Friday, June 4, 2010

Mandarin Layered Cake By Jo - Piggy Gal :)

I am the happiest Momsie for today, for my baby gal had succeeded in making her first mandarin layered cake with frosting :)  and she made this for her friend's dad's birthday.  I am really proud of her  and I hope she will continues to bake even after she graduates .  

She will be leaving for UK tomorrow and I wish her a safe flight there and all the best in her studies. A mother's prayer for her child is the most genuine prayer ever ! :p

I will write a post on her baking experience and share the recipe on her behalf after I come back from KLIA , on my the other new blog Elinluv's Sweet Delights . So, please do drop by there to check out the recipe . Meanwhile , just drool at the photos here. Will post up the recipe there as soon as I return from KL on Saturday.  Stay tuned for this delectable Mandarin Layered Cake !  

I have posted up the recipe on Elinluv's Sweet Delights . Do hop over to read more on it :)

A well done birthday cake by Jo that I am proud of !
And that made me the happiest Momsie on Earth :p

** Have a safe journey my dear Jo.....
and May God continues to pour forth His Blessings Upon You !

*       *       *


  1. Like mother like daughter! That's such a beautiful cake and so sweet of her to make for her friend's dad. Going to present land....haha. But that's so far she goes. I'm sure you all are going to miss each other. But I'm sure you will come and visit her. May be, who knows, I may have the chance to meet you too :D

  2. She did a really great job! Please let her know that I love it :)

    Study abroad is a lot of fun and good experience!

  3. What a lovely cake. Your daughter really did a great job.

  4. Wow, she did a wonderful job! The cake looks spectacular!

  5. WWOOOOOWWW!!! YES, JO is indeed her mum's daughter! hahhahaaa... Elin, your cooking genes are in her now.. or perhaps she does it better? :p

    hey, i am also her friend's mother, can she bake one for me one day?

  6. How sweet. Great genes! I love mandarins!

  7. Oh.. lovely cake with full of blessing! Feel the love and care from the cake.

  8. she did a great job! like her mother. wish her good luck in her UK study.

  9. Congrats! Now you can rest asure that she can take care of herself. Why is your girl coming over so early? I thought Summer hols is just about to start.

  10. You must be so proud of her! That's a pretty cake! I hope she has an amazing experience during her study abroad period...

  11. Wow she did a wonderful job, the cake is so beautiful. How I wish my daughter can bake like her in future :)

  12. Sorry for replying late to all your comments...was away to send Jo off at KLIA :)

    HI Mary....hope we will get to meet up one day :) thanks for your kind words...she is away for a short time only. A twinning program ( summer top up program ) for her engineering course.

    Tanantha...thanks :) sure will convey to her your kind words. Yes I am sure she will enjoy her stay and experience studying abroad :)

    Madin, Judy ,Carol ...thanks for your kind words :)

    Claire...sure she will when she comes back :)

    Belinda...thanks :)) try this cake ...refreshing with mandarins :)

    Sonia..thanks :)

    Ann (pigpigscorner ) haha is a summer top up program whereby she has to finish her final part in UK in order to get her degree in materials engineering. Cheaper for my pocket :) Education sucks over here ( you know what I mean?) So this summer top up is the best for Jo since that's all we can afford. She will come back and apply to do her masters either in UK or US :)

    M/S Bibi...thanks :)

    The Housewife...thanks and I am sure she will enjoy herself studying in UK even though for a short period of time :)

    Jess...haha your daughter will bake one for you when she grows up :)


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