Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pan Seared Alaskan Salmon With Brie

Given a choice I would choose alaskan salmon anytime :) I love salmon whether smoked or pan seared or as sashimi . Don't know why,  but I love the texture and the natural saltish taste of salmon. I love it medium cooked when pan seared, it is just wonderful when especially with just some crushed black peppercorn and a sprinkle of sea salt. Just with this two ingredients and lightly pan seared it with either olive oil or grapeseed get a world class salmon steak....beautiful taste and it explodes in your mouth with every mouthful :) Sorry , I am not over exaggerating here. For yesterday dinner, I cooked this delicious salmon fillet with just salt and black pepper and topped it with slices of brie....Mmmmm..I can't express how good it is.....just one word   H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y !

Salmon are expensive over here, but for someone who simply loves it , will not mind the price at ME, I will sneak in one or two pieces each time I see fresh  thick slab of salmon fillets displayed at the fish section in Jusco. Only Jusco has the best salmon in town :)  I heart this style of cooking salmon. Pan seared for 2 minutes on each side and it will be just cooked. If you want it more cooked , then you have to leave it on longer on each side.

Rub crushed peppercorns and sea salt on both sides
and pan seared with grapeseed oil ( cholesterol free oil )
with 2 minutes on each side for a just cooked texture

topped it wtih slices of brie cheese when it is still
hot from the pan......delish !

have fresh mango slices as a side

see how how beautiful it is...
this is how the salmon flake should look
when it is just cooked.......just 2 minutes on both sides :)

eat with brie cheese......can you imagine how wonderful it taste ? :p
H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y !

Pan Seared Alaska Salmon With Brie
- serve 2

Ingredients :

2 pieces Salmon fillets
1/2 tbsp crushed peppercorn
sea salt to taste

3 tbsp of grapeseed oil/olive oil

brie cheese

Mango - slices


Rub crushed peppercorn and salt on both sides of the salmon fillets.
Heat up a non stick pan with grapeseed/olive oil under medium high heat. Pan seared the salmon for 2 minutes on each side. Off the heat, top it with brie slices while the salmon is still hot. Dish out and serve with mango slices .

Enjoy !

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  1. hey, i can see it rare a bit inside.. wonder how it taste.. really a hearty meal u have, eh..

  2. I can see that you simply adore salmon. This looks nice but I'd prefer it to be a bit cooked minus the cheese and loads of salad!

  3. Oooh.. this looks like a slice of heaven ! Mm mm goood :P

  4. Sounds great, looks so yummy :)

  5. aiyooooo...drooling....okie...dinner Salmon to rice with kicap la...sobs

  6. Remember there's one time I go to the fish dept to get a slice of fresh salmon. Wow... it cost me about $20.00! Gosh, there're four of us lol! haha.... Yours look really tempting. Enjoy & have a great day!
    p/s hubby eating it with rice, right? hehe....

  7. What a great looking meal, love the brie topping and mango as a side, what wonderfully delicious additions to salmon.

  8. Elin
    what a wonderful salmon! simply prepared is always the best, nicely cooked and finished with that lovely brie and those delectably mangoes!
    Great job!

  9. Brie on salmon? That's the best idea ever! I loooove brie...

  10. I love salmon too. I can eat it whether it's cooked, rare or sashimi. I like the way you prepared this salmon, looks so delicious.

  11. I love salmon too, that's about the only fish I buy here actually. Looks so good with the cheese!

  12. beautiful is right and yes, I can only imagine how it taste....

  13. I love salmon too but have never tried it with brie. Sounds delicious!

  14. I love salmon cooked or sashimi. My husband will love this, he "heart" brie.

  15. Such a succulent-looking dish. Lots of fish meat goodness.

  16. Claire...I like it this long as it can come out in flakes, it is cooked so no worry. Best eaten this way :)

    Cheah...the brie taste excellent with the salmon. Normally we take with crackers but this once whoa it was good..hahaha I love cheese :p

    Jo....heehee yup heavenly good...anyway I can see you are not lacking too...yours look pro too so must be tasty :p

    Food Lover...:) it is for fish and cheese lover :)

    Kathy...haha don't say like that ...I see all your nice eat out..I feel hungry too...remember your Victoria Station :p

    Kristy....I don't understand why our food are so expensive compared to other countries :( salmon and cod are darn expenisve. Jo is enjoying all the cods she can over in UK. You too , have a great weekend :) Nope for once, he ate it with bread and soup....haha training him to go without rice !!!

    CC REcipe...yup, wonderful combo :)

    Chef Dennis...yesss...salmon and cod must be cooked simple so that we get the full natural taste of salmon and cod :)

    Roxan...oh you must try...let the brie soften on the hot piece of salmon...sure taste heavenly :)

    Anncoo...haha yup me too , my taste is just like yours :))

    Ann (pigpigscorner) you must it with brie...let it soften on the hot salmon...sure taste good . I love it and I think you will like it too :)

    Drick...yup beautiful and taste good...heavenly right? :)

    Biren....oh you must try with brie..taste good...yummyumm :p

    Madin...haha then you must really cook this for hubby...he will love you for it :p

    Lick My Spoon...hi thanks for dropping by. Yup sure lots of goodness in this salmon dish :)

  17. Elin, salmon is my favourite too. That does sound and look a heavenly treat!

  18. That looks fantastic! I could eat salmon for breakfast lunch and dinner! In fact, just had smoked sashimi last night! You're absolutely right, it is supposed to be cooked so still "raw" in the middle. Otherwise it looses all of it's nutrients! That really stinks that it's pricy were you live. I agree, I would pay whatever the asking price also. FYI, I sometimes buy canned Alaskan Salmon (with skin & bones for calcium) it is much cheaper than fresh. I use it for Salmon Croquettes, salads etc.

  19. Hi Gwen....yup lots of nutrient if eaten still rare on the inside and I love it eaten this way
    I make sure it is not over cooked :) thank God you sing the same tune like me where salmon is concern. it is RM49.90 a kg and it is about USD16 per kg. Yup , I will buy can ones for salad or sandwiches but I still prefers fresh ones :)

  20. There is nothing like a really good filet of salmon. And topped with Brie? Wow!

  21. CC :) is delicious with brie...beautiful flavor with the salmon. Do try it out...mmmmyum yum ! :)


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