Saturday, January 9, 2010

Braised Chinese Cabbage With Dried Scallops II

This is another dish that we looooove ! Braised Chinese Cabbage With Dried Scallops....a dish I would normally cook for Chinese New Year for our reunion dinner but I can't wait till CNY :p When the Piggies were back for the year end holidays I took the opportunity to cook it :))) braised with lots of dried scallops and dried chinese mushrooms. It is even more tasty when a piece of dried cuttle fish is added to the pot while braising the chinese cabbage. Mmmm the aroma wafting out from the pot will make you think you are at the back portion of a chinese restaurant :)) This is one dish that you may want to add to your CNY reunion dinner menu ; )))

pan sear the chinese cabbage till soft with some oil and garlic

dried scallops and dried chinese mushrooms
are the best ingredients for braising
together with the cabbage
great combo that will have
you craving for more (",)

when serving this dish, arrange the cabbage at the
bottom and the mushrooms and scallops on top

Aad in the hot gravy soup when ready to serve

this a very tasty and flavorful dish
served with a bowl of hot white rice

Braised Chinese Cabbage With Dried Scallops


1 large chinese cabbage - washed, drained and cut into halves
some olive oil

1/2 piece of dried cuttle fish
12 pieces of dried chinese mushrooms - soaked & cut into halves
100 gm of dried scallops ( small type )
6 pips garlic - lightly crushed

oyster sauce
1 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
1/2 litre of water - for braising

corn four

salt to taste


Pan sear the chinese cabbage in a non- stick pan till soft. Take out and leave aside.
In a wok, saute garlic till fragrant , add in cuttle fish, mushrooms and dried scallops and stir fry for 10 minutes. Add in 1/2 litre of water and simmer till mushrooms are soft . Add in oyster sauce., chinese wine , the pan seared cabbage and braise till the flavorful gravy has infused into the cabbage. Add thickening last and salt to taste. Serve hot.

* When serving this dish, arrange the cabbage at the bottom and the mushrooms and scallops on top. Pour the gravy last.


Have a wonderful weekend :))

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  1. Elin, you again have created a fabulous homey dish!

  2. Wow lots of great flavors that I love! Yum!

  3. sounds really great, never thought of scallops with cabbage ... bet it is wonderful

  4. The sauce looks great! cabbage and scallops...yum...

  5. un plat que je ne connais pas et que je suis ravie de le découvrir
    bonne journée

  6. This is truly a delicious dish which I normally cook for CNY!

  7. Owh yum.. Love this dish. Never made it though. Maybe I should, just to impress mum :) !!

  8. Sounds delicious. Scallop, mushrooms and cabbage, delish!

  9. awe, CNY dishes ready for servings at Elin's.....

    slurpy goodness indeed...

  10. Hi Angie...thanks :)

    Hi Sook...thanks for dropping by :)

    Hi Drick... yup it is. If you love asian dishes you will definitely love this :)

    Hi pigpigscorner...hehe yup it is delicious...scallops make the gravy tsty and flavorful :)

    Hi Aux....thanks :)

    Hi Cheah...haha we have same taste * wink

    Hi Tracie...haha this is a simple dish. I am sure your mom would love it :) A great idea to impress mom with this dish :)

    Hi is :)

    Hi Yan ...haha slurp away :))

    Hi Zurin...thanks :)

  11. So..Elin is started practising for the coming CNY already huh! A good recipe to use during CNY.

  12. Hi Kristy...haha not really...cookies ...yes..I am trying out some cookies before making them for CNY :p

    Hi CC...if you like asian dishes ...this is good :) dried scallops are ore fishy than the fresh ones but taste much better than fresh ones :)

  13. Oh my, Elin, this looks AMAZING. I could go for a huge bowl of this right now.

  14. Hi TEAH...haha me too...with just that I could take in 2 bowls of rice :)


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