Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soft Boiled Egg On Toast

Soft boiled egg in its glorious state…with its smooth quivery texture and a runny yolk sitting on a slice of well toasted wholemeal bread…shake some pepper over it and some light soy sauce for taste. And end the breakfast with a cup of hot black coffee…awww this is really a perfect breakfast to start a new day ! I could only afford to eat this twice a month…:)) age factor , so have to cut down on this sinfully yummy protein & cholesterol rich goodness !

This is what I had for my breakfast this morning. As usual, while waiting for Daddy to be ready…I stole some moments to take snap shots of what I had this morning :p Camera lens don’t lie ….behold …a picture captured with the saliva inducing peppered soft boiled egg on top a slice of toasted wholemeal bread!

I normally have a cup of oats with some raisins thrown in or at times nuts like walnuts , almonds and a tablespoon of wheatgerm stirred in. I don’t mind having oats everyday…a fiber dietary enriched with vitamins and minerals but I do look forward to something different once in a while….example like this soft boiled eggs on toast! I can’t eat this everyday but I can come here to drool everyday LOL! * illusions will take its course :p . This is how I make myself happy. A cup of oats in one hand and these virtual pictures to ogle at on other mornings….a perfect start to begin a new day :)) What about you? Tell me what you usually have for your breakfast? :))

this is one famous item served in " kopitiam "
if I am not mistaken kopitiam meant coffee shop in Hokkien language

a delightful picture captured through the lens
saliva inducing peppered soft boiled egg
on a slice of well toasted wholemeal bread!

I wish I was a decade younger...... wishful thinking :p
could have this everyday and doesn't need to come here
to drool ;p

Soft Boiled Egg On Toast

2 slices of well toasted wholemeal bread

2 eggs – soft boiled
a shake of white pepper
a shake of light soy sauce



  1. My mom use to make "Bird Eyes" where she tears a hole in the middle of the bread and puts the egg inside the middle and frys the eggs in the middle.
    It was alsays yummy

  2. hey, u snapped so many pics.. the eggs were like coming "alive"..looks so real.. feel like scooping them up and putting them in my mouth.. LOL..

  3. Look at that shaky egg on toast..this is what I want for my breakfast.

  4. I love eggs. I mean, really love them. And this is one of my favorite ways to eat them, I can just imagine breaking that yolk all over the toast! Yum! Such simple, delicious food.

  5. hehe, Elin, I'm with you, I also use light soy to drizzle on my eggs^^

  6. awww ur killing me! heh cholesterol her I come :)

  7. You definitely make me salivating for the breakfast. I want some, Elin!

  8. OH my .. u sure know how to tantalize me ............

    That's my all time fav breakfast !!! *teary*

  9. I love this, especially if it's fresh bread with soft boiled eggs, must have pepper and light soya other half loves it too, but then we must only take it,once in a while, cholesterol. Love all your pics!

  10. @ Miranda : Ohhh...I want that sure are lucky to have a mom who could make you that delicious ' bird eyes ' :))

    @ reanaclaire : haha...nice saliva inducing !

    @ Anncoo : I wish I could hve that every day for my breakfast :))

    @ Tasty Eats At Home : are salivating already..I can see by the way u describe it LOL!

    @ Kenny T : Hi Kenny, did u have a nice trip to Taiwan * wink all those deliciousness Taiwan has to offer :))

    @ Zurin : Hey Zurin, take it easy...once in a blue moon, it's okay :p

    @ Little Inbox : Haha...come everyday to have a virtual one..good for health just drooling LOL!

    @ Joanna : Hey sweetie, I am sorry...hey u can make this yourself. Just put the eggs in the hot water a few times..and u will get a nice one too :)

    @ No Frills Recipes : Thanks, haha yup once in a blue moon is fine for us :))


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