Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Get Together Dinner With Jo's Bunny @ Sun Marpoh Restaurant

Piggy Joshua came back last Friday and I arranged for a get together dinner with Jo's bunny for he will soon be leaving us for UK and we thought it was a good idea to have dinner together at Sun Marpoh Restaurant . It's been quite a while since the last meet up and this would be the best opportunity for us to meet up since both Josh and Jo's B was around last week.  I love the simple cooking of this restaurant and they are more towards home cooking :)   The  Indonesian Claypot Prawns Curry ( pic above )  is a must order from this place. I love the curry for they used evaporated milk instead of coconut milk. The fragrance of hot spices really whets the appetite and flavor is fantastic. Below is our favourite...local Brussel Sprouts With Salted Fish ( slightly saltish though )  otherwise it was great..crunchy leaves with the exotic salted fish flavor mmmm... really appetizing . Read on if you want to know what else we ordered for dinner :)

This is another savoury curry dish...Nyonya Fish Slices In Tamarind Curry ...with lots of long beans and tofu puffs and aubergine...spicy hot and sourish in taste. A very flavorful nyonya curry and if this doesnt whet your appetite then I don't know what to say :p  If Jo sees this she will salivates just drooling at it and I am sure she will want to come back soon  :p  just kidding this is one of her favourite dish though . 

And the picture below below is one of the restuarant's signature dish... Honey Lemongrass Chicken...sweetish honey taste with the lemongrass flavor.  I think the chicken pieces are marinated with honey and then deep fried with lemongrass..hahaha Iam trying to guess how this dish is done , for I may want to try cooking this one of these days * wink  crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside...mmmmm yummy oh the shine you see on the chicken is not oil but honey coated :)

And can you guess what the dish below is ??? .....cannot guess ???. shall I tell you ??? is Stir Fry Field Frogs With Ginger & Spring Onions....delicious ! I can still remember the taste just looking at them now...slurp slurp slurp  :)  The meat of the frog is sweet and has a smooth texture....  I don't know about you but I love this dish . Josh doesn't like the frog coz he said he did a lot of experiment on them when he was in Secondary school so he is touching this dish... he ewwwww when he sees frogs served on the table...just the same I love it and ordered it for Jo's B and myself..less man more share :)

And this is the beautiful Yam Ring With  Stir Fry Chicken Bits and Shiitake Mushrooms Fillings . The yam is so fluffy and has a crispy this dish and I shall order this again for sure the next time I am here. 

We had a wonderful dinner .  I don't know whether Jo's B enjoyed the dinner , but I know for sure Josh enjoyed it the most ..he refilled his rice 3 times  LOL!   The bill came to RM100 - the six dishes for four of us. Cheap ? yes it is !

* Note : I have gained weight the last few months :(  how not to , the way I am stuffing myself with all this sinfully rich food !  have to eat cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner  * wink

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  1. WAHHHH !!!! Where's my Share ? :(

  2. Elin, I cant decide which dish I wanna eat 1st leh...

  3. Great. Sun Marpoh never ceases to amaze either. Time and again, we had good meals there. ANd the service is prompt, although fully packed on weekendsd

  4. Great choice of dishes! They all look so good!

  5. Joanna....when you come back that is if you do not decide to stay back :p

    Jess...haha this restaurant is the family favourite haunt...good service, cheap and the food is good :)

    James...yup, I love the place though the food are nothing so special but taste good their prompt service ...the family favourite haunt :)

    Pearl...:) yesss good tasty food here :)

    Ann...they are simple food but taste good...delicious :)

  6. next time i go taste the indonesia prawns!!

  7. MUST! :) and take me along :p


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