Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Dinner & Cakes !!!

As I grow older , I realized one thing in life… if you are meant to click you click where friendship is concern. I am basically a very easy and friendly person and I have many friends all over the world but at times some just don’t click …get what I mean? You can have many friends out there but there are some that just click and some just don’t even though they may be your friends for years. Haha…just like Claire and myself…we clicked and I click well with my church members...my the other family :p
See the pics above. Well, that is my church family. I clicked well with each and every one of them, young and old and you can see from the photos which I took during a birthday dinner eat out with them at a restaurant last Friday, they were a happy lot. I was one of the photographer for the night, therefore I was not in the picture….smart way to escape not having one's picture taken * wink last Friday night was two members' birthdays. Angie and Zse Yang's had their Birthday on the same day and we celebrated for them at Cheung Ching Seafood, Jalan Ali Pitchay! I not only love the food but I love the cakes my friend bake for them. Beautiful moist chocolate cake! Sorry for not able to put up the restaurant food coz I was busy chatting with my friends...oooops no I was busy eating ! :p

the birthday boy , Zse Yang and his beautiful Mom

the birthday gal , Angie and her handsome son Sean

from left : Angie, Sean and Elin

Angie's birthday cake made by Honey, Zse Yang's Mom

Zse Yang's cake made by his mom

this is the best moist chocolate cake I have ever eaten
thanks Honey for these cakes...I enjoyed eating them
sinfully rich......mmmm after the indulgence I had
to walk to sweat out what I had eaten that night! :p

I love each and every one of my church members...my other family :))

* * *


  1. I'm drooling for the moist chocolate cake. :)

  2. Yes, same as Little Inbox~~just drooling....hahaa...

  3. Awww ... everyone looks so cheery and blissful :) Or is blessed the word ? :P

  4. Sweet big family....I'm happy for you too!

  5. What a wonderful moment! I envy you Elin!

  6. elin, u didnt snap the other food?? must be busy eating leh.. yes, the choc looked moist.. will u do one for me next month? :P

  7. You've the very blessed birthday dinner! God bless you!

  8. I wish I can a bite of that chocolate cake, look so nice!!

  9. OMG~~~ Can I have a piece? Pls.. I'm a die hard fan of chocolate!

  10. Hi all....Little Inbox, Anncoo, Jo , Quinn, Kenny, Claire, Grace, Sonia, Allie :))

    Thanks for dropping by to drool at the ' family' birthday gathering and that decadent super moist chocolate cake :)) I had a wonderful moment with the ' family' :))

    Honey and I went to the same baking class but she bakes better than I :) I am going to bake that one day :)


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