Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alfalfa And Salmon Sandwich

Alfalfa & Salmon Sandwich :) Do you like the look of it…haha I made this for my breakfast this morning and whoa…it was good and a healthy one too. Instead of using lettuce for the greens, I used organic alfalfa and it was yummilicious. The tang taste of cheddar cheese and the salmon flakes from yesterday’s salmon papillotte , blended well with the alfalfa. A great combo..if you were to ask me :p A very light and tasty sandwich which I don’t mind eating every day :))) Do you agree with me ? A little bit of innovation and creativity make a good breakfast! :p This sandwich is to die for….:p I didn’t add any mayo or chilli sauce for I just want to savor the sweet aromatic salmon flakes …mmmmMmmmm one word heavenly! ( As I was eating this sandwich, I thought of my Piggy gal…she will love this definitely :) Will make this for her when she comes home next week )
I will use organic alfalfa sprouts for my sandwiches from now on if they are not too pricey ;p …I love the subtle green smell….now I know why the moo moo loves the grass LOL!

air flown in from Alfalfa Sprouts

step 1 and 2- a layer of alfalfa and tomato

step 3 and 4 - a layer of cheddar cheese and salmon flakes
top with with another layer of alfalfa

step 5 and 6 another layer of tomato cheddar cheese

I love this simple and yet delicious sandwich
If I can have this every morning...
I will get to taste heaven on earth :p agree
a good healthy breakfast to start the morning :))))

Piggy gal this is for u…now you drool first and feast on it visually but when you are back this is what you will have for your brunch!

Alfalfa & Salmon Sandwiches
( serve 1 person )

2 slices of wholemeal bread
½ a piece of baked salmon – flaked it
1 red tomato – cut into slices
2 slices of cheddar cheese
½ a pack of organic alfalfa sprouts

* japanese mayonaise and sweet chilli sauce can be used as dressing**
Assemble them as shown in the photos above. You can assemble them the way you fancy :) It has no fixed rules…it goes with the rhythm of your desire :))




  1. Mama piggy, not only your piggy gal loves this, your big piggy fren here also loves.. alfalfa or not, i want... so healthy about doing this for tomorrow's breakfast for our gang?? hehee...

  2. Hey, that looks great, healthy too.
    I suppose can substitute with tuna if salmon is not available. Will make for lunch.

  3. The sprout in a salmon sandwich sounds fantastic and ideal for anyone who craves for a healthier diet.
    Angie's Recipes

  4. oh, yeah, i love to look at the sprout a lot! and i love the taste of it too! it just gives u such a unique taste no other veggi can replace!
    wonderful sammy!

  5. great combination! simple, healthy and delicious. perfect for lunch. ^ _ ^

  6. For some reason, I haven't bought sprouts in a very long time. You have inspired me to start using them again. This sounds delicious!

  7. @ reanaclaire : Hi Reana,Haha..oneday I will make for you and moo now in preparation for the green smell :))

    @ maybelle's mom : Hi MM Glad you like it too :)

    @ No-Frills Recipes : Yup, you's a versatile kinda of sandwich :))

    @ Angie's Recipes : Angie, it is :)) I love it and it's healthy too.

    @ lululu : Yup, I love the taste of the alfalfa..yumm

    @ Short & Bald : Hi S & B :))'s delicious and healthy too.

    @ Cookin' Canuck : Hi CC, I have just grown to like them :)


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