Friday, October 30, 2009

A Real Classic Butter Cake

I seldom make butter cake and this artery clogging cake is Daddy’s favourite…the plain classic one. He always complained that I make nice cakes for the kids but what he likes I won’t make for him….ahem “ you have to be cruel to be kind “ heard of this ? I am actually kind to him by not baking butter cake for him coz it is not good for him. I know he can finish one whole butter cake all by himself in a day….and it can be disastrous to his health :(
But for this once , I decided to make one for him… but I shared out the cake with Claire and a few friends so that he doesn’t get to eat the whole cake all by himself…smart Momsie…rite? More people less share applys in this case LOL!
I once again took Amy Ong’s butter cake recipe from her blog - Cooking Crave . I know all her recipes are foolproof , so I make Daddy his favourite cake – the cake he wanted most – finally he gets to savour it :))

the butter cake has a fluffy and yet moist texture
and has a rich buttery taste

' Golden Churn ' brand butter gave the cake
the classic buttery taste...yum..yumm

rich and moist buttery taste....
makes Daddy happy but Momsie unhappy :(

this is a real classic butter cake...ask Claire , she
will tell you how good the cake is.....
I just found out that she loves butter cake too! :))

‘ Golden Churn’ Butter Cake ( taken from Cooking Crave )


250 gm Butter ( SCS or Golden Churn Brand) - softened
85 gm Castor Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essense
A pinch of Salt
4 Egg Yolks
1 tbsp Milk
200 gm Cake Flour
(if self-raising flour are used, just omit the 5 gm baking powder)
5 gm/ 1 tsp Baking Powder


4 egg whites
85 gm castor sugar


1.  Preheat oven at 175 C . Grease or line the 8" baking pan.

2.  Sift together flour and baking powser. Set aside.

3.  Beat together butter, sugar and vanilla essence until creamy and light.

4.  Add in egg yolks, one at at time and beat until creamy. Add in milk and mix well.

5.  Fold in the sifted flour, slowly spoon by spoon into mixture till swell mixed.

6.  In a separate clean bowl, whisk eggs whites till foamy then add in sugar gradually. Beat to a soft peak and fold 1/4 into butter mixture. Mix well and fold in the rest.

7.  Pour batter into pan and bake at 175 C for about 40-45 mins or until cooked ( insert a skewer in the middle of the cake and it comes out clean )


Quote of the day

" A smiling face is half the meal "
~ Latvian Proverb ~



  1. Mmm..Butter cake is also my kids favourite. Will bake one soon..thanks for reminding..

  2. hey Elin, am i coming tomorrow to take this? hahaha.. no more shy to ask already.. never mind, do one for me some other week when u r free, i know u r pretty busy tomorrow.. *wink*

  3. Butter cake with a pot of Puer tea would make a rainy day bright and shiny!

  4. It looks really moist. That's a good sign for cake.

  5. Real moist cake, once in a while pamper daddy a bit, it's perfectly alright. The rose really looks nice, fresh from the garden?

  6. Oh no, I love anything artery clogging.....

    This butter cake must become my favourite.

  7. Love butter cake! Looks really soft and moist!

  8. i love butter pound cake too!
    sometimes i just need that simple delicious taste!

  9. wow, it looks so crumbly and delicious, nicely done! cheers from london,

  10. MMMM I love butter cake. Does yours have a crispy outside? The only homemade one I've tried does and it is to die for. Thanks for bringing back delish memories :-)

  11. GOSH! dont you even stop to breathe!?? :)) one wonderful post after another! Phew!!

  12. The soft boiled egg in your previous blog is so beautiful! Pls share with me how to do it cos timing n temp of water is very impt to get it right. That is, do i put in egg (room temp?) when the water is just simmering or boiling? And how many minutes in the hot water? thanks :)

    I once baked a butter cake that turns out dry/crumbly :(
    This butter cake recipe you shared, is it moist and dense?

  13. @ Anncoo : You are welcome :)

    @ reanaclaire :sure no prob....labor charges will be imposed :p

    @ Angie's REcipes : Haha..yup this would be nice with a pot of tea !

    @ The Duo Dishes : Thanks, it is moist :)

    @ No-Frills REcipes : yup, the rose was from the garden :)

    @ Kenny T : Yup, no problem eating but remember to work out in the gym! :p

    @ pigpigscorner : I guess eveyone loves butter cake :)

    @ lululu : Yup..simple butter cake is delicious :)

    @ pityenlacocina : Thanks :))

    @ CaptRachel : Hi Rachel..yup slightly crispy on the outside but moist on the inside :)

    @ Zurin : Abang wants to eat so have to pamper once in a while :p

    @ May : This butter cake is moist and yet fluffy...nice texture .
    Regarding the soft boiled egg. When water boils rapidly , off the heat and slowly put in the egg and cover it with a lid. Leave it there for about 8- 10 minutes depending on the grade of the egg. Eggs must be room temp. You have to try out a few times and timed it and adjust it to your liking. Some like the yolk to be runny , some prefers it more solid. I also try and error but that post I was lucky to have it just right :) I have to thank my lucky was beautiful and it warrants more shots :p

  14. Butter cake always reminds me of Chinese New Year :) I can understand why your hubby loves it, cos I love a good butter cake too! If you have a bottle of cognac at home, add a splash. The cake really moves up several notches in fragrance and taste! Not bluffing ;)) Lovely, fluffy cake, Elin! Lucky hubby.

  15. Glad to know you enjoy it. This Butter Cake never fails for my kids and my guest. They all just love it so much!

  16. @ The Little Teochew : This butter cake is really good..real classic and hubby loves it much. Ohh yess...cognac in butter cake... will add a splash in my next bake then. Great idea! I can imagine the taste already in my mind :))and thanks for your encouraging words always * wink

    @ TINTIN : Hi Amy..thanks for sharing such a classic butter cake. We love it and the most happiest person is none other than Daddy LOL!

  17. Looks great! See, your friend already asking for the cake! hehe...

  18. Hi Kristy...have a slice please :p


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