Friday, July 30, 2010

A Wonderful Dinner Date With Su & Family

Su is one of my silent reader and I only got to know her when she wrote to me one day and introduced herself as someone who loves to read my blog :)  She is from the States and we wrote to each other quite often since. One day , she told me she is coming back to Malaysia and will be back for her holidays in Ipoh sometime in July....this is great news to me. We met in blogosphere and here we are... gathered together in Ipoh. I could not wait to meet this wonderful lady and her sweet family.  Daddy and I gave them dinner and we had a wonderful time chatting and in a short ten minutes, we chatted as if we have known each other since especially when the two Daddies talked about their ' four legged son and daughter '  of course I meant their love dogs while we ladies chatted about our two legged daughters and son :p  

Su's three daughters are so lovely and I fell in love with them just like sweet and well mannered little gals :)  Reminded me of my two Piggies...boy! how I miss them young and still with us in our nest :p Su brought with her so many gifts and all the gifts she gave me were thoughtfully picked just for me. I am touched and honored by her gesture so today I am going to share with you all what she has bought for me. Every items has been specially picked for me :)

 "  Su, thank you so much for you and your family's company last night . Daddy and I enjoyed so much and we went home so of course hugging all the gifts you gave me * wink and Daddy has found a pal to chat with  on ' his four legged son ' and he too went back a happy man :)) as he is ever so proud of his  'four legged son ' :)   And thank you once again for the gifts .....I love every one of them especially the vanilla extract. I can't wait to use them in all my bakes and the natural apple tea is a joy coz the one I am having is almost finished...yours came in at the right time.  The cookie scoop from Wilton is another item that I have been wanting to buy online but since you gave me one, I will treasure it and will put it to full use soon with the chocolate chips  !  And lastly the most treasured one is the dessert is really God's blessing to me. This month itself I got two new recipe books !!! Thank you so much Su for taking the time to know me through reading my blog and you trully knows my heart desire :)   Looking forward to seeing you again the next time you come back with your family.  "

these are the gifts I received from Su
 Su , thanks for these wonderful gifts :)

a dessert book

 mouth-watering desserts .....mmmmmm

 tongue tingling ices......

and lots of melt in the mouth scouffles
which I find challenging to bake  :p

*          *         *


  1. It is great that you and Su met. It is wonderful to make new friends through blogging :)

  2. I believe it was a nice meet up and gathering session. :P I'm happy for both of you!

  3. You're one lucky woman Elin. What a nice reader you have. I'm dying for a cookie scoop but still thinking if it's worth buying one. That book is amazing!!!! I have one but I can never seem to get any pictures as good as those shown in the book. I'm so happy you and Daddy found new pals!

  4. Oh wow, what a great news! Isn't it excited to meet up someone from just writing! hehe.... Enjoy & have wonderful evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  5. great Elin!! u r such a nice lady actually .. anyone knowing you will sure warm up towards u.. *wink*

  6. Nice meeting :D

    Have a lovely weekend :D

  7. I am so touch.....friendship from blogging....I can never imagine to have one like this.

  8. cookie scoop??? Ah-ha, this is going to add to my shopping list!!!

  9. Elin, thanks for the delicious meal and great company!

  10. Hi Biren, Litle Inbox, Quinn, Kristy, Claire, Kathy, Ann, Wendy

    Yup ,it is great to meet with readers and bloggers alike. Daddy and I had a wonderful time with Su and family are welcome. Love your family :)Try to come back every year so that we can have our yearly reunion just like Gertrude and myself. We meet one a year :)


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