Thursday, July 15, 2010

Homemade Tofu - Pan Fried Crispy Tofu Nuggets

This is what I did to the other half of my homemade tofu. Pan fried coated with crispy flour and sesame seeds. I can't describe how good these tofu nuggets are but Daddy who doesn't fancy tofu ate up the whole lot. Take it with wasabi, these crispy tofu tasted even better.....mmmmm tasty to the dot. Great finger food for parties and I guarantee you that it would finish in a wink of an eye :p . You can coat it with potato flour or store bought crispy flour. For those staying in Ipoh, get the crispy flour from Yummy - the organic shop in Ipoh Garden South . The tofu nuggets keep its crispness till you finished the last piece :)

Homemade tofu taste better and tofu is so versatile that you can make many delicious dish out of it :)  I named it Pan fried Tofu Nuggets coz it is like gold nuggets.  Jo told me that it is pricey over in UK. Silly gal , even though it may be a bit pricey , it is still worth eating coz tofu contains lots of protein and good for health. Easy to digest and she can just steam it and eat with her kimchi LOL!  I understand she just bought a small jar of authentic kimchi for  £2.90 . She is just like tofu and kimchi! Coming back to this pan fried goodness...well all you need is a slab of homemade tofu , cut into nuggets ( recipe in previous post ) crispy flour, cheyenne pepper, sesame seed , one egg white and grapeseed oil for frying. Easy and taste yummy :)  You can dip in sweet thai chilli sauce or wasabi or any of your favourite sauces . Do not worry about the oil. Grapeseed oil is cholesterol free and good for health. I have changed to using grapeseed oil for most of my cooking :)

crispy tofu nugget with those burning hot wasabi

I can't live a day without wasabi....a die hard fan no doubt
Claire went to Japan and bought back wasabi powder for me
so a year long I will have wasabi !!!

see the homemade tofu with fish paste....savoury and yumm yumm
dissected for your eyes only...:p

this is a to die for finger food.....pan fried homemade tofu coated
with crispy powder and sesame.........mouth-watering goodness !

Homemade Tofu - Pan Fried Crispy Tofu Nuggets


1 slab of homemade tofu , cut into long thick nuggets

Coating flour :
crispy flour / potato flour
sesame seed
cheyenne pepper to taste
( mix the above coating flour ingredients together)

1 egg white - whisk with a pich of salt + pepper

grapeseed oil - enough for pan frying


Dust the tofu nuggets with potato flour/ crispy flour , dip in the egg white and coat with the coating flour mixture. Place the coated tofu into the hot grapeseed oil in a non-stick pan , far apart so that they don't stick together. Pan fry them under medium heat. Flip over the other side when it is slightly golden in color. Dish up and place them in paper towel to absorb the extra oil from the tofu. Serve with wasabi or any hot chilli dips of your choice.

Enjoy !

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  1. ok 1stly, buy grapeseed oil.. now getting "younger" and cholesterol is lurking somewhere near.. better take care now..
    these nuggets sure are different.. got sesame seeds ones! i can imagine the taste.. yes!

  2. This looks really crunchy and delicious!

  3. Great looking tofu nuggets. Can you deep fry with grapeseed oil? What brand do you use, from JJ?

  4. These look almost like cheese nuggets. :-) Gorgeous!

  5. never use potato flour for deep frying, so use this flour more crispy right, must buy some..

  6. Ooo...I bet these smell delicious! Don't forget to feed Claire with these huh! hehe.... Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  7. I like tofu and this looks so yummy

  8. I love deep fried tofu! esp with chili sauce. I like how you added sesame seeds!

  9. Home-made tofu! I've been wanted to make it for years and years

  10. Looks so yum..yumm.. Can't wait to try it because I can eat a lot ;DD

  11. This looks like a great snack. We lived in Singapore for a couple of years and my husband did a wonderful drawing of the beautiful mosque in Ipoh.

  12. Belinda....this is a healthy snack and finger food :)

    Claire...haha I am sure you can make this better than me :)

    Biren....yup it is crispy on the outside...very ! :)

    Cheah....thanks...yes you can use the oil for pan frying under medium heat. The grapeseed oil is 'Goccia Doro ' from Italy and 1 litre bottle costs RM21. I bought from one of the wholesaler in Pasir Puteh. Can't remember the shop name coz a colleague took me there. Will find out the shop name for you. Jusco sells grapeseed oil too but not Tesco. Olive oil is for salad and stir fry but extra virgin oil, you cannot even stir will lose its properties.
    Grapeseed is good for our daily stir fry. No cholesterol.

    Angie....haha yup they look like cheese nuggets :)

    Sonia...Potato flour and cirspy flour will give you a crispy texture and the crispness last longer. Potato flour are sold in supermarket everywhere. Crispy flour , maybe are only found in cake product shop or organic shop :)

    Kristy...Claire cooks better when it comes to dishes :) You too have a great day :) is very delciious tofu snack :)

    Ann...the ssame seeds makes it more flavorful :)

    Anh...:) do try it out and I am sure you will love making your own tofu. are a tofu lover too? just like me...Daddy who is not a tofu lover ate almost the whole plate of these delicious crispy tofu :p

    Carol Egbert....oh you have been to Ipoh? There are many British Architecture around too and yes the mosque is beautiful. Glad you have a drawing done by your husband...must be an artist then :)

  13. Wow homemade tofu. I can't even imagine tryig to make this. The cripsy nuggets bit definitely caught my eye.

  14. Yummy! These look better than any chicken nuggets I've ever seen. I've never had tofu nuggets but I'm very curious, thanks for sharing.

  15. Joanna...haha when u come back mom will cook this for you :)


    Spidie Foodie....this is much healthier and taste good :)

  16. After seeing this I was inspired to do something similar when I had an extra square of fresh tofu (bought).
    I sprinkled some cornflour with some 5-spice and just used that to coat my tofu fingers before frying gently in oil. They didn't brown easily so I carried on cooking. Result? A very crispy exterior! I think it would be a good way of preparing tofu cubes if you wanted to make a sweet and sour tofu for vegetarians!

    Thank you for the inspiration!


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