Friday, March 1, 2013

Josh Bought A Bunn Airpot For Himself ! :)

I am happy that my Josh has finally settled down in his new place. He recently left for Singapore after securing his dream job.  You know as his Momsie , I am worried whether he is eating well and I will be chatting with him , asking this and asking that until he said " Mom, please, I am not a child anymore "  I am doing fine and you dont have to worry about me.  Yesterday, I went shopping and bought myself a airpot for brewing my coffee ! " boy is now a grown up young man so I do not need to worry anymore for him :)  He told me he chose his BunnAirpot from best selection of airpots and he has the best cup of brewed coffee before he start work.  What can I say anymore to him ?    I can only say " Well done , son ! "  LOL!

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