Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cheesy Bacon And Asparagus Quiche

Now is the time to take full advantage of my free tasters and free workers ( the Piggies )to help out and make a cheesy bacon and asparagus quiche. Asparagus has a subtle, grassy taste that goes well with eggs, bacon and cheese and I thought it would be a good idea to make asparagus quiche since I have some in the fridge.

Quiche is such a versatile dish that one can have many varieties of fillings such as seafood, chicken , leeks and spinach and not to forget fresh mushrooms. I can rap on and on..so to make the story short, I made one last nite after dinner for my Piggies to have for their lunch today :) But as expected, while baking, the aroma that wafted out of the oven had made the Piggies hungry so instead of waiting to eat that quiche for their lunch next day, they gobbled some for supper :p having satiated their hunger pangs ..they managed to sleep well :)) Now you know why they were nicknamed Piggies…not for no reasons! (",)

this is one quiche that is so delicious
that my Piggies stamped it well done :)))
Their approvals meant lots to me :p

before taking it out of the quiche pan....
the Piggies were waiting in anticipation to see the outcome
of the cheesy crust..will it crumble? :p

trust this Momsie!...of course it won't :p

flaky and crisp texture cheese crust with
the awesome filling - cheesy rich plus the aromatic
grilled bacon bits and the subtle grassy taste of asparagus
real heaven on earth!

a slice of heavenly goodness!

so come get a forkful of this cheesy asparagus quiche
while drooling here but better still if you try making this
yourself....I am sure you will agree with Momsie !
I am not advertising for myself but I am sharing
the good news here LOL!

** I used the same Quiche Lorainne recipe
but tweaked it by adding chopped asparagus to the filling

Click here for the recipe

Have a nice day !



  1. that's such a beautiful quiche. It looks very delicious. I would love to hv a big slice for lunch with some salad.

  2. I think I have died and gone to heaven...that looks amazing!

  3. Thanks so much, Elin..for sharing 2 real pieces with me.. this is the first time in history ever for me to taste quiche..before this, i never heard of it .. please dont laugh! now i know what and how it tastes like.. yeh...a big thumb UP!

  4. Let's party! I'll bring along my 'nasi lemak' and please do make some desserts ready-ya!he he....

  5. Super mom! That sure looks delicious.

  6. Oh I wish I could have a piece of that, i've been craving a quiche and this is exactly what I want

  7. I am drooling real bad! That looks so mouthwatering!!!

  8. It looks so pretty, this is one of my favorite quiches.

  9. that looks really good ^ _ ^ would love to have a piece of your warm, soft and savory Q.

  10. @ Mary Moh : Thanks....welcome to take a piece here :)

    @ devoted4life: Haha...yup I took the first bite..mmmm I thought I have gone to heaven too:p

    @ reanaclaire: Reana you are welcome..among all my readers you are the most lucky one :p

    @ My Little Space : Hi Kristy, come on over and let's party away :))

    @ Anncoo : Yuppy, this is one deliciousness that I dun mind putting on weight for :))

    @ No-Frills Recipes : Haha... am I? More like a devoted one haha :p

    @ misterdicious : :)) thanks for dropping by :))

    @ Jessie : Hi Jessie, oohhh I wish you were just staying next door, I will definitely bring some over for you :))

    @ Little Teochew : :)) thanks for your tips on the creme friache

    @ Janice : Thanks Janice for your kind words.

    @ Short & Bald : Haha....I wish you were next door, I could just hand them over to you and bald....just nice for the cold autumn :))

  11. Looks good Elin....I love quiches.easy and pretty and so good...your a good momsie :)

  12. Hey Zurin,
    Good to have you back! *hugs*
    Thanks for dropping by :)
    Haha...thanks for the kind word..just a normal momsie who still dotes on her kids :))

  13. Thanks Elin for the recipe and what a lovely quiche you got there. I am dying to have one slice. Going to make it today and hope I won't mess it up!


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