Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Beefburger

I was inspired to make homemade beefburgers after reading Grace's post on homemade hamburger. Josh was back last weekend . I know he loves burgers from Burger King and I pulled his legs telling him I will give him one better than Burger King :p and he just give me his sheepish smile....what? You think your Mom can't make them as good as Burger King...you wait...that was what I told him. I prepared the burgers and buns 3 hours earlier before we went out for our dinner with Jo's bf. He is leaving for UK at the end of August so we thought it was a good idea to have dinner together before he leaves for UK  :) 

Anyway, it took me just about 2 hours to make the buns from scratch. And the beef patties, it took me about an hour to make them and freeze them in the freezer for use later. And another hour to get myself ready for our dinner :p  And all the hard work pays off. 

Grace,  thanks for this wonderful homemade hamburgers recipe which you so generously shared that I managed to make a big giant burger for Piggy Josh that wiped that smile off his face and replaced it with a " wow... u managed to make one that taste as good as Burger King !!!" expression on his face ! Thank you Grace for your generous sharing. I love all your recipes and your blog :) and of course the person too :p  and look forward to all your future sharings * wink

I made the beef burgers from what I can find from the fridge, some beef chunks which I later chopped them up in the food processor, some fresh italian parsley, chopped onions , chopped garlic, cajun and a dash of cayenne pepper , bread crumbs and salt to taste, add in the egg and continue to stir till the mixture becomes sticky and thick.....easy as ABC. For the patties , I tweaked it according to what I have in the fridge :p I guess Grace's recipe is much better :)

mix all the ingredients well

use a pie pastry cutter ring and shape the mixture into  1/4 inch thick burger

coat it with extra bread crumbs and placed on plastic liner

stack them neatly with a plastic liner in between each piece of burger
before storing them in the freezer until ready for use
Freeze it for 4 hours before use

double beef burgers with two slices of black pepper cheese ,
panfried King Oyster , caramelized onions for Josh

single beef burger with lots of pineapple slices, fresh bean sprouts
caramelized onions and  pan fried fresh King Oyster mushroom slices
of ocurse this is mine !

looks good and taste yummy....with the crunchy pineapple slices

add in a slice of cheese and a squirt of chilli sauce
to complete this deliciousness.....mmmmm
wondered how my mouth could take this in
such a huge beefburger........* wink
think of it , I  do have a big mouth...ahem
and a big stomach...after that dinner came
home took this burger for our supper :p

Homemade Hamburger ( taken from Kitchen's Corner )

Recipe for the patties:

250g minced pork 250g minced beef
1 big onion, peeled and finely chopped
Olive oil
1/4 teaspoon of cumin powder
1/4 teaspoon fennel powder
1/2 teaspoon coriander powder
some sea salt and ground black pepper
a handful of freshly grated parmesan cheese
a tablespoon Djon mustard
1/2 beaten egg
80g fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs

Method for making the patties :

Fry the onion with some olive oil in a pan for few minutes until softened. When the onion completely cool down, mix it to the meat.

Add the rest of the ingredients and half of the breadcrumbs and mix well. (if the mixture is too sticky, add a few more breadcrumbs)

Shape the meat into the size you like and place on a tray with greaseproof paper.

Sprinkle some bread crumbs on top of each burger and press down gently. Chilled in the fridge for 3-4 hours or in the freezer if not using it immediately.

Fry the burger in a little oil on medium high heat for few minutes, depending on the thickness of the meat.

To assemble the burger, spread some salted butter on the buns and grill it on a griller or pan fry for a few minutes until it slightly turn crisp.

Spread some djon mustard or mayonnaise on the bottom part of the buns and then top with some lettuce. Layer with the meat then follow by cheese kraft and freshly sliced tomato and finally the top part of the buns.

Recipe for making the buns :

Recipe for 8 buns (approximately 60g for each dough or make more into small little buns):

210g bread flour 
56g plain flour
20g milk powder
42g caster sugar
half teaspoon of salt
6g yeast
30g beaten eggs 
85g water
84g water dough 
22g unsalted butter

Recipe for the water dough "water roux":

Cook 125g water with 25g bread flour at medium low heat, keep stirring until it become thicken and no lumps left. If you've a candy thermometer, measure it until the temperature turn to 65C then turn of the heat. Cook it until quite liquid consistency like the baby porridge. Transfer to a clean bowl to cool down.

Method of making the bun :

Place all the ingredients for kneading except the butter until everything come together and become a smooth dough then add in the butter a little at a time.

Let the dough slowly absorb the butter then turn to speed two if you are using kitchenaid mixer. Knead until the dough no more sticking at the side of the mixing bowl and the dough should be very smooth and elastic.

Let it proof for 40 minutes in a clean bowl cover with cling warp.

Divide the dough into even size of 8 portions or any size you like it to be then let it rest for 10 minutes.

Shape the dough into smooth round shape. Prepare some water on a a clean plate and place a kitchen towel on the top. Damp the surface of each dough and run the damp surface around a bowl of sesame seeds. Place the dough on a baking tray and let the it proof for 40 minutes. Bake at 180C for 15 minutes.


*        *        *


  1. hahaha never doubt mommy!

  2. Oooh....juicy beef burgers. I need that for lunch! I'm sure homemade is still the best :D

  3. Elin, you are making me craving for it. I can still remember the taste of the mini burger made by Grace, the most delicious burger I ve ever eaten. Yours look as delicious, hope I can have one, yum yum

  4. oh gosh..i m fasting now due to church 40-day fast..but i m reading this....ooooooo.O

    so delicious. now it reminds me that sadly my mom never cook for me before.. :(

  5. The giant burger! A favourite meal of my husband's.

  6. Delicious, delicious, delicious...!! Haven't had burgers for a long time, you make me drool for one now!

  7. Wow. I love that you made your own buns too. They look perfect. Maybe you should open a diner or burger truck!

  8. WOW! Thanks for trying out the recipe. I'm so happy that you have got nice burgers. Really great job with some modification of the ingredients. Good try and I would love to try your recipe too! Thanks for sharing your great success!

  9. another homemade burger!! Oh i don't mind paying for that! looks good!!

  10. Well done! The burgers look amazing!

  11. Hey Elin, I also love burger, when can I try yours? ;DD

  12. Wonderful recipe, Elin! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love the idea of having pineapple slices in there.

  14. Ok I'm making them over the weekend (probably next) *dreams of burgers*

  15. Great Job Elin! Am in awe 'cos you even made the burger buns from scratch!
    Homemade burgers are nice - I often buy the buns though! I like the way you know what is in your meat filling and you can adapt the burger how you want - plenty of onion for hubbs, plenty of salad for me! :0)

  16. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for dropping by to drool and leaving me sweet comments :)

    Yup homemade burgers are the most versatile ones and it taste much better the one sold at famous burger shop/restaurant. Seriously, this bun is soft and fluffy and the beef burger so moist and flavorful. With the great fillings in between the beef like crunchy pineapple slices and fresh bean sprouts...gosh it was the most delicious burger :p

    We must thank Grace for sharing the recipe :)

    Little lamb....sorry for making you salivate when you are fasting :p

    Anncoo....hahaha anytime..just help yourself :p

    Ellie...you are most welcome :)

    Plum Leaf....thanks and yup the fillings for the burger is so versatile. I added crunchy pineapple slices and fresh bean sprout with it and my gosh it was fantastic :)


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