Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sambal Petai Tumis / ' Stinky Beans ' In Sambal Paste

Sambal Petai Tumis or  'stinky bean '  in sambal is the family all-time favourite dish. With this dish alone, we can have  plates after plates of plain rice or coconut rice ( nasi lemak - local name ) A very appetizing dish ... hope this photo can whet up your appetite  :p  It has been quite a while since I last cooked this dish.

A lot of pounding to be done for the sambal ingredients. My pestle and mortar is the traditional ones and they are heavy so I seldom want to use it. But Daddy rather I pound the ingredients using a pestle and mortar then using a food processor. It is true that the sambal will taste much much better using a P &M :)  but it involves a lot of work to cook this dish. But like I say, if I hang up the apron and not cook something nice, Daddy will take over the apron......not that I mind, but the washing after his cooking....gosh , I rather cook myself :p  ( hope he is not reading this post )  Anyway , I cooked this for him so that he will not start to lament that I give him simple food everyday ( poor him ) and that I am married to the idiot box ( stuck with the korean dramas )

Hahaha...but I do crave for this too , so , to make two people happy , and to a  good weekend ......Sambal Petai it is ! :p When the man of the house is happy, the woman of the house will have a good weekend.  A hungry man is an angry man LOL!

loved the shrimps with the sambal petai...I love shrimps :)

just give me this one dish and I can have 2 plates of rice :p
I am a big eater when it comes to anything spicy * wink

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Enjoy and have a great weekend !

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  1. Oh the shrimp looks great in the dish, such a treat to find another way of serving my favorite seafood!

    Bon appetit!

  2. great dish, i love the flavors...


  3. I can hear the sambal petai calling my name. Is dinner time and I am feeling hungry just looking at it.I still have one packet of frozen one. Maybe I should cook some tomorrow :)

  4. this is my all time favourite, simply yummy!

  5. My hubby loves petai alot! Never bored! haha... I guess your darling also loves this. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. Hi Elin, it's been TOO long since I had sambal petai. Looks so good!! I agree...I too will have extra rice if there's sambal petai to go with it. Yum yum!!!!!

  7. Yum..yumm..I think it is too late for me to come over... ;DD

  8. Chef Ryan....haha yup , this is one asian way to cook shrimps..spicy hot!

    Sweetlife...great flavor though it is called stink beans :)

    Gertrude.... you can get stink bean in US ? Carlos eat them ? hahaha I bet he wouldn't like the smell :p

    Sonia....most Malaysians love this dish :))

    Kristy....our hubby the same...rice and petai a must!

    Petite Nyonya.... :) this is one appetizing dish....miss it then you must cook this again :)

    Anncoo...haha yup digested adi :p
    Next time I will invite you over :))

  9. wow,,, mouth watering dish,,, i love sambal petai, i'd like to try your recipe one day & thanks for sharing :)

  10. are welcome :) hope you like it:)


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