Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yay! 100,000 Visitors :))

Yay! I am happy that my blog has touched a  100,000 visitors in its 2nd blogversary this Jan 2010 . When I started this blog it was solely for my Piggies who were away in college in KL. Becoz  everyday they will ask me " Mom, what are you both having for dinner ? "  " What you baked these days ? ", etc etc. And I was too lazy to describe and sms it , I started this blog solely for them and asked them to drop in to read and view the dishes I cooked and the cakes I baked  :p  Since then there is no turning back , it became a hobby I enjoy doing. Slowly I took an interest in food photography , thus you see a great improvement in my food presentation. I told myself that I am never too old to learn and it has proven that I can be IT savvy too :p

Many people asked me why Elinluv's Tidbits Corner ? ....well....Just that Elin loves everything...LOL! thus I just named it Elinluv's Tidbits Corner!  I have many people who told me this....Elinluv is a tag too sexy for you LOL! doesn't suit the real person....Elinluv sounded out for this old Elin....haha do you people agree to that? Well, many readers emailed me and say that they like the way I write my daily post and were surprised that Elin turns out to be such a matured lady....LOL ! Even my Piggies coursemates asked them how old is your mom? She writes like a young person...ahem...please I told you I may be 5 decades old but I am forever 25  LOL! Please bear with me...I am funny though :p

Through blogging I came to meet a lot of friends from all over the place. And Gertrude of MyKitchenSnippets became my first blogger friend and since then our friendship has grown. She taught me a lot of things and from her blog I became good in baking and cooking. A big thank you to Gertrude for helping me out in Foodbuzz, the patience she has shown to my ignorance of the usage of Foodbuzz :)) I have made a lot of friends thru foodbuzz :)

Thank you guys for always dropping me a line here for me to read .  I love your brings me closer to you all. Thank you for all your support thus far. I love you guys....muaxs to all :)))

Have a wonderful and great weekend ! :)

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  1. Let me the first one to congratulate you :) "CONGRATULATIONS"

  2. Congrats! I know how it feels like to ask just like how I do to my god sis like "hey, what you baked recently".. everytime i drop by at their house. The first place is to head to the kitchen and see what's new in there. haha. Well, based on your writing I would believe that your heart's at 25. I've never thought of a name being sexy but since you mentioned, I'm starting to think it does! Can't wait to meet up!! Have a great weekend!

  3. *throwing graffiti over Elin*

    yehhhhh!!!! no wonder we r going to the korean buffet next week... yes, we must celebrate!!! 100,000... wow, a long way to go for me.. I must learn from this sifu here... and it is another long way too..hahahaa...
    Happy 2nd anniversary and a Happy 25th young-at-heart too!

  4. Wow! 100k visitors is a lot and what a number Elin, congratulations! And yes,Elinluv sounds sexy but it does suit you. Age is never and shouldn't be a barrier. I;m glad you have had so much fun from blogging! Can't wait to see you in real soon! And, I especially love the shots of your eggs among all the photos. Your egg shots are all so perfect, wobbly,s soft and seducing!

  5. Congratulations Elin,Thank you for sharing all your lovely recipes.
    God Bless.
    great fan of your blog,

  6. Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing all your mouth watering dishes and bakes :)

  7. Congratulations Elin!!! What a milestone yea :) I enjoy coming to your blog and have to drop by everyday to see what yummy food you churn out from your kitchen. About age, don't worry. I am not far behind you and will be catching up with you very soon. Once again congratulations!

  8. Congrats, Elin! I love reading your posts, they echo such cheerfulness and joy...and your recipes are superb!

  9. Congrats Elin:) I enjoy reading your blog very much, continue writing ya.

  10. Hi Supermom! You did it again. Congrats!

  11. Yay... congratulations! There'll be celebration, isn't it? Again Claire is the luckiest one, I guess! hahaha...

  12. Hi all, thank you so much for rejoicing together with me and all your congrats wishes. I hope to be able to continue to share more of my daily bakes and dishes I cooked here with you guys.

    Anncoo : Thanks you are the first:)

    Tracie : Haha soon soon you will get to meet the real Elin :p

    Claire : You mean confetties ?

    Quinn : Haha don't be disappointed...when you see the real me :p I can't wait to see you guys too :)

    Jane : Thanks for always dropping by. You are a great support to my humble blog :)) Glad you like what you read LOL! Sure I hope to continue to share more nice tested recipes with you all :)

    HHB : Thanks and you are welcome. I love your blog too and thanks for sharing all your delicious bakes . I enjoyed reading about your stay in Beijing :)

    Gertrude : Thanks. Yup a milestone haha. You know since the day I stumble upon your blog I have been your No1 fan :)) You have inspired me more than you realised :)))

    Jacqueline : Thanks...:) You ar so helpful. Glad to know you and thanks for your Blogger Tips blog. I will go there often for tips :))

    Min: Thanks...haha I hope to continue sharing my bakes and dishes I cooked with all of you :)

    Kristy : Haha you are so right...I am taking her out to a Korean buffet this Wednesday :) not to celebrate my 100K visitors thing but to thank her for teaching me stuff I am too old to learn :p

  13. Congrates Elin on the 2nd anniversary of your blog! Hope to see more great post from you.

  14. Hi CK...thanks :) Yup hope to share more goodies here and write better post :) Thanks for the encouragement CK :)


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