Monday, March 4, 2013

Spinach Ball In Chicken Stock

Wild Boar is bored with stir fry spinach, so I look around for something refreshing, something different. I saw this dish on a chinese magazine but because I can't read chinese character well I can't really cooked this dish exactly as it was shown on the magazine.  But I think it is just chicken stock with wolfberries , poured onto the blanched spinach  LOL!   Whoa, it all guessing game and I think I got it 80% correct ,  the spinach absorbed the tasty chicken stock making it delicious. It was indeed something different from my usual way of cooking spinach  :)  Read on to see how simple this dish is done ( my version of course )

You can prepare the chicken stock days ahead and store them in freezer containers. Homecooked ones are better than using the store bought cubes.  It is healthier .  I think I will buy the whole chicken carcass and cooked the chicken stock during the weekend and store in containers .  It will make cooking dishes like this simpler and easy.   The chicken stock can be used for making ABC soup too.  

Spinach Ball In Chicken Stock
( for 2 person)


To make a cup of chicken stock
1 large chicken breast 
2 tbsp of wolfberries
sea salt to taste
a dash of white pepper

 4 stalks of spinach

Heat 2.5 cups of water in a medium sized deep pan . When the water is boiling, add in the chicken breast , wolfberries, ground pepper and sea salt for 40 minutes under medium low heat till the chicken essence is extracted out of the meat :p  .  Blanch the spinach till cooked ( do not overcooked the spinach ) soak in ice cold water to prevent further cooking of the spinach.  The spinach should be cook and still look green :)  Gently squeeze out the water form the cooked spinach and twirl it around into a ball and compress into a small rice bowl.  Take it out  and place the compress spinach on a serving bowl and gently  pour the hot chicken stock over the spinach ball . Pour enough stock to cover half of the spinach ball.

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