Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pan Grilled Tilapia With Balsamic Vinegar Topped With Grated Mango

I really thank God that I can eat fish almost every day and yet not get bored with it, all types except those with lots of bones ...give me fish everyday and I will try to cook it differently .....I love the easy way out , either  pan grilled , pan seared, steamed and oven baked , they will still turned out good.  Ingredients like sea salt, black pepper and olive oil are the most important ingredients needed to bring out the natural flavor and sweetness of the fish.   * wink wink.....just rub these ingredients on the fish and pan grilled them....drizzle with white wine or balsamic vinegar and topped or garnish with chopped parsley and you tell me whether you would want to eat this everyday :)

Other than stuffing the fish with chilli , onions and shrimp paste ( belacan ) - this is our local style of cooking fish , at times I would steam Tilapia with savoury soy bean paste and  lots of garlic and chilli paste.  Piggy Jo loves this style of steamed fish. For me , I love them pan grilled :p  And since she is not here for a period of time, I shall pampered myself and cooked the way I love my fish prepared :p

I love balsamic vinegar on my salad and blends well
with fish whether white fish or salmon, garnishes with lots of
asparagus ....mmmmmmm delicious to the dot :)

I don't like my fish well just cooked would be just perfect for me
the texture will be smooth and mmmm I can't tell you how great
this tasted and the grated mango topping adds extra flavor
to the fish....a great combo with the balsamic vinegar and black pepper

this is so yummy that I know I will make this may
think the taste is weird but if you love the taste of balsamic
you will definitely find this delicious.........

Pan Grilled Tilapia With Balsamic Vinegar Topped With Grated Mango


2 pieces of tilapia fillets or white fish

1.5 tsp crushed black pepper
sea salt to taste
3 tbsp grapeseed oil

* mango - grated for toppings - optional
balsamic vinegar - drizzle

asparagus -blanch for 3 minutes

Preparation :

Rub sea salt and crushed black pepper all over the tilapia fillets. Leave aside. Heat up 3 tbsp of grapeseed oil in the non stick grill pan under medium heat. When it is hot add in the seasoned fish fillets and pan grilled for 3 - 5 minutes on each side , depends on how well cooked you want the fillets to be. When it is ready to dish up, drizzles balsamic vinegar over the fillets. Dish up and top with grated mango .

Using the same grill pan with the extra oil left in it , lightly grill the blanched asparagus, add in some salt and black pepper. Serve together with the grilled fish as garnishing.  Best to eat it while it is still hot.

*       *       *


  1. Hi Elin, the dish looks so delicious. I eat fish everyday but is always steaming in plain, I cant complain much since is prepared by mil :P.

  2. thanks :D. Nice recipewill try it out one of these days. Hubi getting bored with my steam fish and steamfish and more steamfish..kkakaka.

  3. Seems like someone is still all over Curtis yeah? I see lots of fish, mango and balsamic vinegar here all the time. That is healthy eating Elin. It's good, quick and so easy to cook for just you and your darling.

  4. Mango on fish! That's so special. It must be very delicious. Erin, you always come out with special dishes. I wish I can taste all :P

  5. I'm jealous I wish I could eat fish as often as you. I too love fish and as you said it's fun cooking it different ways. Tilapia is one of my favorite fish and your recipe sounds fantastic, Mango is also one of my favs! Thank for sharing

  6. hey, wonder how mango taste with fish.. unique recipe!!

  7. Wow, this tilapia dish topped with mango looks delicious...will definitely try it...

  8. Hi Elin, lovely dish. The addition of mango is very interesting. I love eating fish, this will be another addition in my favorites.

  9. You know that I love balsamic, don't you? :-)) The extra addition of grated mango atop of fish is classic!

  10. oh Elin
    that tilapia looks so very very good!
    and the mango is such a great choice to compliment that beautiful fish!
    great preserntation!!

  11. are so lucky :)

    Kathy...try pan seared with grapeseed oil...healthier and tasty :)

    Quinn...heehee I am still very much in love or in awe of this gorgeous hunk :p I just love fish with balsamic vinegar. I go for easy cooking now haha coz I stuck with korean and hk dramas :)

    evneucw....yup it is :0

    Mary....:) this is a nice one so refreshing and what more with the balsamic vinegar...ohhh so delish . You must try eating this way...much healthier too:)

    Spicie Foodie...:) you are welcome have to be adventurous then oni you will be able to taste flavors of the world :) try this ....blasamic goes well with the fish and the mango gives the fish a refreshing and exotic taste :)

    Madin...:) hope you like it

    Angie...we have similar taste buds...haha great minds have great taste...I heart balsamic vinegar too!

    Chef always give me encouragement by your kind words :) Thanks, I feel inspired by all your wonderful recipes on your blog :))

  12. Your fish looks delicious. I avoid cooking fish cos I am not good at it. It breaks up or it sticks to the pan most of the time. :( But will try again.

  13. Mangoes and balsamic?? nom nom nom

  14. My Simple Food....first you need to add enuf oil to the pan and the oil must be hot so that the fish won't stick. For me I prefer to use a non stick pan and even with a non stick I still add 2 tbsp of grapeseed oil :) Beeter luck next time :) Practice makes perfect. is great blend for me hahaha seriously it is good !


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