Monday, August 9, 2010

Durian Sambal - A Delicious Spicy Condiment !

Durian season is on, Daddy has been buying durians and eating them like nobody business.  It can be addictive especially if you love durians.  Like to some people,  the smell can be quite offensive or overpowering, but to some, it is heavenly. For me, I love it in sambal, cheesecake and in ice cream . Yesterday I fermented some durian pulps (tempoyak ) and make them into sambal - a local spicy condiment . Sambals are usually served as an accompaniment to rice and curried dishes, either as a condiment or as a side dish. A very appetising accompaniment to fish. I added salt to the durian pulps and leave it to ferment for a day covered on the counter top. Not many people know how to eat this sambal except the local malays. It originates from the Malays. After many years of working with my malay colleagues, I grew to love this sambal and never fails to make some during the durian accompaniment for fried fish...
 y    u   m   m   y  and    f  i  n  g  e  r  - l  i  c  k  i  n  g  good !

I had two yellow tail scads all to myself without rich for dinner last nite. was one good dinner... I pan fried the yellow tail scads with grapeseed oil ....keeping the fish moist with a light crunch skin and ate it with the durian sambal. The main highlight of this post is the durian sambal.  The trick to make a good sambal belacan, is to toast the belacan till fragrant in a grill pan ( shrimp paste ) and while it is still hot, add to the chilli and pound them in a Mortar and Pestle till the chilli is grounded fine, then add it to the fermented durian pulps . Mix well and tada a delicious durian sambal that goes well with any type of fried fish. This sambal may not appeal to some but to me it is the most delicious condiment to go with my fried fish :)

simple to make and it is finger licking good and I only get to eat it
during the durian seasons...try it and you will know what I mean
for those who loves durians :))

two  yellow tail scads all to myself
Daddy had homecooked ray fish curry
which I will post up next....stay tuned :)

durian sambal - a spicy condiment that is famous in Malay homes
during the durian season....

this is a very appetising condiment and the
perfect accompaniment for fried fish.....

Durian Sambal


2 fresh red chillies
6 red bird eyes chillies

1 piece of belacan  (shrimp paste )- half thumb sized

1 cup of fermented durian pulps  ( tempoyak )

Method :

Toast the belacan ( shrimp paste ) in a grill pan till fragrant and well toasted.
Pound the chillies in a mortar and pestle , add the hot toasted belacan and pound till it is well mixed . Scoop out the sambal belacan and add to the fermented durian pulps and stir till well blended.  Serve as a condiment for fried fish.

Enjoy !

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  1. wow..never eaten durian sambal before.. your own signature recipe, Elin? i can imagine the taste already.. :p

  2. Durian sambal? hmmmm.....*sob* i cannot eat :(

  3. Hey, supermom, you are indeed very creative! Never tasted this before, bet it tastes good!

  4. Durian and sambal? I can't imagine that, really.

  5. hahaa...Elin, I've heard of durian fried rice, durian cheecheongfun but not durian sambal. Sounds not bad ;D

  6. Elin, I am so suaku, I nvr heard durian sambal b4, not talk abt tasting it. Sound so interesting, hope I can drop by your place and try it.

  7. wor, durian and chili are my favourite, I'm sure I will like this durian sambal. I heard this before, but never taste it before.

  8. Durian sambal!! Never heard of this condiment before but I bet it has a killer taste to it. Durian and sambal both my fav. I can imagine the taste of it :)

  9. That sounds delicious. I could eat durian at every meal.
    Too bad I don't have the ingredients to make it.

  10. I heard of fermented durian but how you do it. Do u used wine paste to do it. These delicacies are famous in Indonesia. Could u explain how to do these? Thanks!!!

  11. I've not heard of durian sambal, but as a huge fan of this stinky fruit, I'm sure that the sambal must be very yummy too!

  12. Oh YUMZZZZ !! I miss your food and cooking :( Miss chatting wif you. Go online more if you have the time ........ lots to share .. love ya !

  13. Durian scares me but what an interesting idea.

  14. something new to me.....would like to try for sure. What is it taste like? sour, sweet....mmmmm can't imagine.

  15. I have never tried durian before - I saw it for the first time in a brand new Asian market near me! I was so excited. I didn't buy, only because I was overwhelmed with produce already, but I am curious as to what to do with it. This sounds like a lovely recipe.

  16. Claire....not my own creation. The Malays famous home sambal during the durian season. My colleague brought some to the office and I help myself to it and I just fell in love with it :) After that I am like a hounding wolf after the colleague for the recipe to make this simple sambal :p

    Kathy...ohhh why can't you eat durian sambal :p

    Cheah...nope, I am not that creative...just took the recipe from my malay colleague :) it taste awesome if you are a durian lover :)

    Little Inbox...haha do try it out and you tell me whether you like it anot but of course some love the durian as itself but not make into sambal :)

    Gallivanter...yup durian sambal :)

    Anncoo...I have never heard of durian fried rice and chee cheong fun :)) my turn to be surprised :p but seriously this durian sambal is good for fried fish...great combo! are not the only one who has not heard of it but if you work with the Malays then you would have heard of it :) try it when you have durians at home :)

    Gertrude...oh you must try this out when you are back...ferment it for a day or two then mix with sambal belacan...gosh for me it is great. Ask your malay friends about this sambal. Maybe they have a different version :) It taste great with fried fish....yumyum :p

    Gourmande....hahah I bet you will love this sambal then :)

    Margaret....first you remove the seed from the durian pulps . Sprinkle a bit of salt on it and leave it to ferment at room temperature , covered. If you want it more sour and a stronger fermented aroma, leave it for two or three days. It taste sour sweet and strong fermented smell. Together with the sambal belacan it taste spicy hot with a tinge of sourness and sweetness .It goes well with sambal belacan :) Exotic though :)

    Piggy...hey great that you drop by and leave me a word :) this is a great condiment for fried fish. Great combo..fermented durian and sambal belacan ! Do try it when you are back in Singapore or Malaysia :) you so much ,let alone misses you much. Of course will chat with you but lately I have been so tired out that I knocked off before I could have a word with yo :p

    May Ling Wu...hahaha yup the smell can be quite offensive and overpowering to some :) has a sourish fermented smell . When you mix it with the sambal belacan , it taste sourish sweet and spicy hot...hahaha can't really know how to describe the taste...exotic and awesome :) will be exotic to you and if you are adventurous...try out the fruit first...hahaha the smell can be quite offensive though :) You must love the fruit first before trying out this recipe :)

  17. I have never heard of durian sambal. You have truly intrigued me with the taste. I am so curious but there is no way I can cook them because hubby hates the smell of durian and it's the one thing not allowed in our house.

  18. tastes like a combination of sambal belacan with a strong aroma of fermented durian ( tempoyak in local malay language ) slightly sourish and sweet yet not offensive. Very nice ! Hahaha I just don't really know how to describe it but I can assure you that is AWESOME! Great combo anyway heehee many Malaysians doesn't know about this durian sambal unless they mix around and eat with the Malays. You can't find it in the malay restaurant though :)

    I can understand why it is prohibited in your house....:)

  19. Durian sambal???!!! Seriously?! i've never tried that before! Sounds really interesting.

  20. Never tried it but it sure sounds yummy!


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