Monday, June 21, 2010

Pan Grilled Salmon Steak With Mango Salad

Piggy Josh came back last Friday and I was so happy to cook something he likes . He has not been back since the sister Jo  flew off to Sheffield . He loves cod and salmon. But cod is so super expensive here , we do not have much opportunity to eat them except on special occasion :(  it is about  RM90 approx USD30 per kilo )  So I bought salmon instead ( about RM49 approx USD15 per kilo ) . He likes it pan grilled till the outer layer is crispy. Instead of using italian herbs or fresh herbs, I used balsamic vinegar and sea salt. Simple yet delicious. I love the taste of balsamic vinegar and I have been using it quite often lately in my cooking. Balsamic vinegar is a condiment originating from Italy . You will be surprised that it blends well with meat, fish and veggies though it is basically used for salad dressing.  I am adventurous when it comes to cooking. I know no boundaries where cooking and baking is concerned :p

I read up that there are 2 types of balsamic vinegar...the traditional one which is very super expenisve with thick consistency - made from reduction of white grapes to 30 % then fermented for a period of time at least 12 years . The more longer it is fermented the better it is :)

The modena ones are made from wine vinegar with the addition of coloring, caramel and sometimes thickener like cornflour or guar gum and produce commercially . Of course if we can afford , it is better to purchase a traditional one.  Curtis Stone uses a lot of balsamic vinegar in his cooking too and he is truly an inspiration to me. Truly I am much inspired by his cooking :) He is handsome , hot and great at cooking ! One word he is awesome !!!  Daddy asked  " why Curtis Stone ? what is so good about him except he is hot and sexy." I asked him back this " all this while you enjoyed the food I cooked ?  so that is the answer ! "   LOL ! Silly Daddy...never look at the appearance of a person and thinks he is famous just because of his looks....he is a genius when it comes to cooking and baking. I am already sold by his talents :)

a delicious salmon steak with balsamic vinegar

see how awesome this piece of salmon looks ....mouthwatering is the word :p

a well done one....the fragrance of balsamic vinegar on the salmon
is intoxicating....really delicious !

I whipped up this mango salad in just a few seconds...
simple , tasty and refreshing.

Pan Grilled Salmon With Mango Salad
- serve 1 person


a piece of salmon steak - wash clean and rub sea salt on both sides of the salmon steak
sea salt to taste
2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
olive oil -enough for pan grill

Mango Salad


one mango -  cut into small cubes
a sprig of mint leaves - chopped
2 bird eyes chilli - chopped


Prepare the mango salad by cutting the mango into cubes. Chop the mint leaves and chilli and mix together with the mango cubes. Chill it in the fridge till ready to serve.

Heat up a grill pan with olive oil and pan grilled the salmon steal for 2 minutes on each sides. Drizzle balsamic vinegar on the salmon and sear it for a minute on both sides. Dish up and served with the chilled mango salad.

Enjoy and have a great Monday....this , I believe will take away your Monday blues....:P

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  1. Looks delicious, salmon is so expensive. Sometimes need to wait for offer!

  2. Ah...the joy of cooking for one's kids! I miss that so much - now that Melissa has gone overseas. Miss having her around to taste and enjoy the food...and everything else.

  3. mango with salmon.. seems refresh ya

  4. oh yes, that is a lovely cooked salmon, nice finish with the salsa too, like the peppers added

  5. The salmon looks so perfectly delicious with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar! Lovely with mango salad!

  6. I like to eat salmon, this one marinated with balsamic must be very tasty one! I haven't try before but will get a bottle of balsamic to try out. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kathy....:)

    Abraham.... it would be great to try this out :) and thanks for dropping by :)

    Cheah...yup it is very expensive so can't really afford to indulge often..wish I could, for I realy love salmon :p

    Arthur...we speak the same lingo then..hahaha I know how much you love Melissa and thank God she discovered she loves to cook and learning from you sure brings joy to you :) Me too miss Jo just as much as you miss Melissa ! Don't worry she will be back soon and you can have her around you again.

    keeyit...yup a good salad to complement the salmon :)

    Drick... :) yup thinking of it now makes me hungry again...the craving is starting again!

    5 Star Foodie...haha yup with the balsamic vinegar it adds oomph to the salmon and the mango salad is great for the salmon steak :) are welcome and hope you will like it too :)

  8. Dear Elin!
    I've always thought that fruit goes well with cooked fish!
    I remember cooking fish served once with a mango and fresh cream sauce ( for cod) and kiwi fruit and fresh cream (for sole)!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Best regards,


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