Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cute Piggy Shaped Cutting Board - Oinky

I jumped with joy, heart beat escalated faster than ever...I hold on to it like holding my baby...yup my ' new baby'... a cute Piggy shaped cutting board given to me by Piggy Cuz who went to Singapore recently for her year end vacation. And I can guessed that the first thing on her mind when she sets her eyes on it was this " Ohhhh...nice for the Piggy clan " LOL! so we got it as a NY gift from dear Piggy Cuz. I looooove it and I am sure when the Piggies see this they will squeal with delight ! A new accessory for my kitchen....I love anything with Piggy design. 

so cute .....

a smiling one too.....

Thank you Piggy Cuz for this awesome gift. I will not use it as a cutting board but will use it as a pastry board instead. The line measurement at the side is good for measuring pastry size :p

Once again thank you and
a big hug for you and
a muax :)))

* * *


  1. So cute! I want one too! Where did your piggy get it?

  2. The piggy cutting board is not only cute, but also very practical.

  3. Oh so adorable n appropriate for u Elin! cute cute cute!!:)))

  4. Oh, it's so cute and practical too.

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you love it! I found it in Daiso at IMM but I bought ALL that was there! Maybe they'll have more in stock. Can't see your Piggy clips la............. Where?
    Will look out for more Piggy stuff next time! Hugs - Piggy Cuz :)

  6. Hi Everyone....thanks for dropping by to read about this cute 'baby' of mine :p It is not just cute but practical...light and easy for washing up. It is really thoughtful of Piggy Cuz to give me such an appropriate accessory for my kitchen :))

    and Piggy Cuz thanks a lot for it and the piggy clips...the link is here

  7. Hi Piggy,

    The place she bought from is Daiso at IMM but she bought ALL that was there! Maybe they'll have more in stock later:)


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