Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Simple Dinner @ Kok Thai Restaurant

A simple dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant..the 1st dish - Pork Ribs In Sweet Sauce , 2nd dish - Egg Omelette With Prawns & Shredded Carrots , 3rd dish- Stir Fry Mixed Veggies - made up of lotus root, broccoli, water chestnut, gingko nuts, carrots and lots of macadamia nuts and the 4th dish - Braised Tofu With Petola and Button Mushrooms and the 5th dish -Steamed Chicken In Wine ( sorry no picture coz I was so engrossed chomping down these deliciousness I forgot to snap that dish :p ) and dessert was sweet soup of Longan and Coconut. Total cost of the dinner is RM150 for ten person. Mmmmm quite cheap considering 5 dishes and 1 dessert. It was not so much about the quality of food but the fellowship we had together with my church friends that matter. We had a wonderful time together and that is most important :)) I look forward to all this gatherings where we can have fun and a lot laughter together. :))

Pork Ribs In Sweet Sauce

Egg Omelette With Prawns , Onion Rings & Shredded Carrots

Stir-Fry Mixed Veggies

Braised Tofu With Petola & Button Mushrooms



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  1. I want my dinner as SIMPLE as yours too!

  2. Will you bring me to dinner next time?

  3. My first time here. My name is Shakira. Lovely pictures.
    Have you a great week ahead.

  4. I miss such delicious yet cheap dinners!

  5. Hi Angie...simple yet delicious and cheap too :)

    Hi Kenny...YESSSSS do make a trip to Ipoh. Will take you to savor Ipoh good food :))

    Hi Shakira Choong...welcome and thanks. You too have a great day :)

    Hi pigpigscorner....come back to Malaysia for your holidays then :))

  6. So good! No cooking for a day.... best day for the momsie... haha...

  7. Hah Kristy...yup for once relaxing day for me :)


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