Monday, March 4, 2013

Uncle Aldo's Birthday Gift

Uncle Aldo's  birthday falls on April 17th but because he will be with his daughter in Perth  on that day,  Wild Boar and myself want to celebrate his birthday for him before he goes to Perth.  Uncle Aldo is an old friend of my father-in-law and we have always celebrated his birthday for him .   Now , it is the same question gain ...what to get Uncle Aldo for his birthday?  Wild Boar suggested that since he loves cigars, we might as well get him the best one from the Smoke Shop. All we have to do is to purchase on line and get the famous smoke shop coupon codes . codes for a better deal. why not ?  One coupon code per customer.  Will check out what this one coupon code per customer is all about  :)   I am sure Uncle Aldo will love his birthday gift !

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