Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rosemary Garlic Cajun And Paprika Roasted Potatoes

Whenever I eat out,  I would try to figure out how that dish is being prepared....I don't know whether you are like me :) but I will use my sensory taste buds to figure out the ingredients used in the preparation...hahaha imagine that piece of food in my mouth and the sensory taste bud begins to work hand in hand with the upstairs brain  to figure out what are the ingredients used . Sometimes I  get it but most of the time failed   :p

I had roast lamb at David's Diner at Greentown Business Centre , a few weeks ago and they served roasted potatoes as side dish and my goodness ... it was one the best roasted potatoes I have was good !  So my upstairs and taste sensory buds work full time and finally .....the outcome of this Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Potatoes ! A very simple and easy to prepare potatoes dish :)  A common potato dish but yet somehow it tasted so good that it makes me want to try it out and see whether I can get it to taste the same as theirs :p

This herb & spice roasted potatoes pair well with any fish or meat dish. Just a few ingredients and the right baking temperature is all that is required to make this as good as those served at western diners :p  Taste wise, it was quite close to those I had eaten ....seriously this was so good that Daddy finished the whole bowl !  Crispy skin and the potatoes was coated with cajun and paprika and chopped rosemary and garlic...flavorsome or not...I will leave it to your imagination :)  I posted this up for Joanna so that she can pair this with her grilled cod fish :) 

the ingredients needed are chopped rosemary , garlic , salt, cajun ,paprika
coat them with the hot olive oil  and baked them
at 250º C or 500º F to ensure that the crust gets crispy and golden brown

 flavorful roasted  potatoes.......mmmmm

the crust is crispy and the roasted potatoes are flavored with
the beautiful scent of rosemary and garlic and
the taste of cajun and paprika rounds it up as to
why I was so in love with those served at David's Diner :p

I love roasted potatoes and can eat a lot if not for the high
sugar content in them....:(

* Note :

Russet Potatoes are Fat-free, Very low sodium, Source of fiber, High in vitamin C, Cholesterol-free. Russets have a high sugar content .

Rosemary, Garlic, Cajun & Paprika Roasted Potatoes

Ingredients :

4 Russet potatoes -
4 tbsp of olive oil
2  ( 5 " inch ) rosemary sprigs - chopped up
5 pips of garlic- lightly smashed  & chopped
cajun spice powder - enough to sprinkle all over the potatoes
paprika spice powder - enough to sprinkle all over the potatoes
salt to taste


Heat the oven to 500°F. Clean the potatoes, dry them well, and cut them into bite size chunks.

When the oven is heated, add the olive oil to a  baking dish and place it on the bottom rack of the oven to heat. Once the oil is hot and shimmering (about 3 minutes), carefully remove the dish from the oven and add the dry potatoes and use a wooden spatula , mix in the chopped rosemary , garlic onto the potato chunks.
Sprinkle salt, cajun and parika powder over the potatoes . Carefully stir to coat in oil onto flavored potato chunks .

Return the dish to the oven, placing it on the bottom rack, and roast the potatoes, checking occasionally so that they don’t burn, until a nice crust has developed and they are dark golden brown, about 35 minutes.  Stir to coat the potatoes with the extra oil at the bottom of the baking dish and served hot with your grilled meat or fish.

Enjoy !

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  1. That looks so flavourful with all the spices and herbs!

  2. Very nice roasted potatoes with those herbs and spices. Recently there is Holland potatoes available in market, very nice too.

  3. No doubt, this roasted potatoes must be very flavorful with all the herbs and spices.

  4. with all the herbs and spices, these potatoes definately smell and taste great!

  5. What a yummy side dish, Elin! So, are you cooking tonight? haha... Hope you're enjoying your evenng.
    Cheers, kristy

  6. I'm like you too. I like to guess the ingredients in the dish and I'll tell hubby I will make one for him. :)

  7. i havent been to davids diners before even though they've been there for years..oh, i think i dont need to go therelah..just go to your house!

  8. Very nice! I always don't know how long to put into the oven. I end up opening and closing the oven all the time.

  9. Remembering you mentioned that you can cook something with only 2 potatoes! So, lena and myself will self-invite and descend upon your house!

  10. Russet potato.. bare that in mind.. :)

  11. yum! looks so delicious!

  12. I can smell the spices from here! I like to "try" to figure out what went in in food when I eat out too!

  13. aren't roasted potatoes just the best thing in the world....seasoned to perfections crunchy on the outside soft in the do love potatoes!

  14. They look delicious Elin!
    If Russet Potatoes are too sweet for you how about trying a different variety?

    I like to roast sweet potato cut into wedges. I sprinkle them with herbs, paprika and a little dried chilli. I don't like sweet potato but roast wedges is the only wasy I'll eat them! Weird huh?

  15. Hi everyone , sorry for the late reply to all your comments , been busy lately....I am so glad that most of you are like me :) roasted potatoes with spices and herbs :)

    Angie...yes cajun and paprika goes well with the potatoes...I thought they go well with meat stuff only :)

    Anncoo...oh Holland potatoes are good for curries too :)

    Grace...yes it is...very flavorful and tasty :)

    Jess...haha yes it is :) you must try roasting the potatoes with these spices and herbs...make a delicious side dish .

    Kristy...hahaha sure cook for hubby...he prefers home cooking :)

    Little Inbox...I am glad you too are like to find out the ingredients used for that dish :p I thought I am the only one ! :)

    Lena.. you must go there if you want to taste American style of cooking. The owner's wife is american and her recipes are good :)haha my cooking is on 10% hers :p

    My simple food ...just follow the recipe's instruction and you will not go wrong :) mine takes about 30- 40 minutes of roasting in the oven :)

    Cheah...oh ya I told you that haha I have forgotten :p

    Cath J...russet potatoes are good for roasting...fluffy and soft..I love them :)

    Inanoyster...yes it is yummilicious :p too ? haha and all this while my family thinks I am crazy :p

    Chef Dennis./..hahaha yup they are real comfort food and roasting them ...who can resist especially with spices and herbs :)

    Plum are you keeping? must be excited as the days draw nearer for Junior 's birth :) Take care and looking forward to see Junior :) I love sweet potatoes too and roast them with herbs :) yummy !

  16. Excellent roasted potatoes, so flavorful with all these spices!

  17. Elin,
    you are making me feel so guilty! I have not updated my blog for almost 3wks now!
    Junior is here! (Actually - if you go to F/Bk you can see photos!!)

    Will endeavour to update blog....perhaps soon!

  18. Natasha...thanks :) roasted potatoes with these spices and herbs are wonderful..flavorful and tasty...makes a wonderful side dish :)

    Plum Leaf...CONGRATULATIONS & CELEBRATIONs are in order. Will jump over to f/bk to have a look at junior :) Please update your blog...misses you much :)

  19. yummy......very long time have had this already..

  20. Kathy must try this ot..very flavorful and tasty and I am sure Joshua will love this too :)

  21. These roasted potatoes look so good. Must be very flavorful.

  22. Fragrant & delightful!! Now I have an additional idea on what to use my rosemary herbs for :). Time to prune off some sprigs.

  23. Great, I love potatoes in all manner; roasted, fried, mashed etc.

    Especially with the skin intact.

  24. is and very addictive too !

    Jaslyn...oh yes those rosemary needs to prune them so that they can grow well and what a better way to use them use...roast them with potatoes :) are like me..I love the skin intact too...crispy mmmm real addictive !


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