Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elin's Birthday Cake Revealed :))

I had the most enjoyable early birthday celebration with my Piggies. A few years back , birthday celebrations were just normal occasions whereby I received birthday gifts from the Piggies and hubby and was ‘Queen’ for the day, but this year the feeling was a bit different though….maybe it was the reality that age is really catching up that I felt different LOL! A lovely surprise indeed… besides a scrumptious lunch treat given by them, they gave me a beautiful book “ Cooks Quotations” , a collection of fine paintings and the best cooking quotes…wheeee…I am delighted with this gift :)
Surprisingly, last weekend, I did not plan to bake a cake at all . I thought of baking lemon pies for them as an after dinner dessert but since they have given me a treat, I have to bake this Chocolate Cheese Sandwich as a celebration cake. Since I have all the ingredients in the fridge drawer, I proceeded to bake this cake ( I learnt this cake from the baking class I attended sometime back ) . Luckily it turned out delectable. I won’t be posting up the recipe as it would not be right for me to do so :)) I managed to top it with a rich chocolate frosting in less than 4 hours…just in time for dessert and some picture taking…Super Mom ? :p

This cake was made out of love for my Piggies…Josh loves anything chocolatey and Jo loves anything cheesy and it was a great combo ! Do you like the cake decoration ? Is Momsie Elin creative enough ? :p My Piggies were thrilled to bits with the simple decoration . I plucked the ‘naughty boy’ from the garden (this plant blooms through out the year :) and it does complement the cake though. Excuse the poor workmanship..I am no pro but seeing the delightful expression on the Piggies’ faces as they savoured the cake was a joy no money could buy . Joy in my heart was the best gift God could have given to me for my birthday :)) . The candle, I stole from the kitchen pantry meant for something else LOL! Certainly not a candle for a birthday cake but who cares :p

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich...a delectable piece of cake to die for :p

a virtual piece for all of you who came here to wish me
Happy Birthday :p... .the wicked Elin thanking all of you
for the wonderful birthday wishes! :))))

I shared the rest with my colleagues...Lyn, Claire and Nancy
lucky angels !

the naughty Daddy...gotcha!...he thinks he looks cute !

Josh, Elin and Jo
the 3 musketeers can't wait to blow out the candle
and eat the cake :p

a beautiful book from the Piggies
an ideal gift for me who enjoys cooking :))
Thanks Piggies for this....I love it!

Thank you to all my friends and readers
who came here to wish me Happy Birthday ....... :)))))))

“ The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking: love for those you are cooking for. ” 
- Sophia Loren


  1. your chocolate cake looks to die for! I love the cheese filling too

  2. This really looks a classic cake. Beautifully done, Good Job!!

  3. irresistibly wonderful cake!
    happy birthday!

    Will wish u tomorrow..hehe.. see u face to face then only more meaningful...
    meanwhile, tonite.. midnight.. is the time for u to feel different *wink*
    wei..your husband is so "nice" and romantic.. hehee...
    God Bless U and your family!!

    thanks for the piece of cake.. really sumptious!!

  5. I love the cake too! Can I have some? Thanks lol.

  6. WOW is all I can say for your cake. It looks fantastic and so artistic! And HAHAHA is all I can say about that photo of naughty Daddy ;) Actually, he is very sweet lah. What a lovely family photo!

  7. that's such a lovely cake. I would love a big piece.

  8. Happy Birthday! It was great to see pictures of you and your family. What a great gift they gave you; I'm sure you'll have fun reading through that. Your cake looks incredibly moist and delicious!

  9. That's an awesome cake! Yum!

  10. Elin, you make so beautiful cake!

  11. Your chocolate birthday cake looks so so delicious! Happy Birthday!!!

  12. What a lovely birthday cake.
    I will not have such patience to bake and decorate a cake for 4 hours, LOL!

  13. beautiful cake and family happy birthday love Rebecca

  14. Happy Birthday Elin. Many happy returns of the day and may you stay happy always!


  15. Hi

    Happy B'day supermom, may you stay healthy, radiant and charming, always. Awesome cake.

  16. Happy Birthday to you! The cake looks so gorgeous! I like your chocolate topping design, simple & elegant! WELL DONE :)

  17. Hi Jessie, Anncoo, lululu, reanaclaire , My Little Space , The Little Teochew , MaryMoh , Cookin'Canuck , 5 Star Foodie , Kenny T, Happy Homebaker , Little Inbox , Chow & Chatter , Quinn , No Frills Recipes & MH... thank you for the birthday wishes. I love you guys :))

  18. i am one of the lucky angels... d cake realllllyyyyyy very yummmmmy... my hubby ask can order or not oh ??? how elin can ah ???
    anywhere ur husband is very cute, both of u always happy 25th oh...lol..

  19. Happy Belated Birthday greetings! Your cake is fantastic and your family is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a special occasion!

  20. What a chocolaty looking cake! happy birthday and You look good Elin.What a lovely hubby and piggies :)))

  21. @ 朱波云 : Hey, didn't know that one of the lucky angels drop me a comment was you....thanks for the birthday wishes and the compliment to my cake. Sinfully rich chocolatey cake...am glad your hubby loves it...specially cut a bigger piece for him knowing he likes cake :p No problem , tell him for his sake I will bake for him :))

    @ Tangled Noodle : Thanks for the birthday wishes...you are welcome to be introduced to the Piggies' clan :)))

    @ Zurin : Hey Zurin, haha thanks for the birthday wishes and finally to get to see Elin in person :p I am a sweet old lady :p

  22. Happy belated birthday, Elin! Heehee... now I know how you look like. ;-) You've also inspired me to bake my own birthday cake next year!

  23. Hey Piggy, thanks for the birthday wishes...haha it's more meaningful to bake one own birthday cake ;p since we love to bake :)))

  24. happy birthday!!! your chocolate cake looks fantastic. you are beautiful, very good looking family! ^ ^

  25. Ohhh * blushing. Thanks Short & Bald for the birthday wishes and compliments :))

  26. Hi Elin,very very belated birthday wishes :p... Can i have recepi for this Chocolate Cheese Sandwich ? I am really attemp to try this recipe out :D

  27. Wow, such a beautiful cake... :-)


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