Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken Cheese Roll With Black Pepper Sauce

Piggy gal is back for good...Yay! she finished her studies in KL and now has 3 months holiday before she takes off to UK for her final semester there. What a bliss for me and having her all to myself for 3 solid months.  Envy me ! LOL! You know how long I waited for this day to come...4 years! And now I have my baby back with me for at least 3 months. Time to cook all her favourite dishes and this is one of her favourite....Chicken Cheese Roll With Black Pepper Sauce and with lots of salad...I am going to feed her till she grows round round :p, the chinese way of speaking so to say :)

Step 1

flatten the chicken breast meat...sprinkle cajun over the surface and top it with
cheddar cheese before rolling up the meat

Step 2

Coat the rolled meat with corn flour, brush egg white on the rolled meat
before coating with bread crumbs all over the meat and place 
the chicken roll on parchment paper on a baking tray

Step 3

sprinkle with paprika and drizzle with olive oil generously..Repeat process
for all the chicken breast meat

Step 4

Before putting into the preheated oven place basil leave on each
piece of chicken cheese roll. Baked at 200ยบ C  for 35 minutes until cooked and golden brown 

Step 5

Take the tray out and leave it to cool outside on a wire rack, while
preparing the black pepper sauce

When the sauce is ready...arrange the baked chicken cheese roll on a serving plate
Pour the hot black pepper sauce on the roll and serve with some
garden salad and brown rice

Chicken Cheese Roll With Black Pepper Sauce

Ingredients for the chicken cheese roll:

4 chicken breast - remove the bone and skin and flatten

cheddar cheese- cut into thin slices
olive oil
1 egg while
corn flour
panko bread crumbs
some fresh basil leaves

Method for preparing  the chicken cheese roll to follow the above Step 1 to Step 5 as mentioned.

Ingredients for the Black Pepper Sauce

2 pips of garlic - chopped fine
1 tsp of ground black pepper
2 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 cup of water

2 tbsp of water
2 tsp of corn flour

4 pieces of  button mushroom - sliced thinly


saute garlic with a 1.5 tbsp olive oil till fragrant, add in ground black pepper, oyster sauce and saute for another 5 minutes. Add in 1 cup of water and let it simmer for 15 minutes till aromatic. Add thickening and sliced mushrooms and when it boils, off the heat and pour on the baked chicken rolls. Serve hot.

Enjoy !

Smile-Inducer for the day

"The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found."
~ Calvin Trillin  ~

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  1. wow Elin, you have kept coming up many delicious dishes!

  2. Congratulations to PG for completing her studies and best of luck with her final semester in the UK! With a dish like this, I think she considers herself to be the lucky one to be at home!

  3. It's a win-win situation, luck you PiggyGal and PiggyMum!

  4. ur such a good piggy mom !! n congrats to you r piggy girl! yum yum

  5. So nice to have your piggy girl back. So piggy mum will be cooking up a storm everyday :)

  6. yes, chinese saying fei fei pak pak.. joanna's figure now was my once-upon-a-time's figure too.. agree with u, must feed her puas-puas before she leaves for UK.. otherwise the deans there might think she is an underaged student! LOL...

  7. Wow, what a lovely dish! Bet your gal will be well fed before she takes off to UK for her studies.

  8. I envy piggy gal, she get to eat all this yummy treats made by mum, with lots and lots of love.. and cheese.. and mushroom sauce. Opps..
    I've been trying to make new things for dinner.. This would be something different to impress mum with! :)

  9. Awww ...! You're a great, great mom!! PiggyGal is damn lucky!! I know how you're feeling now though I myself am around her age and not a mom! LOL! SOOOO TOUCHING! T_T

    Can't wait to see you two! And the chicken looks so cheesy and oh-so tempting!! =) Lurve cheesiness ... lots of cheese!!


  10. Hi Angie...Piggies love to eat..have to try different variations to cooking chicken :)

    Hi Tangled Noodle..thanks and I really don't know whether she is lucky anot...tester have to take it in even if it taste awful :p

    Hi Quinn.... :))

    Hi Zurin...haha I am and thanks :)

    Hi Anncoo...yup I waited 4 years for this day whereby I can have her back home :) where I can pamper her again :)

    Hi Claire....yup and I know you are still slim and young looking :))

    Hi Cheah...thanks..yup let her have 3 months of being a piggy :)

    Hi Tracy...cheese and mushroom are her favourites esp anything cheese :)) Do try making this...I am sure your Mom will be delighted :)) Anything cooked by you she will be happy be it a simple one :))

    Hi Sonia...you are welcome..can't wait to meet up :)

    Hi Pei Lin...Jo and myself can't wait to meet up with you guys too. I am sure you and Jo and Tracie will click ...I am sure you will have lots to talk about being of the same age :))


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