Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Salmon Papillotte ( Salmon In Paper Bag )

I think everyone knows I love salmon fish….especially Piggy gal. She knows I can’t resist buying them from the supermart if they are fresh . Salmon in sushi, salmon in pasta, salmon in salad and even salmon baked in parchment paper. The only thing I have not tried out is salmon in curry :p Last night , I baked Salmon Papillotte ( salmon in paper bag ) for dinner. I love this style of cooking coz it retains the moistness of the fish and the ingredients used to marinate the fish will be fully absorbed into the fish . Easy preparation and not much washing involved :))

Daddy doesn’t much like salmon unless I can smoked it for him….smoked salmon? Nay, I rather buy those ready smoked one for him :) This is very versatile when it comes to marinating the salmon…you can use any ingredients and yet the salmon will taste wonderful. Simplicity is deliciousness!

Sea salt , chopped garlic ,black pepper and chopped Italian parsley are the magic ingredients used to marinade the salmon. I added some orange juice and orange zest to marinade the fish…don’t ask why…just that I was actually eating an orange at that time and it struck me why not? ….thus the juice and zest was added to complete the marinate process which took half an hour. The baking takes about 18 minutes at 200º C . I like my salmon just cooked. But if you like it well done , then add another 5 minutes to the cooking time. Can be taken as a main dish or added to your pasta or salad or sandwiches.
I kept half a piece of the salmon for the sandwiches I am going to make for my breakfast tomorrow. Will post them up in my next post :)) Meanwhile , feast your eyes upon this delicious baked salmon papillotte and stay tuned for the Alfalfa & Salmon Sandwich in my next post :p

marinate the salmon with orange juice & zest, chopped garlic,
black pepper, italian parsley and olive oil for 1/2 hour

when it's ready wrap it in papillotte or paper bag of parchment paper

if you like you can pour in the marinade on the salmon
but I prefer it without the marinade this time
coz I it drier for making salmon flakes for my sandwiches :))

it is now ready for baking...mmmmmm
easy right? :p

After 18 minutes.....whoa the aroma of this mouthwatering
marinade....induces the salivary glands to reacts fast.....:p

Salmon Papillotte ( Salmon In Paper Bag )

1 piece of salmon fillet
1.5 tsp sea salt – rub on the fish
2 pips garlic – chopped finely
½ tsp toasted black pepper – crushed coarsely
2 sprigs of parsley – chopped coarsely
½ orange - squeezed for juice
¾ tbsp of orange zest
2 tbsp of olive oil

Heat up the oven for 10 minutes at 200º C.
Marinade the salmon with the above ingredients for ½ hour. Wrap the salmon with parchment paper and baked for 10 minutes. Take out and slit open the top of the parchment paper to let out the steam. Put back into the oven and bake for another 8 minutes. The salmon will be just nicely cooked But if you want it to be well done , then leave it in the oven and bake a further 5 minutes.




  1. Too bad, unlike you, I can't make myself to love Salmon. Haiz....

  2. i love salmon..my kids love it too.. but unfortunately it is getting more and more pricey.. nevertheless, i will continue to buy, at least to try one of these recipes u put up here, elin!

  3. I love salmon. I used to make a similar dish but haven't made it in a long time. I'll have to make this! :)

  4. I love salmon, and I'm always looking for a new recipe. This looks great. Thanks!

  5. i think i would try out this recipe because it looks so so tantalizing, but 1st i've got to buy the parchment paper for baking.

  6. I love salmon too. So creative and easy to make too!

  7. I love salmon. It is such a healthy fish. I love to buy wild Alaskan salmon because of the clean water there. So far my best is still the teriyaki salmon that my family loves very much.

  8. I like my fish on the rare side as well... How else are you gonna be able to taste the worms? ;)

    Seriously though, this looks like a fantastic recipe. I have done a similar one with aluminum foil in the past; but they say aluminum may cause Alzheimer's disease, so I'd love to try it this way instead. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Wow! It looks exceptionally delicious!

  10. Oh my !! This looks absolutely droolicious ! .... me wants ..... *inserts puppy eyes*

  11. Looks good Elin. whenever I go to Ikea I go for the salmon.but yours look a LOT better :))

  12. I love a good salmon recipe. Wow this looks delicious!!!!!!

  13. @ Little Inbox : Yup, if only you love salmon...lotz of omega 3 :)

    @ reanaclaire : Yup, I know Fernie loves salmon...try this recipe..I am sure she will love it :))

    @ Andrea : I am sure you will love this style of cooking :)

    @ Mother Rimmy : Hi, You are welcome, hope you like it:)

    @ Cindy Khor : Hi Cindy, I am sure you will love this style of cooking :)

    @ Anncoo : Hah yup, simple and yet delicious and not much washing to do :p

    @ Mary Moh : Hi Mary, will try your teriyaki style. Ran of the sauce thus tried this salmon in paper bag :))

    @ The Chickenless Chick : Haha...yup the worms will add extra vits and minerals (lol )to the fish and you are welcome :)

    @ Sam : Hi Sam, this is yummilicious especially the left overs can be used for sandwiches :))

    @ Joanna : Hi Piggy gal...sure when you come back...your favourite I know :)))

    @ Zurin : Hi Zurin, Jusco here sells very fresh ones! :))

    @ Ellie : Hi Ellie, I love salmon and have tried many recipes on salmon..this is another good one..healthier too :))

  14. hi guys. this blog is excellent


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