Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Verdict : I am G U I L T Y !!!

One of my new year resolutions was ....no more buying cookbooks ! And hardly half a month of the new year, I bought 3 new cookbooks today from the Popular Bookstore.....temptations was too great....I could not resist them....each of them was full of mouth-watering pictures of decadent desserts....oh my... how could I ever resists them....within half an hour I was sold and I told Piggy gal I had to have them. She looked at me and said this " Now...I know where I inherited my impulsive buying from " LOL! So like a naughty gal caught not keeping her promise, I hugged these 3 books to my chest and walked like a culprit to the cashier...haha but deep inside I was shouting with joy ! When it comes to good books I can never keep to my promise so believe me Elin is not to be trusted when it comes to C O O K B O O K S! :p So you can guess how happy I am and now I am happy to show you the contents of the books that had me hooked... I had to have them all :))))) Shhhhh.... promise no one tells Daddy this. I will slowly slip it in among the old books * tongue sticking out.

the first book I was bewitched....

yummilicious cookies...I will bake later :)

mouth-watering dessert.... and japanese puff...slurp slurp

tarts and mini cakes for valentines...how could I resist them :p

and this gem - 80 popular dishes - an answer
to my " what to cook for dinner? "

I fell in love with this dish...wasabi prawns....yumm yumm
how could I resist this book...I had to have it....
you understand now why..I had to break my promise not to
buy anymore books LOL!

and this step by step pictures cookbook is filled with lots
of yummiliciousness...another one I could not resist
so I ended up buying all 3 of them (",)

see what I mean....temptations I could not resist...:p

Okay... I am guilty ! :)))
but I am the happiest person today!
More baking for me and more eating for the Piggies:))

* * *


  1. I like how the book show step-by-step photos especially the Japanese one!!!!

  2. Shopping is the 2nd happiest thing in life for me, haha

  3. I ditto Kenny T .. Shopping IS one of the happiest things in life. Must be something to do with the power of possessing stuff ... hmm

  4. I can totally understand how you feel! Buying less cookbooks was my new year resolution for the past few years, but I always failed to keep my promise. So this year, I don't bother to make such resolution anymore, just buy lah! ;-)

  5. hahaa...Elin, same here. I had bought more than 6 books during the Christmas holiday.

  6. wah... so many... but i will encourage u to buy more, it is to my advantage..hahaha...

  7. Elin, I am as guilty as you. I can't resist buying cookbooks and baking pans. Now I am running out of place to store them. Another guilty pleasure of mine are handbags :)

  8. I do the same thing too. crazy....right? I especially like the 3rd book which the author is Alan. I am from Vancouver, Canada. It is quite hard for me to get this kind of book here. Can you give me the title of the book? Do you know if they can mail the book for me? Thanks. You can contact me at annleong200@hotmail.com.

  9. I seldom buy cook books, cuz eventually I'll only cook 1 or 2 dishes from the recipes in one book.

  10. Hi Elin,

    I must Malaysia has more variety of cookbooks compared to Singapore.
    I was so tempted to buy all when I was at the Popular store last week.

    You shouldnt feel guilty at all as you do cook and bake often unlike me just browsing through the beautiful pics.


  11. Hi everyone...thanks for reassuring me that it is okay to buy those books because I do cook and bake :))

    I will be trying out some of those cookies from the book for CNY. Stay tuned more cookies coming your way.

    Hi Quinn...me too I like step by steps photos recipe book :)

    Hi Piggy....yup I will not make any resolution on books anymore :p

    Hi Anncoo....wow u beat me to it :)

    Hi Ann...I am not sure whether they will mail to you anot but I will find out for you whe I go there the next time.

    Hi Claire..you are so smart :p

    Hi Gert....I love books and all cooking utensils..I am not so into handbags :))

    Hi Little Inbox...I can buy a book with just one or two recipes that I like...crazy rite?

    Hi Ling...thanks for your kind words :)

  12. Thanks for checking with the bookstore. Otherwise, I have to wait till my trip back to Malaysia to get it. :( BTW, I will try your green pea cookies for CNY. It looks yummy.


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