Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Steamed Red Snapper With Ginger Paste

After having had so much of those artery clogging deliciousness the past few days, I am now back to healthy diet…either I am trying to hookwink the body system or rather trying to make myself feel good after all the partaking of the sinfully rich birthday cake and the scrumptious lunch :))
Last nite dinner was just a simple affair , Steamed Red Snapper With Ginger Paste . Ohhh…this was so delicious and the natural sweetness of the fish with the aromatic ginger paste was really good. I agree that simplicity is deliciousness . A simple and easy dish that took just 10 minutes to prepare and you get a steaming hot delicious Steamed Red Snapper With Ginger Paste ! Good for those rushing for time, especially this Momsie when she has a baking assignment to do :p

I steamed fish fillet in 8 minutes...I want it just cooked
but if you want it more well done then 10 minutes would be just nice

a simple yet delicious steamed fish
in just ginger paste and sea salt

I added some celery leaves for garnishing :))

Steamed Red Snapper With Ginger Paste


1 piece of Red Snapper fillet
½ tsp of sea salt
1 thumb sized old ginger – chopped finely/blend into paste
½ tbsp of olive oil


Wash and clean the red snapper fillet and rub salt on both sides. Place the piece of fillet on a steaming plate and brush on the ginger paste onto the surface of the fish fillet. Add olive oil on the fish and steamed for 8 to 10 minutes over hot boiling water. Add some celery leaves or chinese parsley on the fish as garnishing. Serve hot .

Enjoy !

** A special note to Claire of Caring Is Not Only Sharing - thanks for the birthday lunch today , I enjoyed the food and your company very much… (what do you expect when two female bloggers, who thinks they are forever 25 yrs old , sit together and have a lunch date ) ** :p


  1. I would love to have my everyday dinner as simple and flavourful as this!

  2. Elin,
    Another fab dish. I hope you enjoyed your Birthday!!!!

  3. tomorrow i will do this.. my girl likes steamed fish only.. then only she will eat more .. hey, tonite i tried the mushrooms.. haha.. turned out to be comical.. hahhaa..

  4. What a beautiful, light, and flavorful meal! I love the simplicity of this dish.

  5. Yes, I also like simple, quick and easy dish like this one.

  6. @ Angie's Recipes : haha yup, me too :)

    @ Kenny T : I learn from you simplicity is deliciousness :))

    @ Miranda : Yuppy :) I enjoyed myself tremendously !

    @ reanaclaire : Tell me, what went wrong that is so comical :)

    @ Cookin' Canuck : Hi CC..I love this dish for its simplicity too! Flavorful!

    @ Anncoo : Simple and easy and flavorful...who wouldn't want? :)))

  7. This dish looks very delicious. I love steamed red snapper.....simple and nice.

  8. Steam fish with ginger is my favorite food. Easy to make and delicious and appetizing. Thanks for sharing! Cheers...

  9. Amazing way to enjoy red snapper! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. A wonderful dish! I love steamed fish and this would be perfect with hot rice. Delicious!

  11. @ Mary Moh : Yup simple and deliciously good:)

    @ Kitchen Corner : Hi Grace, I love ginger in fish and chicken...good for our health too :)

    @ Karine : Hi are welcome :))

    @ Tangled Noodle : Yup, especially the gravy from the steamed naturally sweet..goes well with a bowl of hot rice yummm


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