Saturday, July 17, 2010

Claypot Chicken Rice Made Easy

This is the modern , fast and easy to prepare " claypot rice "  that I cooked  in a electric rice pot that taste as good as the authentic ones.  A one dish meal that I would love to indulge in once in a while. The real claypot rice uses a clay pot and cooked under charcoal fire.  Of course the taste is slightly different, somehow charcoal cooking makes the rice taste better . But for lazy people like me, rice pot chicken rice is just as good.  I did the shortcut method and yet it tasted delicious :p   But if I wanted the authentic one I would eat out at the Gourmet Square...the true claypot rice cooked under charcoal fire. 

This is my favourite one dish rice meal that I would love to cook besides fried rice.  One big whole chicken leg cut into pieces marinate with oyster sauce, sesame oil, sarawak white pepper and thick soy sauce for coloring . Chinese sausages is a must for this will further enhance the taste of the rice - sliced thinly. Dried shiitake mushrooms- soaked and sliced into thin slices.  Cut some shallots and fried till crispy  and some spring onions for garnishing....that's  about it and my short cut method is cook the chicken and mushroom and chinese sausages till fully cooked and then stir them into the cooked rice in the electric rice cooker...LOL!  Easy does it and yet it tasted good.  Serve with a plate of blanch lettuce in oyster sauce. A complete and nutritious dinner for two :p

The authentic way is to cook the rice half way through, then add the marinated chicken pieces , sausages and mushrooms on top of the half cooked rice. Cover the claypot and lower the fire and cooked till everything is fully cooked. Off the fire, then mix everything in the claypot with a pair of chopstick and served garnish with the crispy shallots and spring onions.   

look at them ...they do look like the authentic claypot rice 
sold at the stall :p and  the ginger juice make the
rice smell good !

when I served this to Daddy, he doesn't know that I did it the short cut way !

I like the rice this way coz I can control the rice texture this way
too soggy, Daddy won't eat so I have to make sure the rice is
not soggy...and he ate two bowls of this rice cooker chicken rice
*wink ** someone got tricked after all   LOL!

Claypot Chicken Rice Made Easy 


1 big whole chicken leg - cut into pieces & marinate with the ingredients below
2 tbsp oyster sauce
dash of white pepper
2 tsp of sesame oil
1 tbsp of thick soy sauce for coloring
2 tbsp of ginger juice
grapeseed oil 

6 pieces dried shiitake mushrooms- soaked and slice into thin slices
1 chinese sausage - slice thinly


sping onions  - dice it for garnishing
5 shallots - cut into thin slices and fried till crispy and golden brown


Cook rice the usual way in an electric rice cooker. 

While the rice is cooking, heat up a non stick wok with  grapeseed oil enough to fry the cut shallots till crispy and golden brown, dish up and keep aside. 

Take out the oil and keep about 2 tbsp of oil in the wok and stir fry the chinese sausages till fragrant, add in the shiitake mushrooms and cook till half cook, add in the marinated chicken and stir fry till it is fully cooked.

Dish up into a bowl and when the rice is fully cooked and still hot, add in the cooked chicken mixture on top of the cooked rice. When about to serve, use a pair of chopstick and stir and mix well the chicken mixture with the rice until it is well mixed together. Garnish with spring onions and crispy shallots.

Enjoy !

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  1. oh yums ... must make this .. i love claypot chicken rice

  2. Elin, we shall have a potluck party...I bring the fish, and you with some claypot rice...:-)

  3. I make this rice cooker chicken rice quite often too. Boil a veggie soup, and that's dinner!

  4. Love love love claypot chicken. My favorite was this one I got at a Malaysian street vendor - a huge pot for like $2! I have yet to recreate, but I just might try with this one.

  5. Oh, I think I also want to join in Angie's potluck party. haha... So, what should I bring? I love claypot chicken rice very much too. Yours look simply delish! Enjoy your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. Elin, whenever I make "claypot" chicken rice, I use this lazy method. Been doing so since I got back to KL. When I was in the States, I really cooked mine in a claypot because I had one back then. Not now anymore. (In fact, I didn't have rice cooker. I cooked my rice in a pot/steamed my rice.)

    Lovely work, Elin! Keep it up! I'm sure Joanna is missing your yummy creations! It's not good to drool everyday! LOL!

  7. Dinner in one path is always appealing. Thanks for a great post.

  8. Thanks for the tip on cooking rice half through before adding the flavorful ingredients. Must soak up all the flavors!

  9. Wah, I want to try this simple method, will make it next week. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Elin!
    That looks delicious! Reminds me of when I was at home and mum or dad would cook "law-miy fahn" (糯米飯) for weekend lunch and we'd have blanched iceberg lettuce with oyster sauce to go with it!

    Mmmmmm! Missing parent's cooking! Might have to make this for lunch soon!

  11. Wow how simple to make. But it sure sounds and looks like it taste amazing.

  12. Me too! Always go for fast and lazy method when comes to cooking.
    Must try your fast method one day.

  13. I cook mine in the rice cooker too when I'm lacking inspiration. Your version looks delicious!

  14. Sorry, I remembered the name wrong! They would call it "Lap-Mei Fahn" (蠟味飯) as it would have the chinese dried sausage,chinese dried belly pork, shiitake mushrooms, dried scallop, dried prawn, all kinds of dried seafood delights! It would make the kitchen smell all rich and savoury with the scent of the seafood goodness! YUM!

  15. ya, I like this easy way of claypot chicken too, yours look so delicious, can I have some please..

  16. I just made this today! I cook this very often. So simple and so delicious!

  17. I love claypot rice...but don;t know how to cook. Lazy also... Love it more if there is "long" salted fish added...

  18. Elin, I cook this too. Very easy to cook, but it's really yummy!

  19. Hi guys.....sorry for not replying your comments earlier...fallen sick due to over eating of durians :p I am feeling much better now but still feeling lethargy :( thanks for leaving me your kinds words. I love all your comments...all are like sweet candies to me . Thank you.

    Hope you all like this lazy and quick to fix method :)


  20. OH I must try this ..ive always wanted to make claypot chkn rice. I ll def try ur recipe Elin!! YAY. tq

  21. Marvelous chicken dish. Bravo! I really enjoy claypot cooking.

  22. I agree this is simple and fast. When I try with the real claypot method, sometimes it does not turn out as the rice is too soggy ...

  23. I love claypot chicken. We would always get it when we ate out. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Elin, hope you are feeling much better now. I love this type of one pot meal. I make it very often especially on my lazy days. I didn't even stir fry the meat. I just put it in once the rice is about to dry up :)

  25. Zurin....hope you will love it :) too, I love cooking food in claypot...somehow claypot cooking brings out the taste better :)

    My simple food....this method, the rice will not turn soggy :) are welcome :)

    Gertrude....:) I have fully recovered now..just a flu nothing alarming :) yup this my lazy mood kind of cooking :)


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