Saturday, February 5, 2022

Hand-Pulled Noodles

First time trying out Hand- Pulled Noodles and I find it very easy to make and the texture turned out very bouncy. To me, the texture is better than the hand-torn noodles.  But then each has its own unique texture. I have been making my own noodles since the pandemic started. I find making hand-pulled noodles very interesting, the handling of the dough is important and resting the dough for a longer period helps to make the dough more pliable. Resting of the dough should be at least an hour. I will be making hand-pulled noodles more in the days to come as husband and I love the noodle texture.
 the texture is smooth and bouncy

Resting the noodle dough in greased tray for an hour at least before hand-pulled the dough into long strand of noodle

Recipe link for this hand-pulled noodle

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