Friday, January 8, 2010

Steamed Red Tilapia With Hot And Sour Plum Sauce

I love fish either steamed or baked. The ladies in the family love fish and veggies whereas the guys are carnivores oooopppps I mean meat eaters :p I bought a red tilapia from Tesco the other day... 1 kilo costs RM12.90 The fishes were swimming happily in the glass tank until this Momsie sealed their fate :p haha needless to say I chose the best out of the whole lot. The happiest ' Nemo ' in there caught my attention. Her fate was sealed and out of her cozy water world into my hot steamer ;p God created them as food so I am not going to feel guilty about it :pp

Piggy gal loves it steamed with hot and sour plum sauce so be it coz she seldom gets to eat it in college. Her wishes are my command as usual but no worry, next time my wishes will be her command * wink wink ( read this Piggy gal ! )

sweet Nemo waiting to be dressed :))

dressed in hot and sour plum sauce paste

steam for 10-12 minutes...under high heat

garnish with italian parsley ( from the garden )
or spring onions

this piece of meat near the head is the best part
the smoothest part of the fish...I could not resist taking
a picture of it...mmmmm delicious !

So we had this sweet tasty steamed fish all to ourselves while the guys had their favourite dishes served to them like warlords......will post up the other dishes in the coming posts :) Try guessing what the dishes are by looking at the 1st picture of this post . For your information, I slogged the whole day in my office kitchen preparing these dishes for them. Supermom or not ?:))))

Steamed Red Tilapia With Hot & Sour Plum Sauce


1 red tilapia - abt 750 gm


1.5 tbsp fermented soy bean
3 pips garlic - chopped
2 tbsp sour plum sauce
4 bird's eye chillies - chopped
2 slices of ginger - julienne
1 tbsp of olive oil


Heat up the steamer under high heat till the water boils before putting in the fish.

Mix the above sauce ingredients together into a paste. Place fish on a steaming dish and pour the sauce over the fish. Steam the fish under high heat for 10-12 minutes till fish is just cooked. Over steaming will cause the fish to be tough. Garnish with italian parsley or spring onions.

Serve hot.


* * *


  1. Looks tasty! I've never steamed a whole fish.

  2. hey, the other day i bought the plum sauce, my girl said it was very nice.. something different from the normal taucheong.. thanks for recommending.. will use this plum sauce more often now for steaming fish..

  3. This is my grandma's favourite way of eating her fish, commonly ordered when we dine out.
    Though seldom steam fish at home, for we have our dinners separately, and cold steamed fish is unpalatable.

  4. Looks good. I've never steamed the whole fish.

  5. Ow.. very easy... thanks for the recipe.. ^_^

    have a nice day!!

  6. owh! one of my favourite dish. my mom used to make during celebration! hehee...and i am hungry now. hehe...

  7. That's a big tilapia. Looks very delicious with the sour plum sauce...mmmm

  8. Lovely dinner, I make steamed fish often and like the plum sauce recipe!

  9. I love steamed (or braised) fish! A steamed red snapper with hot and sour plum sauce sounds divine.

  10. OMG yumEEEEE ..must make must make...this sunday whenI go to the pasar malam i will buy red fave fish :)) tq Elin dear

  11. Hi TEAH...haha you should's chinese 's belief that eating fish complete with the head and tail means there is a beginning and an end to a task.

    Hi re welcome :)

    Hi James...haha yup steamed fish must be eaten hot. I learned this style of steaming fish from my mom :))

    Hi Shirley...then you must try steaming the whole fish especially for a festive season. it is complete and good significant :)

    Hi Cath are welcome :)

    Hi Gabriel...haha sorry I seems to make you hungry all the time LOL!

    Hi Little Inbox...yup eat more fish than meat is healthier :)

    Hi Mary...yup sour plum sauce is a great ingredient for steaming fish...add oomph to the fish :)

    Hi Maya.. me too. I cook fish with sour plum sauce all the time...yummy :)

    Hi too. I love fish either steam or baked :)

    Hi must try this style of steaming fish...I am sure you will love the hot and sour flavor!

  12. delicious!!!!! you are fantastic cook..

    envy.... ^_^


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