Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Joanna Can Cook !!!

Looking at this spread of food on her plate makes me happy and today I know that she can really cook and look at those fresh herbs she uses on all her food. I am glad that I trained her to eat fresh herbs which is so good for health.  And here I was worrying about her , thinking whether she can cook something good and nutritious for herself besides cooking an egg and survive on instant meal.  Now that I know she eats proper healthy food , I can finally sleep well.  I stole this picture from her blog :p but this picture comforts me a lot. I guess all mothers are made that way. Worrying about their children's meal and their future. I am one I admit.  A confession to make here...:)) And know what , she knows how to buy artichokes and cook them....that really surprised me for over here I seldom buy still waters run deep ... LOL!

I look forward to see more of her cooking from her blog
but she is up to her neck with assignments at the moment
 so no time to post up all the
food she cooked for herself I have to  learn to wait patiently...:P

*        *        *


  1. Worries no more! Frankly, that is one perfect meal. Jo making your momsie proud. She's having a good time! You'll be seeing her soon.

  2. Maybe better than u, Elin!! lets leave our aprons behind and let the young take over! :p

  3. Kathy....:))

    Kristy....yup time flies in no time she will be back :)

    Claire...she bakes and cooks better than me so now I can hang up my apron

    Swee San....yess proud mama

  4. See, didn't I tell you you've worried too much? I told Joanna will surely take over your position in no time ... Her future hubby is gonna be SO lucky ... ;)

  5. Pei-Lin...haha yup now I know she can cook herself a decent meal then I am now more relaxed :))


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