Friday, March 8, 2013

Chives Omelette

I have been taking it easy of late and cooking something simple and eating simple is good for me.  Taking medication for my tennis elbow has really wipe out my appetite :(   We had porridge with salted egg and chives omelette.  I just don't want to move my hand too much and Wild Boar commented that doctor asked to rest the hand and not to move it too much...hahaha but this stubborn Momsie replied.." I am not moving my hand but only moving my  fingers" ....thus blogging helps exercise the fingers LOL!   I have been on leave since the 5th and the doctor may extend another few days...whoot ..whoot....have rested the hand but not the fingers though :p   Anyway, I make this simple chives omelette for our lunch.  Simple yet delicious !  Read on to see how this simple chives omelette is prepared.....

This recipe is from Rasa Malaysia, it has fish sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil as seasoning for the eggs mixture.  The fish sauce and sesame oil gave the chives omelette the fragrance it needed to make it more delicious besides the fragrance of the chives.   Perfect dish to go with a bowl of porridge.    How can a carnivore like Wild Boar survives on just chives omelette ?  Of course not, I added a hard boiled salted duck egg and Chicken Wings In Papilotte for him or you think I can rest in peace ! 

the flavorful egg mixture and the cut chives

mix them together before frying it
on a non stick pan

it is really the fish sauce in the omelette
it gives oomph to the omelette :)

this is what we had for our lunch....

I will post up
the Oven Fried Chicken Wings In Papilotte
 in my next post stay tuned.................

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