Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pan Grilled Portobello And Aubergine Puffs

This is a great puff to have for a light dinner...all you have to do is pan grilled some portobello mushrooms , aubergine slices and tomato cherries with olive oil.....drizzle some balsamic vinegar over them. Filled the portobello with grated cheddar cheese and bacon chips...placed them on top of  baked puff squares.....my oh my gosh , a delectable yummilicious puff square fit for Queen  Momsie Elin :p  Actually ,this is not a recipe from any cookbook but taking what is left in the fridge, put them together and yahoo....a delicious-ness that even Daddy got to acknowledge that this is a really quick and easy to prepare light delicious meal .  I really don't mind having this everyday , seriously ! The bacon chips added extra flavor to the portobello .

You can have any toppings you desired and it can be either savory or sweet. Get ready the puff squares pastry ( I bought the ready made ones from the baking store ) placed them on  greased baking sheet. Put them into the preheated oven, while I pan grilled the aubergine slices, tomato cherries,  bacon chips and portobello with olive oil , when the mushrooms and aubergine slices are cooked , drizzles some balsamic vinegar and salt on to the portobello and aubergine. Grate some cheese onto the portobello and filled it with bacon chips...you can add chopped italian parsley onto the bacon chips but since my pot of italian parsley was devored by the garden snails, I exclude them in this recipe , otherwise it would taste even much better. A quick and easy to fix light dinner that I hope to whip up everyday :)

mouth-watering pan grilled stuffed portobello...Mmmmm yum yumm

pile all the pan grilled aubergines, tomato and portobello on
to the surface of the baked puff squares..you can serve this
as a starter or a meal by itself  :)

this a quick and easy to fix light meal ! Delicious with a cup of hot
mushroom soup..a satisfying dinner for me but  I can't answer for
Daddy coz he is a carnivore alright ! Nice for him but not filling enough.
He needs something meaty....lol!

I managed to capture the depth of field here....LOL!
I am crazily in love with my cam...
I love to camwhore the food I cooked :)

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  1. oink! oink! am turning into piggy liao...drooling

  2. yummy! The colour is beautiful and so appetizing.

  3. Sounds so easy and yummy! A great summer dish with my favorite ingredients.

  4. It is really mouth-watering. And your photos are great.

  5. Ah...you get the readymade puff pastry! So easy! Next time, try to warp everything inside. and bake. As yummy though and then hassle free. Hope you're having a nice day!
    Cheers, Krsity
    p/s Jo only be away for only 4 months! I thought it's one year. She'll be back very very soon.

  6. I will try it for sure because of its amazing colors...gee looks perfect

  7. Last few weeks, on my first attempt to make curry chicken puff with ready make puff pastry, it didn't turn out fine. I found it troublesome to wrap up the ingredients as the pastry is small in size. Any tips to share with me, Elin?

  8. wow...they do look delicious!! Great presentation

  9. I could overdose on these. Love the toppings, especially the bacon.


  10. Kathy.....welcome then to the Piggy clan. Let Claire and me know when you come to Ipoh the next time...take you out for makan :p

    Angie....haha colors do give us the helps increase our appetite...don't you think so :p

    Zerrin....yup this is easy and no fuss puffs...great for any season of the year :))

    Madin....thanks :)

    Kristy....great idea...but it taste good this way too and the colors makes my appetite good. I was actually feeling blue and then when I looked at it...my salivary glands work overtime and I wallop it in seconds :p

    Rockhampton Lawyers...haha it is a great simple and fuss free puff that would be great for any meals :) Hope you will like it.

  11. Hello :) I've been reading your blog for quite some time and absolutely love your receipes!

    I've also been on a hunt for the best puff pastry (The ready made ones) but the ones I usually buy (Kawanku, local brand) tastes like 'roti canai' when it gets cold. Which is like. In a minute hahaha.

    So may I know what brand did you use for this receipe? Or could you recommend any good puff pastry (But certainly not too expensive.) Thank you :)

  12. Love eggplant - such a versatile veggie and so delicious in this preparation of it

  13. Little Inbox... I would recommend the Fillo Puff Pastry Pampas brand. The pieces are bigger in size so you can cut to your desired size.

    You must chill your curry chicken till they are easy to handle , meaning they stay in form so that you can be wrap up easier with your puff pastry.

    Thirdly , you can place the cut pastry on your muffin / ramekin and filled with the chilled curry chicken . Cover with another piece of pastry and crimp the side with a fork. Brush with egg wash before baking.

    A good brand of ready make puff pastry will give you a good puff :) Hope this helps :)

  14. Chef Dennis & Lazaro... thanks :)

    Ashley...thank you so much for dropping by my blog often :) The brand I use is Pampas Fillo Puff Pastry...RM 13.80 per pack. It is not expensive.

    Wizzy The Stick...I love aubergine too and aubergine can be used in many dishes...pizza is another way of using aubergine as topping :)

  15. Dear Elin!
    Great idea, and very healthy with that!
    Who are you spoiling? LOL
    All the best!

  16. That looks fabulous Elin. It might even induce me to eat eggplant!

  17. It is indeed yummilicious! Love the combination of veges.

  18. Thanks Elin. Not much choices here. I can only find Kawan brand. I will pay attention while shopping.
    At the time being. I will try your recomendation of using 2 pieces of pastries. :)

  19. Mmmm....love this. I can have this for a light lunch.

  20. These kind of meals always are the best - those "gee, what do I have left over that needs to be cooked" recipes! I love some portobello and eggplant. Yum.

  21. Dear Robert ....haha I guess I will be spoiling my readers from now on since the Piggies have all left home LOL! Have a great day Robert and thanks for your many great posts you put up on your blog :)

  22. Jilly Ann..thanks for dropping by. You have a great blog and I can't wait to read all your posts :)

    Biren...yup great combo...those grilled veggies with balsamic vinegar is delicious :)

    Little Inbox..you are welcome :) Try looking for them in baking store that sells baking ingredients instead of supermart :)

    Mary...yup this will served as a light meal. I prefer something light dinner so that I can end with a good/rich dessert :p

    TEAH...thanks for dropping by :) this is a well balanced light meal with those grilled and filled portobello goodness !

  23. This is a great idea for entertaining! Very pretty!

  24. Yum! The delicious grilled veggies sound so good on the flaky and wonderful puff pastry! Excellent appetizer or a light summer meal!


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