Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Simple Dinner For Jo Before The Take Off @ Sun Marpoh Restaurant

This post is long overdue :p  We took Jo for dinner a day before she took off to Sheffield via Manchester.  This is her favourite food haunt when we eat out and thinking that she will miss this , we had our dinner there and ordered her favourite dishes....and just today I read her lastest post and found that she CAN COOK !!! Wasn't I glad when I saw the food she cooked for herself...check it out on her blog if you are curious enough to want to know what she cooked for herself  :)   She  really knows how to put the ingredients together to make a delicious dish..  Now that I know she can cook and not having to eat out of tin food makes me the happiest Momsie now :))  Now I know where her no recipe cooking talent came from !  LOL!

Sun Marpoh Restaurant is the family frequent haunt for home cooked food , especially when the Momsie has her day off :p . They served very good dishes that the Piggies loved. For example, their signature dish - Claypot Milk Curry Prawns...a beautiful curry that will have you slurping off even the last drop of curry in the claypot and this dish is Jo's favourite. We never fail to order this whenever we eat there : )  This dish is something to sing about. Thumbs up for this delicious and mouth-watering curry.

Delicious Claypot Milk Curry Prawns 

another favourite dish - Lemon Grass Pork Ribs ....

Deep Fried Tilapia With Pineapple Sweet Sauce

I forgot to snap shot  the veggie dish...Stir- Fry Brussels Sprout With Salted Fish...too busy chatting with Jo and anyway the dish came out last and we were already attacking the dish ...the curry prawns of course :p

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  1. Elin, Jo have such remarkable mom surely she would have pick up a tip or two in cooking la. Even if cannot get 100% correct , at least get a passing mark lor

  2. The prawn and pork ribs look so great!
    I am going to check Jo's blog.

  3. WOW! All this delicious foods make me so hungry!

  4. Everything looks really tasty Elin! I love clay pot dishes. It's great that Jo is cooking for herself.. I know how moms can worry! My mom was convinced that I'm going to starve myself and my husband when I moved to live in LA by myself! I'm pretty sure my parents refuse to believe that I can cook even now!

  5. Mmmm...I'm drooling! They are all my favourite food too. Jo is going to miss these and you when she reads it! But it's awesome that she can cook lovely food like the mommy :D

  6. HOLY COW!!! Everything looks absolutely wonderful...To bad it is sooo far away. :(

  7. oh wow they all look so good! Jo 'def gets the cooking gene from you

  8. Sounds like a great place! The Claypot Milk Curry Prawns look especially tempting here!

  9. Wow, the milky curry prawns look amazing!

  10. Kathy...haha I am surprised that she can actually cook..bake I know she can but COOK! Good for her that she can cook :)

    Angie...the prawn curry is good. No coconut milk but with cow milk. And the ribs are fragrant with the lemon grass :) looking back makes me hungry too :p

    The now you can prove them wrong...You can cook and I am sure hubby is delighted he married you :p

    Mary...haha I know shrimps are your favourite :p

    Miranda....hahaha the food not only look good but taste good too :)

    Tanantha....Haha I hope she loves to cook and bake like me :))

    5 Star Foodie....:) yup yup the food is good and we love the restaurant...very homecooked !

    Ann...yup they use milk instead of coconut milk and truly it was good because the spices they use are special...very fragrant...mmmmm me hungry just talking of it :p

  11. The Clay Pot Milk Curry Shrimp, ooohhh, looks delicious. I enjoyed reading Jo's blog. And my, can she cook. Of course she got it from you.


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