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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fresh Sea Clams Pasta

I prefer my spaghetti cooked with lots of garlic and cherry tomato and with the addition of either clams or shrimps and that's what I did for our Saturday dinner.  Easy to fix and yet delicious...a one dish meal that we both like and as for me , easy job...and back to my idiot box.  A day I can relax and watch my movies and browsing through my two new books....thinking what to bake next :)  Daddy doesn't like his spaghetti with  bolognaise sauce so this preparation is just perfect for the two of us....for once we share the same taste...ahem :p

Saturday is a day I would normally like to cook something more elaborate but becoz I have to cook something more elaborate for pot bless after Sunday service, I opted for something easy for my Saturday night so that I don't tired myself out.  You know to feed a crowd of 60 people can be quite a heavy task even though it is just a dish from me.....but imagine I get to taste at least 25 another reason for not eating a heavy meal yesterday. Have to keep some space for tonight's pot bless :)  Coming back to this is a simple spaghetti dish with ingredients consisting of cherry tomato, garlic, black pepper , sea salt and green capsicum sauteed in olive oil . Mixed in the steamed ocean clams and cooked spaghetti and get a yummilicious plate of ocean fresh clams spaghetti !

saute the cut cherry tomato, chopped garlic, diced green capsicum
with olive oil , add in salt and black pepper for taste..this takes
only 7-8 minutes

add in the steamed clams and wine gravy...mix well

add in the cooked spaghetti  last and mix well

serve it piping hot....delish !

the succulent clams adds flavor to the dish

I can have this everyday and not get bored with it :p

 Fresh Sea Clams Pasta

Ingredients :

cooked spaghetti for two

Steamed clams:
400 gm fresh ocean clams
1/4 cup chinese cooking wine
a pinch of salt

Dressing for the spaghetti :

10 cherry tomatoes
1/2 green capsicum - diced
8 pips of garlic - chopped
1/2 tbsp of toasted black pepper - crushed coarsely
1/4 cup olive oil

Preparation :

Cooked spaghetti till al dente . Drained and leave aside. Meanwhile steamed the clams with salt and chinese cooking wine for 6 minutes in hot boiling steamer. Off the heat.

In a non stick pan , heat up olive oil and saute garlic, black pepper , capsicum and cherry tomato till fragrant but make sure the veggies are not over cooked. Off the heat ,  add in the steamed clams and the wine gravy and the cooked spaghetti and stir till well mixed. Serve hot .

Enjoy and have a great Sunday ! 

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  1. I love this too... wonderful dish..

  2. Gosh! Looks like high class restaurant one. real pro lah you Elin!!!

  3. A great pasta dish! I love lots of garlic and fresh grape tomatoes in my pasta too!

  4. tan hau sui now... *drooling*.. but my girl wants to eat char siew pau later for dinner.. going for dim sum, wanna join me? :)

  5. Fresh clams! Oh, that looks sooooooo good and fresh and can almost taste that spaghetti.

  6. Gimme the steam clams anytime..but without the spaghetti :p.

  7. Yum! This looks fresh and gorgeous, just the way I like this dish...:)

  8. I love this ! my kinda fresh and lite pasta dish...and lately I've been craving clam! shrimp! and more clams!
    Thank you for the recipe :)
    CookNg Sister

  9. Yeah, all the lovely ingredients that I would love in spaghetti. This looks better than the one that I ate at the Italian restaurant.

  10. I love the freshness of this pasta dish! Lovely recipe, Elin.

  11. Cath J...yup, i love it prepared this way :)

    Authur ....thanks...rofl mana boleh beat the restaurant one :p thanks for the compliment :)

    Angie...same same over her...I add it lots of garlic and tomato :)

    Claire...fix it yourself...very easy only la. Saw your msg late...mizz your dim sum treat :p

    Belinda....haha thanks. It is delicious with those fresh clams ...mmmm :)

    Kathy....haha help yourself :P too :) thanks for dropping me a line here :) are welcome lis :)

    Mary...thanks and you make my day :)

    Ellie...thanks for dropping by and your kind words :)


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