Saturday, March 9, 2013

Steamed Stuffed Petola In Chicken Stock

I love petola !!! love the spongy texture .  Bought one long petola back for RM3.80 from Jusco.   At first I wanted to just braised  with silken tofu and wood fungus.  But when I opened the freezer, I saw my frozen chicken stock and I say " hey might as well stuffed the petola and steamed in this chicken stock. I don't like to keep the chicken stock too long in the freezer.  It is better to finish the stock within the week.  I have a packet of fish paste in the fridge and wow, I know what to do with the petola .  Read on for this simple and yet delicious stuffed petola steamed in chicken stock

I reheated the chicken stock and added a tablespoon of chinese wine and extra dash of sea salt to the stock.  I mix the fish paste with bird's eye chillies and spring onion and a dash of white pepper . Peel the petola and cut into 1 1/2 inch lengths.  Before stuffing the fish paste mixture on the surface of the petola,  I cut a few slits on the surface so that the fish paste can stick onto the petola and not drop off the surface.  Arrange all the stuffed petola in a 2" deep bowl, add in some fresh mushrooms and pour the chicken stock to cover 3/4 of the petola.  Steam in boiling hot steamer for 15-18 minutes or until the petola are soft and cooked.  

this dish was never planned and I am glad that I used up
the last pack of chicken stock 

the fresh mushrooms tasted delicious with the chicken stock
that has the chinese wine added...lovely!

love this simple and easy to whip up dish

Have a great weekend !

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  1. I've never had petola before, but this dish looks so colorful and lovely I'm off to see where I can find it. The mushrooms are so pretty on the side.

  2. Oh? Can stuff bitter gourd? Usually we just fry or cook soup with egg. Very nice. Very sweet.

  3. Wow! Very clever! Rustling up a dish from rummaging in fridge & freezer! I like Petola too - my mum uses it in soups - the quick type, not the long slow simmer types. I know it can be stir-fried too. I like the stuffing & steaming idea and will certainly try it! :)
    I'm trying to think of the other names that this vegetable is known by: Angled ( or Ridged) Gourd; 絲瓜 (that is what we call it in Cantonese/Hakka); sometimes known as Luffa - as the centre can be tough if the vegetable is too mature and also labelled as Turia in the ethnic shops.


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