Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soybean Milk Longan Jelly

Yesterday, we had Pot Bless in Church and since I was working on a Friday and have not the time to cook anything elaborate, I decided to make these melt in the mouth jellies the night before for the pot bless…haha smart Momsie :p …light and easy for the old and young. The kids loved them and the older ones simply slurpped them up, and went for second helpings :p but alas due to shortage and not enough for second helpings, they could only licked their lips and wished the smart Momsie had made more for them :p Next time..I promise to make more okay….:))

Of course , needless to say, this Momsie stole one and had a photoshoot session first and ate one before the rest had them..hahaha so bad this Momsie…nope , I had to test them out first before I take them to Church :p in case it turns out too watery…can? It turned out marvelous and not overly sweet to my delight or I will have to get something else for dessert :)

I used the same soybean milk jelly recipe from my previous post, added the tin longan together with the syrupy water and added 1.5 more tsp of agar agar powder. I had to make a few loads in order to make sure that each guest will have at least a cup each :) too bad no second helpings for them :p

I found my garden roses blooming again...thus
took one for deco so that my jelly looks more
photogenic...can? :p

melts in the mouth...smooth ..mmm

can you spot the longan sitting in the center?
with the rose bud sitting on it :)
even the bud could not resist and stole a lick :p

seriously speaking this is the best dessert
for me and my Piggies love them too...
Ouch...sorry babies..juz drool for the time being,
not enough to pass around nor send thru a
FedEx box

***Remember, just add the longan syrupy water
from the tin longan and add 1.5 more teaspoon of
agar agar powder to the original recipe.

Have a great weekend ! :)


  1. Nice one! I think my kids will love this and thank you sharing.

  2. Perfect for young and old! My kids would love these.

  3. So the soya milk. Gotta add this recipe to my soya recipes.

    Angie's Recipes

  4. Elin, I'm about to make the similar dessert, but using milk instead of soy bean milk.

  5. love your soybean milk jelly series. do you think i could add chopped aloe?

  6. Hi Kristy, CC, Pigpigscorner, Angie, Chow & Chatter, Little Inbox and S & B

    Thanks for dropping by to drool at these melt in the mouth jellies :) and you are all welcome to the recipe:))

    @ Little Inbox : Ohh, milk would be nice...this is a versatile jelly! ")

    @ Short & Bald : yesss....fresh aloe would be great in place of longan. Thanks for the idea. I will try the next one with fresh aloe :)

  7. THis looks INCREDIBLE.
    How do you come up with such unique and amazing dishes?

    This looks awesome!!!

  8. this is commonly served in dim sum restaurants as well, love the refreshing taste.

  9. So pure of simplicity, just love it! I wishing now to spooning into it myself!

  10. What a great idea! I've done this before with other sweet soups but not soya milk. A good one to try this with is red bean soup with santan. However, agar is not as easily available here so I use gelatin which works equally well.

  11. Having spoonfuls of this cold jelly would be great for me and what a great idea have the bud sitting on the longan.

  12. @ Miranda: :) thanks, its just a simple , easy and light dessert.

    @ J2Kfm : yup its a favourite among dim sum lovers :)

    @ BBO : Hi BBO, help yourself :p

    @ Chris : Ohhh i must try with the sweet red bean soup...I know it will be awesome too. Thanks for sharing. Gelatin works just as great :)

    @ cklam : Haha...yup the rose bud makes my jelly looks more appealing :))

  13. Elin, I like this jelly. It's like eating sweeten tau fu fah without the syrup. Only problem was my jelly was nice and smooth on the top and sides but becomes grainy towards the bottom of the jelly.

    Do you know why?

  14. hi,

    do i add the longan syrup together with the soya milk,castor sugar and the pandan leaves to boil?

    a reply is greatly appreciated.. thanks


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