Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tuna Sandwiches 2

Tuna Sandwiches again ? Yup I made this for our breakfast before going to Church this morning. Simple and yet delicious. Imagine munching on this healthy tuna sandwiches with a cup of hot lemon tea while reading the morning paper....whoa....this is a simple and relaxing breakfast indulgence :))  Eating at home beats waiting for a table at the coffee shops on weekends :) especially those dim sum restaurants in town.

mix tuna flakes, chopped chillies, mayonaise, chopped italian parsley together

spread evenly over the wholemeal bread 

top with pickled onion rings and a layer of cheddar cheese
before sandwich another slice of bread over it

cut them diagonally across into 4 pieces of  triangles

yummilicious tuna sandwiches....a balanced breakfast treat for all ages

a close up of something that will make you crave for it :p
Elin  in her wickedness once again....making you drool over
this piece of deliciousness :))))

Tuna Sandwiches 2


1 small can of  Tuna Chunks in brine water - drained and flaked it
2  bird-eye chillies - chopped
1 tbsp of mayonaise
2 sprigs of italian parsley- chopped

 onion rings pickled with lemon juice
grated cheddar cheese

4 slices of wholemeal bread


Mix the tuna flakes with ingredients A till well mixed. Spread evenly over a slice of wholemeal bread, topped with the pickled onion rings and cheddar cheese. Cover with another slice of wholemeal bread. Cut diagonally across into 4 triangles.  Serve with a  cup of hot lemon tea or coffee.

Enjoy !

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.  
~Luciano Pavarotti~

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  1. hahhaa... like this bebel tower? hey, i still have the cheddar cheese.. ok, i will make sandwiches for my girl one day.. one day... i wonder when that day will come.. ok, remind me to buy wholemeal bread tomorrow and this chunks too... :P

  2. Quick and healthy. That is my motto ha ha... we too love tuna sandwich but not for breakfast. We usually have this when I am too lazy to cook :) That is one towering sandwich Elin :)

  3. Wow, giant sandwhich! How come your pictures are so sharp and attractive?

  4. wow....can go into the mouth ar?? stack so high!!!

  5. Wow that is some tuna sandwich. Its more like a tuna tower. I love tuna and you cant go wrong with it in sandwiches.

  6. I can finish this triple decker sandwich by myself, coz it looks so delicious!

  7. Ermm.. very appetizing! Sandwiches, my all time favorite lunch! Quite a healthy version here you've got!

  8. wow.. you make a simple item look fabulous.. thks for feeding us ideas. heard so much abt you from claire..

  9. Hi Angie... it is :)

    Hi have said this many times already but till date your gal has yet to taste it :p

    Hi too simple and healthy meal is first on the list now. Have to be more creative so that Daddy will find it more interesting to eat...the leaning Tower of Tuna :p

    Hi Cheah....haha still got room for improvement.

    Hi Little Lamb...can...Daddy has got a big mouth :p and for me I ate layer by layer :)

    Hi A cupcake or two.... yup tuna is good in sandwiches and salad :)

    Hi Kenny...haha..I have made you drool for it...that shows my photography has improved :p

    Hi Grace....haha yup it is and delicious too :))

    Hi has Claire been telling you :p Let me grill her tomoro :)) thanks for dropping by my humble blog after hearing so much about me from her :)

  10. thats a tall tall sandwich elin!!! u r very brave! :))

  11. is called the Leaning Tower of Tuna LOL! Stack it for camera trick stunt :p

  12. Wow, that's a really huge sandwich. but it looks so yummy though. mm.

  13. Hi JL..thanks :) It is huge huh :p


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