming birthday….which is a few days away. The Piggies will be back in college then so they intended to celebrate my birthday earlier…ohhhh…how sweet and thoughtful of them. I was so touched by their kind gesture.
I thought I would celebrate my birthday with just Daddy on the day, so did not make a cake. My Piggies really know how to spring a surprise on me. So, after lunch I rushed home and baked a cake for the early celebration LOL! And true to my title ‘ super Momsie ' , I managed to bake a nice chocolate cheese sandwich in time for our after dinner dessert . Will post up the cake in my next post.
Thank you Piggies for such a wonderful lunch . That would have taken a big chunk out of your pocket money ;p * I love you Piggies **
Stay tuned for more photos of the last minute birthday cake :))))



  1. So nice :) Let me say: Happy Birthday to you" first :D

  2. fuuuyohhh... pretty handsome offsprings from Elinluv.. i m so surprised and amazed when u put up these pics..

    hey, u never tell me yr birthday is coming..ok, wait till i come back huh.. we go out for a big big yummy meal... dont u dare go without me!! hahaa...

    thanks for the yummy mystery cake.. please do that for me when my kids' birthday come in January and February... i booked u first..!!

  3. i look closer..son looks like papa...doter looks like u.. beautiful...

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...=D Wishing you many happy returns! Finally, you show up! ha ha... Not exactly what I expected!

  5. Happy Early Birthday to you Elin. May you look younger and prettier each year. I hutang you the birthday gift until I come back next year.

  6. Wow, Elin, this is wonderful! Your children are soooooooo good!

    Happy birthday in advance^^. Oh btw, I'm sure I'll love that roast pig knuckles.

  7. Your child are so lovely..^_^
    Happy Birthday to you !! ^_^

  8. Happy Birthday to you Elin!
    Sweet sour chicken makes me feel really hungry and crave for something Chinese!
    Elin, finally see the real family and the piggies are actually so slim! They need to eat more cakes!

  9. What a handsome family you have there. Happy Birthday to you , Elin. Here's wishing longevity.

  10. @ Anncoo : Thanks Ann :)

    @ Reanaclaire : Haha,sure no prob. Just remind me when the day comes :) Sure will wait for you to belanja me, how could I not wait for you :p To be fair to Daddy, they have his brains :)))

    @ My Little Space : Hi Kristy, Thanks for the birthday song. Haha tell me Kirsty how would you imagine me to be....young? :p

    @ICook4Fun : Hi Gert, thank you so much for the birthday wishes...:p Can't wait to meet up with nid la to buy me any gift, that gift you gave I still have not used it yet :) So precious, so cute, so keeping it first :)) Thanks for your friendship Gert. Love you muchie :)

    @ Kenny T : Hi Kenny, thanks for the birthday wishes. They are a blessing to me and Daddy...well behaved kids. I love them muchie :))) Ohhhh that roast pig knuckles is the prize of the day :)) I don't get to eat it often :))

    @ Rachel : Hi Rachel, thanks for the birthday wishes. They are lovely aren't they :)

    @ Angie's Recipes : HI Angie, thanks for the birthday wishes :) Haha yup despite all the good stuff I baked for them, they are still slim :) boy goes swimming everyday...water polo and to put on weight LOL! Gal..* eye rolling * will eat matter how good the bakes are..she will control her in take :)))

    @ Natasya : Hi Natasya, thanks for the birthday wishes :)


  11. Happy Birthday! The food looks wonderful. Great pictures!

  12. everything looks so yummy! i'm seriously drooling now.
    happy birthday!

  13. You really put up nice photos of the foods. Making me hungry now.

  14. Best wishes from the north to you for this special day.
    Very nice of you sharing the photos of the family... Mummuy sure look beautiful and sweet.

  15. That's such a lovely, sweet family story. It's always so wonderful to feel appreciated by everyone in the family. All those food looks so delicious....mmmm. Happy Birthday to you. What a sweet family!

  16. Happy birthday to you! It's been so long that you have not post any photos. I can see four of you enjoyed the early celebration very much. :)

  17. Happy Birthday, Elin! May you be young and beautiful always :)

  18. Happy birthday Elin!! Both of your kids look so gorgeous! How I miss all the good food in Ipoh!

  19. so happy family. envious.
    you're very lucky Elin, to be blessed with two angels.

  20. Happy Birthday to you too. Your daughter is so sweet. It's hard to imagine that you are a woman with a daughter in college. You blog like a young lady, and don't worry, you look young too.

  21. @ Mother Rimmy:- Hi MR, thanks for the B wishes :))

    @ lululu : Haha, don't drool too much lululu, bad for your saliva glands...try cooking it yourself :) Btw thanks for the B wishes :))

    @ Superman : :) heehee the pics are meant to exercise your saliva glands :p

    @ ckLam : Hi CK, thanks for the B wishes and the nice compliments :p * wink

    @ MaryMoh : Hi Mary, Thanks:) yup, I was touched by the kids' lunch treat :)

    @ Little Inbox: Thanks for the B wishes...yup we did enjoy the early celebration :)

    @ ~LiLHypo's Mummy~ : Thanks for the B wishes...haha I hope I can be forever healthy and young LOL!

    @ Ellie : Hi Ellie...thanks for the B wishes. I shall convey your compliments to them :)

    @ J2Kfm : Hi James..yup I'm blessed to have these 2 angels LOL ! if they don't drive me up the wall. Btw your mom speaks well of you too * wink

    @ Soo Sean: Hi Soo are you? Thanks for the B wishes....and I shall tell Piggy gal that :))) heehee do I really blog like a young lady, thanks for that compliment:)

  22. wah..happy family... ur piggie very pretty n handsome n... ur hubby also very leng chai oh... ur cake really yummy yummy .... can order ah ??? anywhere happy birthday to elin n happy <25th> birthday oh...hehehehe...

  23. What an absolutely beautiful family. So nice for them to visit for your birthday. Happy Birthday I hope you have an amazing day, you deserve it!

    By the way, I am so glad to have a face to the blog I visit so often.

  24. Delicious eats here! Happy birthday!

  25. Belated happy birthday, Elin! You are fortunate to have such a beautiful, loving family.

  26. @ 朱波云 : Hi 朱波云 , thanks for dropping by and comment . Haha thanks for the birthday wishes too. I shall convey to the Piggies and the other half your compliment :)). Rmb next this time I will still be 25 LOL!

    @ Miranda: Thanks Miranda for the B wishes and your friendship. I appreciate your great support all this while :)))

    @ 5 Star Foodie : Hi, thanks so much for the B wishes and for dropping by :)

    @ The Chickenless Chick : Hi TCC, thanks for the B wishes. Yup, I thank God for these beautiful people who are so dear to me, for their love and support in whatever I do. My other half and kids, I love them dearly :) I love my readers too so muchie :)) and You are one of them! :) thanks for always dropping by.

  27. Happy Birthday to you Elinluv!
    What a lovely family you have got, your piggies are so sweet! and I can't wait to see your bday cake :D

  28. Happy birthday to you, Elin! You're very blessed with a happy, loving family. I hope to be a wonderful mom like you.

  29. @ Happy HomeBaker : Hi HBB, thanks for the birthday wishes. I am like the kids so much :))

    @ The Little Teochew : Hi TLT, thanks for the birthday wishes and I am sure you will be a good momsie too...all the good the way to your childrens' heart :))

  30. Hi Elin ! I like reading your blog and I've put it under my favorite, I'm from Ipoh too but married and settle in KL. Your look & your words remind me of the cute little old lady in Phua Chu Kang , even though in grey hair, but both of your faces look very young. Keep up the good work dear.


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