Monday, June 7, 2010

Restoran Super Kitchen - Chilli Pan Mee & Traditional Pan Mee Soup

This is the famous chili pan mee ( flat flour noodles with  chilli ) in Batu Road , Kuala Lumpur. They have 6 branches all over - Batu Road,  Cheras ( Yew Lik ), Kepong ( Beside Carrefour ), Kota Damansara (PJU5) ,  USJ 9 ( Beside CIMB)  ,  SS2 ( Chao Yang PJ ) .  

We had our lunch here before leaving back for Ipoh. We ordered their famous chilli pan mee and tried out their famous dumplings . Jo used to talk and raved about this special chilli pan mee and now I finally get to taste it . Thanks to Jo's Bunny for taking us there . It was great and the hot chilli flakes complemented the flat flour noodles well. Comes with a generous portion of fried crispy anchovies, well seasoned mince meat, fried garlic and a well done poached egg and garnish with chopped spring onions.  You have to add the hot chilli flakes , the amount is up to your own taste and squeeze the calamansi juice on to the flat flour noodles. A bowl of deliciousness and now I know why Jo used to talk about this special famous chilli pan mee :) Of course being a hot stuff  chilli person , I added 3 teasp of this pungent hot stuff into my bowl of mee and mix- stirred them together till well combined.  Yummy !
They have their own famous dumplings ... ' sui kow ' . I quite like it and I can have 3 to 4 pieces of it all to myself :) We ordered a few just to try it out since they say it is nice.  Come all the way and not trying them out would be a waste. They hve the traditional pan mee with soup but we did not order that for that is a common pan mee. For those who want soup pan mee can order the traditional ones. I guess they will taste just as nice as the chilli pan mee :) If they can have 6 branches all over KL, they truly lived up to their name :p

 the generous portion of garnishing...the crispy anchovies,
seasoned minced meat, fried garlic and the poached egg 

mmmmm ...slurp slurp slurp.....see how luscious the flat
flour noodles can be :p

how can I resist to take a close up of the well mix-stirred
hot chilli pan mee :)

when I crave for this flat flour noodles, I just come here to drool
till I next visit KL :p

this is great for people who love hot stuff...I am one !
remember to bring along tissues..your nose will be running
and they do provide you with tissues though...:)

their famous dumplings....' sui kow '

look how luscious they are....mouth-watering deliciousness

a map here for you to locate their 6 branches...:)

Have a great Sunday :)

*  Joanna has arrived safely in UK yesterday afternoon. Now has settled down and
enjoying the beautiful cool sunny weather and 
drinking in the beautiful scenery. The first thing she said was " beautiful " 

Thank you so much for all your best wishes for her
and yess....I am beginning to miss her lots. I can't just pick up the phone to chat
like those days when she was in KL. Time difference is the biggest hinderance here :(
but I will have to get used to the vacuum feeling .  Well , I guess all momsies will have
to go thru this...part and parcel of life that I have to accept.

Special thank you to Jo's Bunny ( if he is reading this ) for driving us all to KLIA ! :))

*      *      *


  1. have heard of spicy pan mee but so far yet to try...

    am eyeing the sui kow...

    Thanks for the map. I think will go to the K.Damansara branch and try

  2. Looks so yummy, something different. It's a must try when I go to Cheras next.

  3. u pandai cari too in KL... made me drooling now..

  4. The spicy pan mee sounds fantastic! I love spicy food and eating with a tissue in hand.

  5. this is delicious, i will love to have some :)

  6. Elin, sounds like you really enjoyed the chili pan mee. Just to share, Kin Kin Restaurant was the first and original one to come up with the chili pan mee concept. Then later on, Super Kitchen opened a restaurant right opposite Kin Kin and start having branches everywhere. They tasted very similar in comparison complete with the same garnishes of pork mince, anchovies and poached egg. I just prefer the chili in Kin Kin but ever since they got endorsed by Ho Chak of 8TV, the portion shrinked and they got more arrogant so I stopped going because the service was horrible. And because I am one lucky girl to live in Kepong and Super Kitchen Pan Mee is just 5 mins drive away!!!

  7. I love spicy pan mee! The bowl with egg looks so good!

  8. the dumplins would be my favorite... just can't resist them

  9. mean you have not tried this is delicious and the dumplings gosh is good. Do try it and I know you will love it too :) must is very good..can't find it in Ipoh. They are generous in their garnishing and it cost RM5 a and delicious :)

    Claire...ask Kathy to take you there the next time you are there :p

    Table Talk...dun worry ..they give you free tissue. Seriously this is spicy and tasty..yummyumm :)

    Jess...hahah have some virtual one through the Window first...if you like it then only eat the real one :))

    Quinn....thanks for the info..will try out Kin Kin the next time I am in KL . You are so lucky to be staying near the Kepong branch :) can eat everyday :p

    Ann (pigpigscorner) too ! And since I had it that day..I am still thinking of it today :)

    Drick...yup their dumplings are good...taste good with the fillings in it :)

  10. Elin....don't joke really mean it? I'm only back in Kepong like 14 days out of 365 and you call me lucky????

  11. Hi Elin, my favorite is the pan mee, just by looking at the photo and your description and the crispy anchovies, that really got me.

  12.! I meant those days when you are back with your family in Kepong la. Normally you are back for 1 mth and everyday of that one mth you can eat everyday lo :p

    Madin...I am a teaser alright * wink...I like to take food at close up for I always believe a camera cannot lie. My food photos will allow the reader to see for themselves how good it really is :p Thanks Madin , for your encouraging words each time you are here :)


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