Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stir-Fried Beech Mushrooms With Salted Egg Yolks

This recipe is from Angie's blog - Angie's Recipes and was I not glad that I had it tried out. And my was GOOD! Stir-Fried Beech Mushrooms With Salted Egg Yolks . These mushrooms are called Shimeji over here and we have the fresh one sold at the supermarket. I love the firm texture of these mushrooms. I couldn't wait to try out this recipe and I was not turned out so yummy that Daddy and I finished the whole plate by ourselves. The fried crispy mushrooms were well coated with the salted egg yolks and the fragrance is absolutely mouthwatering...mmmmm you have to try it out to believe every word I wrote here. I love Angie's blog and I want to thank her for her generosity in sharing all the wonderful recipes on her blog. There are so many I want to try out...... :p

these are the fresh Beech or Shimeji mushrooms in anti- oxidant
and recently found to have anti-cancer properties in them

the salted egg yolks gave extra flavor to the mushrooms this saliva inducing enough ?

I love this dish and will make it again when my Piggies are back
now seduce them with the photos first..........:p

Stir-Fried Beech Mushrooms With Salted Egg Yolks - adapted from Angie's Recipes


40 gm Beech Mushrooms, I used fresh
2-3 salted cooked
2 tbsp egg
2-3 tsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
oil for frying


Add eggs and cornstarch to the beech mushroom until well combined.
Heat up the skillet with enough oil until very hot. Fry the beech mushroom until golden. Remove and drain on the kitchen paper. Leave a little of the frying oil in the skillet, add in the salted egg yolk and season with salt and sugar. Crumble the egg yolks in the skillet, return the fried beech mushrooms to the skillet, tossing until when blended.  Serve while hot.

Thanks Angie for this mouthwatering mushroom recipe ! Love it !

Enjoy !



  1. This looks so delicious~~will add this in my to do list. Thank you :)

  2. oh this looks so good love Angies blogwanturns

  3. this looks so yummy, love mushrooms and always ready to learn more mushroom recipes. THANK YOU!

  4. I love this technique and can't wait to try this recipe. Angie's blog always opens my eyes to new recipes.

  5. the salted egg is enough to make me salivate :))

  6. wow! I wish I could find some fresh one here too!
    Elin, I am glad that you like it. :-)
    Angie's Recipes

  7. Oh, yum! So happy to hear use of salted eggs. An underrated source of deliciousness.

  8. It caught my attention. I was wondering how to cook this beech mushroom every time I see it in the hypermarket. Now I got the answer. :)

  9. @ Anncoo : Hey Anncoo...this is a winner all right...once you start eating will not stop cooking it this way :)))

    @ Chow and Chatter : I love her blog..She rocks!

    @ Short and Bald : Hi S&B , you are and Bald will love it, I am sure! :))

    @ Cookin' Canuck : Hi will love it..yeah Angie's blog not only opens our eyes to new recipes but saliva inducing too! :))

    @ Zurin : Hi Zurin, yup it's the aroma of the mashed cooked salted egg yolks in the cooking oil that makes the dish more saliva inducing! Try it and I know you will love it :))

    @ Angie's Recipes : Angie, thank you so much for this wonderful dish, Daddy and I both LOVE IT...YOU ROCK!!

    @ Belinda@Zomppa : Hi Belinda, thanks for dropping by and yeah the salted egg yolks - underrated source of deliciousness!

    @ Little Inbox : Hi Little Inbox, wanna impress the other half..this is the dish...I am sure he will love it! :))

    @ Kenny T : Haha...I agree with you... SHE ROCKS! ROCK! :)))

  10. wow, I remember seeing this recipe too! Looks amazing, I really have to try this!


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