Saturday, August 14, 2010

Savoury Pan Fried Shrimps With Sesame Seeds

Shrimps are beautifully shaped little sea creatures , their almost translucent body have always fascinated me especially when  I see them in hopping around in aquarium tanks at the restaurants. Their long feelers are like fine wavering magic wands . They reminds me of water dancers  :p  When I see fresh shrimps in the market, I will not hesitate to purchase some back. Buy first and think what to do with them later ! I can consult my cookbooks for ideas :p  There are many ways to cook shrimps but I prefer to cook it simple so that you can savor its natural sweet and flavor of fresh seawater...mmmm yummy one of my favorite seafood which I can only afford to indulge in once in a blue moon :p  Flavorsome on the outside and tasty natural sweetness and flavor of the sea on the inside. What a wonderful way to eat a shrimp..Two taste in one ! :p

I usually pan fried them in two tbsp of grapeseed oil  and some chopped garlic and bird eye chillies , with the shrimps marinated in light soy sauce, a sprinkle of sugar and a dash of pepper. When the shrimps has turned color, it is cooked, sprinkle in toasted sesame seeds and mint leaves. Dish up and served hot with a bowl of piping hot rice...mmmm delicious !

I leave the shell on to keep its moistness while it is being pan fried :)
and so that it won't shrink in size too drastically :p

.you want a piece of this scrumptious-ness ? :))

 I can have the whole dish all to myself but I think it is 
not advisable to choke up my arteries at this moment lol! 
So I shared with the wild boar Daddy some...
divided by two , the arteries are spared the agony !

I love shrimps cooked this flavorsome on the outside 
and yet get to taste the natural sweetness of the shrimps on
the inside......mmmmmm it taste better than those served 
at some restaurants ! yup self praise is no praise 
but I am speaking the truth....
nothing but the truth !  LOL!

God Bless All Of You Always !
Have a wonderful weekend !

*       *       *


  1. ohhh looks so delicious, I dun wan a piece, I wan a few can? :P

  2. Looks sooo good! I love shrimp with they sesame seeds these much be wonderful. Thank you so much for your post!

  3. What a great idea to sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over the shrimp, delicious!

  4. I agree - love the combination. Water dancers. I like the image.

  5. looks brilliant.. bookmarked..i love both shrimps and sesame seeds

  6. the shrimp looks so good!

  7. the shrimp looks so good!

  8. my kids love shrimps, can't wait to try out this recipe.Have a nice weekend.

  9. Shrimps? They look big to me - freshwater prawns/udang galah... How much a kg there?

  10. I want some too! The extra addition of sesame seeds is great.

  11. i just ate one big prawn tonight.. will post it tomorrow.. hehee..

  12. This is a wonderful way to prepare shrimp. I love the mixture of herbs and other flavors you used in this recipe.

  13. This prawn dish looks absolutely amazing, Elin!

  14. Hi guys...I have been pretty busy the last weekend for my Piggy Josh was back and I have been busy cooking and baking for him :p
    sorry to have caused a storm in your appetite :p just drooling at my shrimps pictures. Thanks for dropping by always to feast your eyes on my food pictures :)) are welcome and thanks for drooping by my humble blog :)

    Belinda...I am fascinated by the movements in the water...always remind me how elegant and graceful they are :)

    Arthur...the shrimps are used are medium sized deep sea shrimps costing at RM25 per kilo...I bought just a handful. The udang galah will costs about RM28-30 per kilo depending on the size :)

    CC...yes, srimps and gresh herbs goes well together. A great combo infact :)

    Jess, Angie, Kathy and Ann....hahaha I wish I could send some over by Fedex to you lovely people :)

    Claire...yup saw your abalone and big shrimp dinner...adopt me ;lease...I want to be your kid too :p

  15. Hey, Happy Belated bIrthday to your darling huh! hehe... Are these prawns specially made for his birthday treat? They looks really tempting. Wish I could take a bite on it. Enjoy your evening.
    Cheers, kristy

  16. Kristy....haha thanks for the birthday wishes. Nope, took him out to eat from morning dim sum to dinner...all meals eat out for that day :)

  17. yum yum yum! i'm drooling... yum, yum!

  18. Hey Piggy....haha yuppy yum yum yum

  19. Yes, this is something that I must try! Looks so tempting!

  20. Cheah....simple and yet delicious...hope you will like it prepared this way :)


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