Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wasabi Prawns

Upon reading Anncoo's post on wasabi prawns a few months back, I had been wanting to cook this dish as I am a great wasabi fan and finally last night I was able to cook it after all and satisfied my curiousity on how the wasabi will blends with the shrimps. Two of my favourite ingredients, combined together , really explode in my mouth. Wonderful dish ! I gave it a tweak by blending the wasabi with a few tablespoons of coconut cream and the end result , a wonderful and  flavorful wasabi cream to coat the crispy fried shrimps .  This is a wonderful shrimp delights for those who love wasabi and shrimps :)
If your shrimps are would be great to make this dish as an appetizer or starter. I love this wasabi coated shrimps...a delish no doubt. The pungent wasabi added oomphs to the whole dish of crispy shrimps.  A great way serve this dish as an appetizer.  I will definitely try this dish again, it was delicious and I love it because the wasabi cream was truly a great coating for the shrimps. The original recipe didn't call for coconut cream but the adventurous me just can't help was a great combo after all !

I used medium size shrimps...sweet and tasty

great wasabi cream sauce for coating the shrimps

Have a great day !

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  1. Super! I love this dish! Thanks for sharing this recipe Elin. ;)

  2. This sounds delicious to me too! But my family is not a big fan of wasabi! =(
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  3. Your prawn looks so good! So crispy!

  4. Love them! i can only see and drool.. sigh..

  5. the prawns look great, love wasabi..great recipe


  6. wow...wasabi...can feel the fumes coming out from ears and nose already kakaka

  7. Looks delicious but I'm not a great fan of wasabi, will sneezing!

  8. Hehee..Elin, thanks for trying! Adding coconut cream in the wasabi sounds great. I'll definitely want to try it when I want to cook this again.

  9. I can imagine the heat coming out from the nose...haha

  10. Fascinating! Not a big wasabi fan myself but this I would try.

  11. Oh dear, I'm a great fan of wasabi! I would like to try this out, should be nice!

    have a nice day to you!

  12. Beautiful combination of flavors. Love the prawn dish.


  13. Elin, have you tried honey prawn walnuts at a Chinese restaurant? They are similar to this dish but your is more unique and flavorful!

  14. Bee are welcome :)

    Kristy...:) not many people knows how to appreciate wasabi for it is pungent :))

    Grace...thanks :)

    Claire...haha drool and salivate :)

    Sweetlife...I can't live without wasbi...a must have in the fridge :) truly gives you the kick :)

    Cheah...too much of it will cause you to have running nose :p

    Anncoo....thanks for sharing the recipe...yup it tasted great with coconut cream :)

    Mary...ya LOL! is great :) is must try this out if you are a great fan of wasabi :) you too have a nice day :)

    Lazaro...yup, great will explode in your mouth :)

    Tanantha...yup... honey prawns with walnuts is great and this wasabi prawns is just the kick you in the nose LOL!

  15. Dear Elin!
    Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
    Eating wasabi almost every day, I must say that your recipe is a great and simple idea!
    Well done!
    Will have to try myself!
    Best regards,

  16. I saw this recipe too! Can't wait to try this!

  17. I like this prawns especially when it is loaded with wasabi. I am sure it will get rid of my sinus :)

  18. Elin, this prawn dish looks mouthwatering....simply irresistible!

  19. This recipe is a must...what a great combination!


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