Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fish Papilotte - A Wrap-turous Meal !

I love wrap-turous meals anytime for they do taste fantastically good. Food cooked in papilotte ( paperbag in french )  will have the flavor and moistness locked in.  I saw this recipe in  Flavour Magazine and I use  fish instead of chicken breast.  I am starting Daddy on fish rather than serving him  breasts  ooops chicken breast , I mean , all the time. And surprising this recipe goes well with fish. Crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside and the natural buttery fish oil oozing out as you cut a piece to put them into your mouth. It really explodes in your mouth....gosh ! ask Daddy, he was wowed by the preparation of this fish and he will surely give you a good review on this dish :p  And this is one way to make your man or kid eat fish  :) A keeper for sure. The aroma from the garlic and italian parsley said it all.....mmmmmm a wonderful wrap-turous meal for the two of us. I love all the recipes in the Flavour Magazine and I am sure from now on Daddy will not roll his eyes when he sees me pick up the new issue from the bookstore :p 

The ingredients required for this wrap-turous meal are a few pieces of fish fillet  ( I use dory fish ) , day old bread crumbs (  I use the store bought crumbs ) , garlic, lots of chopped fresh italian parsley for the coating , butter or olive oil , salt and pepper and greaseproof paper. This preparation is so simple and easy. The end result a piece of sea treasure that have your lips smacking each other :)  I know people thinks I am overly expressive when it comes to food , but you really have to try this out to agree with me. I know of one person who will agree totally.... yup my wild boar at home ! LOL!

 bread crumbs, chopped garlic and chopped italian pasley
mix them together well in a bowl

brush butter or olive oil on greaseproof paper and placed on baking sheet,
level a layer of the bread crumbs mixture over the greased area

place the fish fillet on top of the crumbs , lightly press down
so that the fish is well coated with the crumbs, pour
the rest on top of the fish and level it evenly. make sure the
fish is totally coated with the crumbs mixture

Place another butter greased paper on top of the fish,
wrap it up  and use bamboo skewers to seal
the edges to make it into a papilotte
Place in the oven and bake at 200ºC for 25 -30 minutes

It is always fun to open the wrap at the table..
keep your guests and kids guessing what is inside the papilotte......
You think your guests will love their food served this way..?

okay this is the best part...the oil you see oozing out
is not the butter oil that you used to grease the paper
but the natural fish oil from the dory fish !
yum yum !

I love this part the most...crispy on the outside and 
succulent on the inside mmmmmmm........salivating already ? 
* wink * sorry I am such  a wicked momsie....
Jo , I promise to bake this for you when you are back home .....
meanwhile let me feed you the virtual one first!  :P

Does this piece of deliciousness make you excited
enough to want to bake it yourself ?!
Well you don't have to trust every word I say here...
try it to believe me .....mmmmmm

Fish Papilotte  - Chicken Papilotte ( adapted from Flavour Magazine  May-June2010 )

2 pieces of  Dory fillet  - washed and pat dry with paper towel 
( original recipe calls for 1 whole chicken deboned )
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

for the crust :

300 g day-old country bread white part only  * I use store bought Japanese bread crumbs
30 g flat-leaf parsley * italian parsley
6 cloves garlic, peeled
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

2 tbsp of duck-fat or butter * I use butter
non-stick baking paper for wrapping

To prepare fish (  chicken ) :
Season fish ( chicken ) with salt and pepper to taste and set aside

To prepare crust : 
Process the bread parsley and garlic in a food processor until they resemble breadcrumbs. 
Season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper.

To assemble:

Spread the duck fat or butter onto the baking paper, then add half the breadcrumb mixture in the centre, level.
Place the seasoned fish ( chicken) on the crumbs and top with remaining crumbs .
Cover with another sheet of baking paper and wrap into a rectangular parcel. Secure with bamboo skewers or staples and tie with string (optional ).

To cook:
Preheat the oven to 230°C  ( my oven I set to 200°C ) . Place fish ( chicken ) parcel in the middle of the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes or until fish (  chicken )  is cooked and crust is browned. Remove and serve hot.

Enjoy this fish cooked in a parcel that locks in flavors 
to create a really tasty and aromatic treat for
your family !

 *       *       *


  1. The fish looks terrific! Crisp and succulent when you take a bite into it...yummy!

  2. Sounds easy and this is definitely a keeper. Will come back later for the recipe ;)

  3. I have almost never cooked fish at home because I don't have that many fish recipes - this one sounds good! Thanks for sharing, Elin.

  4. so coincidence, my latest post also adapted from the same magazine, next time I would like to try chicken papillote instead since kids doesn't appreciate fish much.

  5. Wah... looks so yummy. i want to eat this! =D

  6. I am sure Carlos is going to like this especially when it is all crispy on the outside. I always have problem thinking of some new way to cook his fish.

  7. This looks super fantastic ! Yummy .... where's my share ...

  8. That looks great, that was surely delicious !

  9. This is making my mouth water. Chicken papilotte is good but the fish is a really great idea.

  10. We eat a lot of fish in this house. The meal looks delicious. I love learning new techniques.

  11. hi, love your blog . I've met you once in buntong market, remember? i just want to let you know that i've added you into my blogroll..i think i will try out the banana cream pie one of these days.

  12. This looks so perfect! I love that you used fish instead of chicken, so will I! I don't think it's possible to be to enthusiastic when it comes to food! Haahaa!
    Thanks for the step by step prep pics. I adore papilotte cooked fish but havn't tried making it myself as of yet. Now I will for sure!

  13. The fish looks so moist! I have to try this method.

  14. the fish looks moist and delicious.

  15. is delish and I was surprised that it turned out crispy for I thought that papilotte cooking is wet cooking :)

    Kathy...hahah you must try this . Am sure your hubby will not want to eat out so often :)

    Anncoo...hope you will like it :)

    Cooking Gallery....oh you must try this. I am sure you will love it :)

    Sonia....yup some kids have no liking for fish but if you cook it this way maybe they will love it :) try this out. You will have regrets :)

    Gertrude...I am sure Carlos will love it :) me too finds it hard to find good recipe for fish dish and I was so happy when this turned out so delicious. Do try this out :)

    Jo....I promised I will bake this for you as soon as you are back :)

    Gourmande...yes it is delicious :)

    Biren....hope you will like it :)

    Mother Rimmy...this is a new technique in cooking fish...I just love the crispness on the outside and moistness inside :)

  16. Hi Lena...I am so glad finally you are here in blogosphere with me. Yess I remember you for you are the first reader that came up to me and say ' Hi Elin ' and of all places is the market place....hahah you make me feel so famous :p

    Glad that you came up to say hello to me and I am even more happy to see you here. Glad that you have a blog too...will be visiting your blog very often and keep up the good work . I will be coming to your place to steal your recipe :)

    Have a good day Lena :)

  17. Gwen...thanks for dropping by. Yup I agree with you . When it comes to food....we will overly enthusiatic :) You are welcome to the step by step pics. Hope you will try this out :) must try this method....I know you will love it and I guess not many restaurants served fish this way :)

    Jess...yes it is :) do try it out cooking your fish this way :)

  18. Looks very delicious. A new way to cook fish for me. Thanks very much for sharing. Maybe I should follow Jo home :P

  19. must try this method ofcooking fish....simply delicious :)

    Mary... you are welcome to come back with Jo :) seriously this is one good way cook fish and I am sure you and your family will love it :)

  20. This is an excellent method for preparing a delicious fish - I love your crust!

  21. Hi Natasha,

    Thanks...the crust is crispy very suitable for baked fish :)


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