Monday, August 16, 2010

Stir Fry Flat Beans With Deep Fried 'White Gold' Garlic Pips

You must be wondering what 'white gold 'garlic am I talking about ..yup I called it 'white gold 'because the price of garlic has shoot up from RM3.80 to RM8.90 per kilo :( - due to the flood in China and Pakistan and this has caused the price increased

I am crazy about garlic and I cook most of my dishes with them.  I even roast my chicken with them...crazy right ? But it is what enhances the flavor of my food. I just have to pay more from now  :(   Nevermind the cost as long as I get to savor them :)) and the thought of them in my all my food helps wash away my Monday blues :) Garlic also enhances chilli sauce as a dip for any roasts besides using them in my cooking !

Today, I just want to share with you  a simple and yet delicious stir fry flat beans ( if I am not mistaken, from the French Bean family )  with just sea salt and deep fried  ' white gold' garlics . Love the simple taste and the sweet aroma of garlics and red chilli .

Lately , I have been seeing a lot of vegetables which I have not tried before. haha this is my first time trying out this flat beans..the lady selling them told me that it is a seasonal veggie and she sale talked me in purchasing some . It turned out to be sweet and crunchy and she even taught me how to cut the beans.  Cut them thin and slanting at an angle.  Taste exactly like the french beans.

After eating curries and shrimps and sinfully rich desserts the last few days ( The food-deprived Piggy Josh was back for the weekend )  , it is time to go for something light and simple. And I came up with this simple veggie dish :)  Love the crunchy-ness and the natural sweet bean taste.  Instead of chopping up the garlic, I used them whole and deep fried in grapsheet oil before adding in the sea salt and when it is fragrant, add in the cut beans and stir fry till just cook. Add in the red chilli last and dish out served it hot with rice..yummy when the thinly cut beans absorbed in the garlicky fragrant..gosh this dish is simple yet delicious. And needless to describe how those deep fried white gold garlics would taste like.....heavenly !

most of the white gold nuggets are hidden under the beans :)

do not over fry them will loose its crunch-ness

these garlic taste good after being deep fried...
just pop them into the mouth...yum yum

Stir Fry Flat Beans With Deep Fried ' White Gold' Garlic Pips

Ingredients :

2 bunch of flat beans - clean and drain dry and cut into thin slants
8 pips of garlic pips - remove skin & leave as whole
grapeseed oil - enough for deep frying the garlic
sea salt and pepper
3 red bird eye chillies - sliced


Deep fry the garlic pips in hot grapeseed oil till light golden brown. Dish up and leave aside. Take off the excess oil and leave 2 tbsp of the grapeseed oil in the wok. Under medium high heat, add sea salt and stir fry till it gives out a smoky salt baked flavor , add in the french beans and fried garlic pips and stir fry till the beans are cooked through. Add in the red chilli and add a dash of pepper before dishing up and serve with piping hot rice.

Have a beautiful Monday !

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  1. Me too, I don't know how to cook without garlic.

  2. Garlic, a magic and flavourful ingredient! I love adding garlic to the stir-fries too.

  3. Garlic can make a very simple dish very aromatic, I love it too!

  4. garlic makes everything amazing!

  5. Yeah, garlic works like wonders in our cooking! Your stir fried beans sound awesome. I like my stir fried just like this one here. Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    Cheers, kristy
    p/s btw, when is Jo coming back?

  6. Yes, I like garlic in my stir-fries, since it's so expensive now, then have to resort to putting less than.

  7. Oh my fav.... is it?? naik harga?? Oh no.. can't leave without it too..

  8. At first I'm curious when you mentioned "white Gold" garlic..hahaa
    anyway garlic is a must in most of my cooking.
    Elin, have you heard of black garlic? I can see black garlic selling in supermarkets and the price is not cheap.

  9. I love flat beans, and also tend to add garlic and chillies a lot to my cooking. Your dish looks wonderful!

  10. Little Inbox...I too can't live without it :)

    Angie....haha yup garlic is truly a magic flavor to all dishes :)

    Cooking Gallery...garlic is a must have for all my dishes :) without them I can't make a flavorful dish. It is my magic portion :p it is :)

    Kristy...hahaha not for a while yet. Early November or later..not sure yet.. She will be back packing with friends to Europe later after the exam :) and she told me later might be staying back for a while touring UK itself.

    Cheah....haha less garlic will make the dish less flavorful leh :p

    Cath J...yup 1.5 times more :(

    Anncoo...haha have your attention at last :p Oh they have black ones ?? I have not seen them in the supermart yet. I don't mind trying them if I see them. Am curious now since you mentioned it! well I have tried the smoked one though :)

    Emily...thanks :)

    Bistrogerard...thanks and for dropping me a line here :)

  11. Garlic is awesome! I've been so happy lately adding garlic again to most of my dishes now that my daughter has finally developed a taste for it!

  12. Hi Natasha...gald to know that your daughter has taken a liking to garlic. It not just add extra flavor to food but it is a health food too :)


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