Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crab And Chilli Pasta

I thought I will be sent to the gallow by the King for cooking a one dish meal for dinner yesterday and guess what ? The King / Lordship Daddy actually enjoyed this pasta dish with crabmeat and chilli .! Better than those served at the Italian restaurant lol! Just kidding…. I was inspired after flipping thru Curtis Stone book and saw this awesome pasta. Thus did a bit of adjustment according to what ingredients I have,  I served this pasta fit for a King ….King of the house of course :p

Simple and delicious ! And you can slurp it down with those explosive flavor tingling your tongue and have you craving for a second helping . This is a keeper for sure. I heart Curtis Stone not just because he is hot but his cooking is so relaxing , simple and yet taste good. This is what I want….simple yet delicious :)

This pasta dish is simple to prepare . Get the crabmeats ready a day before. I steamed the crab claws a day before and have the meat removed and stored in the fridge ready for cooking. Once you have that can have your Crab and Chilli Pasta ready in 30 minutes :)  Sounds like you just wave the magic wand ...right ?  Curtis Stone cooking is so simple and easy that most of my dinner menu comes from his book :)  Daddy said , this is the only cookbook that he see most often in the kitchen unlike the rest , they have been place in cold storage :p   He asked " It is the man or the recipes " and I answered him " did you enjoy your dinner tonight ? " and that sealed his lips ! I will seal my lips too and let my pics tell the story.....

all you have to do is saute all the ingredients  in a non stick pan
with olive oil.....drain the spaghetti and toss together till well mixed
and it is ready to be served

Delizioso !

Crab & Chilli Pasta- ( adapted from Cooking With Curtis )
-serves 2 person

Ingredients :

spaghetti - portion for 2 person

6 crab claws -
1/2 cup crabmeat
6 pips garlic- finely chopped
2 fresh chilli - finely chopped
5 spears of asparagus - cut into 1 cm length
1/4 cup white wine
1 tbsp of dried mixed herbs
sea salt and black pepper for taste
olive oil

Preparation :

Steam the crabs for 12-15 minutes in boiling steamer. Take it out and leave in the fridge for abaout 1 hour. Crack the crab claw with a hammer or nut crackers.

Cook the spaghetti in a large saucepan of salted boiling water for 12-15 minutes till al dente.

Meanwhile, sweat the garlic and chilli with 2 tbsp of olive oil in a separate large non-stick pan until soft but not colored. Add in the asparagus, stir fry for 1 minute .  Add the white wine, crabmeat and claws, then season salt and black pepper.

Remove the pan from the heat and add the extra virgin oil and mixed herbs, stirrring constantly.

Drain the cooked pasta and add it to the crab mixture. Toss together and serve immediately in warm bowls.

** Note:
     Crab is low in fat and high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids ( good for cadiovascular health )

Enjoy !

*         *         *


  1. wah lau eh...killing me ah? juicy looking some more...i dont eat pasta but can wallop the crab la ..if i go Ipoh will sure ask Claure bring me to your house...korek your fridge ...kekeke

  2. Elin, this looks lip smacking! What's better is that I love crabs!!

  3. WOW! This pasta looks very appetizing! With the crabmeat really a super dish. I wish to have it now!

  4. Simply mouthwatering!!! Love that giant crab claw!

  5. *drooling* next time let me try first then only upload the pics, can ah?? :p

  6. this dish looks awesome, I love it yummy!

  7. Gosh, this sure looks delicious, especially the crab claws! Your hubby is so lucky!

  8. Your crab pasta looks super delicious. I think I will cook for my family this coming weekend. Do you cook everyday? Where do you get the energy to cook after work? Pls share with me. Thanks. Love to read your blog :-)

  9. The pasta with crab look so sinful!! Who can resist a bowl of pasta like that? I can imagine sinking my teeth into those claws :)

  10. Aiyor... Poor Joanna would be banging her head against the wall when she sees this. Looks super yummy...and she can't get to eat it. I wouldn't mind having that one dish dinner...and I'd probably want a second helping! LOL!!!

  11. Crab pasta is so amazing. Ever since trying it once in an Italian restaurant, I never stop making it at home anymore. But nothing beats the juicy sweet crab claws you use, those frozen stuffs cannot compare! Lucky husband!

    p/s: if you ask me, both the man and the recipes, they are equally good!

  12. *bangs head* Drooooooool. About time I start looking for crabs .... :P Cook cook for me when I get back !! hahaha

  13. Oh Elin, This is really superb delicious. I just had soft crab chilli pasta at Swensen two days ago.
    I must look for this book at Border tomorrow :)

  14. This pasta looks very yummy. Crab claw favourite.

  15. Kathy....hahaha easy to cook. Give your hubby a surprise :) is delish...yumyumm :p is...the crabmeat adds extra oomph to the whole pasta dish...natural sweetness :)

    Angie...sweet too besides big claws :)


    Jess...I am sure you will love it :)

    Cheah...haha he is such blessed :)

    Anon...thanks for dropping me a line. I cook simple :) and I am a fast worker. Normally I would try to finish cooking within the hour I am back from work :) Mostly oven cooked food or simple one dish meal. Tired lately that's why no baking after dinner. I bake during the weekend now :)

    Gertrude....:) yes who could resist these fresh crab claws...yummyumm

    Belinda :)

    Arthur...Jo said that I must cook for her when she is back :)

    Quinnn.....hahaha yup the man and recipe are equally good :p I take his book everywhere I go but Daddy said definitely cannot take him to bed :p the book I mean ! lol!

    Jo....oh I will make it up to u when you come back Okay ? :))

    Anncoo...ohhhh soft crab is my favorite too :p

    Ann....yes mine too :)

  16. I'm a Curtis Stone fan as well! And this recipe is a perfect example of why!!

  17. The Recipe Diva....I have to agree with you Curtis Stone's recipes are is the man :p Glad I found someone who love his recipe like I do :))

  18. This dish looks so incredibly good! I love spaghetti, but have never made it with crabs. Looks and sounds like a very delicious combo!

  19. youre killing me with this dish Elin! oh my YUM!

  20. Cooking Gallery....:) it is delish. The crabmeat makes it more flavorful :)

    Zurin....hahaha ...I do not admit to being guilty :p


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