Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shiitake With Salted Fish Infused Mince Meat Fillings

Whenever I have the opportunity to do stuffing for mushrooms , my preference will be the salted fish infused mince meat fillings....I can forget my own surname :p whenever I have this for dinner :p that good......excuse the exaggerated statement ! :))

I like to use fresh shiitake for this dish. You can use any type of minced meat...add a bit of salted fish ( the mui heong type) , garlic, chopped italian parsley , chopped hot chillies, light soy sauce, sesame oil , corn flour and pepper , stir the ingredients together vigorously in a big bowl till it turns into a sticky mixture.... mmmmm just talking about this salted fish, my salivary glands will do its job :)) tada... and it is ready for stuffing the shrooms.... seriously this is a great dish ! The ghost of its scent lingers everywhere !

gorgeous looking shrooms.....

can't wait to swim in the hot oil......

lightly fry them in hot oil ...with the meat fillings facing down
and fry till the meat is cooked and golden brown

Dish up and leave aside can start preparing the gravy
when the mushrooms are done

Pour the ready gravy over the cooked mushrooms
and garnish with italian parsley if you like

this is also the family favourite dish :)

Shiitake With Salted Fish Infused Mince Meat Fillings


12 pieces of fresh shiitake - removed the stem, washed clean


300 gm minced meat ( chicken/pork)
1/2 piece of salted fish ( mui heong ) - chopped
3 pips of garlic- chopped
2 sprigs of italian parsley - chopped
3 bird's eye's chillies - chopped
1 tsp of light soy sauce
dash of pepper
1 tsp of sesame oil
1/2 tbsp of corn flour


1/2 tbsp of fermented soy bean ( tau cheong)
chopped garlic
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1/4 tsp of sugar


1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp of corn flour


Mix all the fillings ingredients together in a big bowl. Stir vigorously with a pair of chopsticks till it turns into a sticky mixture. Stuff each of the fresh shiitake mushrooms with the salted fish infused mince meat fillings until all done.

Heat up the oil in a wok, when the oil is hot, put in the mushrooms one by one with the fillings facing down and fry till golden brown and cooked. Dish up and arrange neatly on a serving dish and leave aside while you prepare the gravy.

Pour the extra oil into a oil container for future use and leave about 1 tbsp of oil in the wok. Under medium low heat, saute all the gravy ingredients except the sugar and the thickening till fragrant. Add in the sugar and thickening. Once it boils. Off the heat and pour gravy over the cooked mushrooms. Garnish with italian parsley if you like. Serve hot with rice.


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  1. This is wonderful. When it comes to stuffed mushrooms, I still prefers these kind of flavor.

  2. I miss home looking at this dish! Great photos!

  3. great recipe and thanks for sharing! I will definitely give it a try soon!

  4. this is amazing recipe i'd like to try this one

  5. Can smell the mui heong salted fish from here. Can steam them instead of frying, right? Lovely pics!

  6. A very lovely dish. I would enjoy making them, and enjoy even more eating them :P

  7. Beautiful n so yummy everytime I come here. you ar a fantastic cook Elin!!!

  8. I've always wanted to stuff my mushrooms but I'm just so lazy =P Looks so good!

  9. Hi all...thanks for your kind comments and for dropping by to drool at this gorgeous and tasty mushrooms dish :))

    Divina : too :)

    3 hungry tummies: haha...nevermind come here and drool and be filled virtually :p

    Piggy : you are welcome. I am sure you will love it :)

    Kurdistan : Hope you will like it :)

    Cheah : Haha told you , the ghost of its scent is everywhere! :p

    Mary: Haha I am sure you will :)

    Zurin : Thanks Zurin :) you must try this with ikan masin and minced chicken :p

    pigpigscorner : regrets and easy steps to make this dish. But your english neighbour might not like the smell of slated fish :p

  10. Must try this out, it looks delicious, Elin! Usually, I use fish meat for mushroom toppings, never thought of these simple mince meat+salted fish alternatives. Thanks for sharing this easy creation!

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