Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sambal Tumis Petai / Spicy & Tangy Stink Beans

Sambal Tumis Petai/ Spicy & Tangy Stink Bean is the family's favourite dish . I can cook it everyday and it will still bring a smile to Daddy's face. It is such an appetizing can eat it with plain hot rice or in coconut rice/nasi lemak style. Most Malaysians would love this dish and I am glad that I could cook this well (",) and my kids love them :))) but there are many who find the strong smell pervasive but my family love it :) It is best cooked in sambal for it will be more flavorful. We had this last Sunday nite. Now it's time to post up and share about it before I forget again :)))

Petai beans or seeds look like broad beans. Like mature broad beans, they may have to be peeled before cooking. Petai has earned its nickname 'stink bean' because its strong smell is very pervasive. It lingers in the mouth and body. Like asparagus, it contains certain amino acids that give a strong smell to one's urine, an effect that can be noticed up to two days after consumption. Like other beans, their complex carbohydrates can also cause strong-smelling flatulence. Stink bean or petai in our local language is good for health...good for the kidney and the skin can be eaten and has medicinal value for those who are diabetic...mmmm is it old tales or what...I have to find out . It does taste good when combined with other flavored food such as garlic, chilli and dried shrimps.

one thing to take note is this...stink bean has to be split open into
half to see if they have worms in times I have to throw away
almost half a packet :p Imagine even worms love them (",)

cooked it with sambal...a dish to die for ;p

saute the sambal ingredients till aromatic, add in the beans
and seafood of your choice, last add in the tamarind paste

Petai or Stink bean is best taken cooked in this sambal style :)
and it can be eaten raw too :)

Sambal Petai Tumis/ Spicy & Tangy Stink Beans


200 gm petai/stink bean ( ready ones from super market)
2 squids- cut into pieces
1/2 kg medium size shrimps - cleaned and deveined


15 shallots - sliced thinly
1 thumb sized belacan /dried shrimps paste
4 - 5 tbsp of ground chilli paste ( depend on how spicy u want)
1 stalk serai - pound fine in a pestle

1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup thick tamarind juice

* optional - salt and sugar


Saute ingredient A together with 1/3 cup of olive oil in a wok over medium heat till aromatic and the oil surfaced to the top. Add in the petai/stink beans and stir fry together for 10 minutes till it is well incorporated with the sambal paste. Add in the seafood and tamarind juice and slowly cook till the petai/stink beans and seafood are cooked. Add in a pinch of salt and 1/2 tsp sugar for taste if it is not to taste. Dish up and serve with rice or nasi lemak/ coconut rice.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!



  1. I have never seen or had stink beans...sounds very they smell like Stinky Tofu?

  2. hey...didnt know u were cooking this ... can i come over for the remainder? if there still is.. hahhaa.. i m cooking tonight too.. see whether i will murder the dishes later or not..

  3. A dish to die for. You make me salivate over the dish. :P

  4. haha...Stink Beans. Does not sound very appetizing. Elin, you have the ability to make it look absolutely delish.
    Great post. I would love to try some..

  5. hey, I like petai too, but find it a bit 'heaty'. Didn't know there are worms in them, normally they're sold, split open. Thanks for sharing.

  6. @ Angie's Recipes : The beans doesn't smell like stinky tofu. Far from it. It has a strong unique green bean smell. Crunchy texture. But the bad thing is the after taking it, the urine has a strong stinking smell. We normally cut an aubergine into half and hangs it in the bathroom whenever we eat stink beans :)

    @ reanaclaire : learn to just don't know how good it is to cook it yourself...when you succeed in cooking something nice...the joy is priceless! :p

    @ Little Inbox : Haha...all malaysians love this dish...rite 1 Malaysia (:,)

    @ Miranda: I don't think you will like does has a strong smell. Only Asians appreciate this stink bean LOL!

    @ No Frills Recipes : Yup, you have to be careful if you have bought the whole have to split into half ...or eat the worms as vits LOL!

  7. It's only recently that I start to appreciate stinky beans...yum yum!

  8. hi elin...u know... when my dear look at this his reaction is "wahhhhh.... petai.... my favourite, mummy when u wan cook this for me...@@@@@..." i keep quiet only.. haha!! very nice le my husband lau sai hao sui,but i dint eat petai lol...

  9. @ Pigpigscorner : is nice rite? Glad you learn how to eat them. Lotz of goodness in them :))

    @ 朱波云 : Alamak, kesian betul lah, masak lah walaupun tak makan sendiri. Mana boleh air meliur saja, nanti mengamuk baru tahu :p


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