Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dry Curry Pork Ribs

Oh gosh, this is the most delicious dried curry ribs I have ever cooked till date.  I bought this cookbook just a few days ago and I knew I had to tried it out ! Wasting no time , I cooked it for our dinner this evening .  I tweaked it a bit...opt out the galangal and instead added in turmeric leaves.

Boy, wasn't I thrilled at the end results... succulent ribs coated with a layer of luscious aromatic curry. I enjoyed seeing the way WB tucks in the  ribs.  A keeper for sure and I will surely cook this dish again .  I am sure my sons and daughters would love this !  WB will pester me to cook this again and I don't mind as the ingredients are easily obtainable and easy to whip up unlike other curries which entails a lot of preparation. 

meaty pork ribs , pounded ' rempah ' ( a combination of 
fresh turmeric, shallots, garlic, lemongrass,fresh chillies
and dried chillies  )  brown sugar
curry powder and coconut milk

so it !

Dry Curry Pork Ribs  

Ingredients A

1.5 kg pork ribs
3 tbsp of vegetable oil

* I added 1 turmeric leave - roll up leave and cut it into fine strips

Ingredients B ( to be pounded )

100 gm  shallot
3 -4  cloves garlic
5 red chillies
8 dried chillies
1 inch turmeric
2 stalks lemongrass
50 gm galangal * I opted out

Ingredients C

300 gm coconut milk
400 ml water
1/2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp  meat curry powder
salt to taste


1. Wash pork ribs and blanched in hot boiling water , drain well and set aside.

2. Heat oil in wok, pour in ingredients B and stir fry until fragrant and oil surfaces . Gradually pour in some coconut milk and stir fry till fragrant. Add in pork ribs and stri fry until fragrant, followed by remaining ingredients C, mix evenly. Cook over medium heat until gravy is almost dried up and ribs has soften , add in thecut  turmeric leaves. Dish up and serve.

Enjoy !


  1. wow Elin, these pork ribs look so DELICIOUS! The sauce made with coconut cream must be really great.

    1. Angie...yea,the coconut milk gives it flavor and thickens the is delicious :)

  2. beep beep...long time no blog...

    Happy 2016 to you and WB. Have a great year ok...looking forward to more lovely recipe from you

    1. Kathy...Happy 2016 to you and family. Been pretty busy the last one month...relatives came and the in-laws came visiting thus no time to blog. Yea...more recipes in 2016 and good photos too...hopefully can manage the DSLR well :)


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